Category Changes: Dolls & Bears

April 2018

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Dolls & Bears237
 Bear Making Supplies50253
   One of a Kind3904
   Other Artist Plush Bears389
  Annette Funicello95217
  Bad Taste Bears53573
  Brass Button158447
  Care Bears47225
  Chantilly Lane160825
  Cherished Teddies3906
  Dayton Hudson95223
  Deb Canham95225
  Muffy, NABCO392
  Teddy Ruxpin36544
  Vermont Teddy Bear Co.74983
  Winnie the Pooh101375
  Collectors' Guides & Books170085
  Other Plush Bears117
  -Antique (Pre-1930)326Relocated within Parent
    Other Antique Bisque Dolls340
   Porcelain & China4624
   Tin & Metal149387
   Other Antique Dolls32
  Art Dolls-Manufactured166700Relocated within Parent
  -Art Dolls-OOAK2404Relocated within Parent
   Gothic & Horror158448
   OOAK Artist Supplies158449
   OOAK Doll Clothing158450
   Other OOAK Art Dolls327
  Baby Dolls160840Relocated within Parent
  -Barbie Vintage (Pre-1973)15965Relocated within Parent
   Vintage (Pre-1967)250
   Mod Era (1967-1973)160841
   -Clothing & Accessories2453
    Mixed Lots36536
    Other Vintage Barbie Clothing251
   -Friends & Family15969
    Francie, Casey & Twiggy15970
    Ken & Same-Size Friends15971
    Midge & Same-Size Friends15972
    Skipper & Same-Size Friends15973
    Tutti, Todd & Chris48953
    Other Vintage Barbie Friends2452
   Structures & Furniture15967
   Vintage Reproductions158451
   Mixed Lots48954
   Other Vintage Barbie15974
  -Barbie Contemporary (1973-Now)15949Relocated within Parent
   -Barbie Dolls15950
    Anniversary Dolls48912
    -Artist Dolls - OOAK & Nudes48913
     Nude Dolls15954
    Athlete Barbie48915
    Barbie Basics183251
    Bridal Barbie48916
    Career Barbie48917
    Designer Editions, Bob Mackie15952
    Dolls of the World48932
    -Fairytale Barbie48933
     Island Princess160827
     Swan Lake52332
     Wizard of Oz36535
     Other Fairytale Barbie Dolls48934
    Flowers in Fashion160828
    Happy Birthday Barbie48935
    -Holiday Barbie48936
     Happy Holidays160829
     Holiday Angel38258
     Holiday Celebration38259
     Other Holiday Barbie Dolls48938
    -Hollywood Barbie & Friends48918
     Breakfast at Tiffany's160830
     Gone with the Wind36530
     I Love Lucy36532
     Marilyn Monroe48919
     My Fair Lady160832
     Other Hollywood Barbie Dolls145878
    Model Muse160833
    My Scene Dolls48923
    My Size Barbie48924
    -Pop Culture Barbie48925
     Hard Rock Café160835
     Hello Kitty160836
     Other Pop Culture Barbie Dolls48926
    Porcelain Barbie48927
    Silkstone, Fashion Models48928
    Sun & Beach Barbie48929
    Western Barbie48930
    Gift Sets48931
    Store Exclusives15956
    Mixed Lots48939
    Other Contemp. Barbie Dolls15953
   Barbie Reproductions160837
   Books & Magazines15948
   -Clothing & Accessories15957
     Custom, Handmade84629
     Fashion Avenue48942
     My Size48943
     Other Contemp. Barbie Clothing15958
    Other Contemp. Barbie Accs249
   -Friends & Family2451
    Kelly & Same-Size Friends15961
    Ken & Same-Size Friends15962
    Midge & Same-Size Friends48946
    Skipper & Same-Size Friends15963
    Tommy & Same-Size Friends15964
    Other Contemp. Barbie Friends2450
   Licensed Merchandise, Non-Doll49222
   Pets & Animals48947
   Structures & Furniture15959
   Mixed Lots48948
   Other Contemporary Barbie248
  -By Brand, Company, Character15987Relocated within Parent
   -American Character2401
    Betsy McCall4620
    Sweet Sue2402
    Tiny Tears15988
    Other American Character Dolls2400
   -American Girl95230
    Angelina Ballerina95232
    Bitty Baby95233
    Bitty Twins168082
    Felicity & Elizabeth95234
    Julie & Ivy160843
    Kit & Ruthie95236
    Molly & Emily95238
    Today145880Combined into [Today & Other American Girl Dolls-15989]
    American Girl Doll Clothing & Fashion Accs160845Renamed from [Accessories]
    American Girl Doll Furniture & Play Accs160846Renamed from [Furniture]
    Today & Other American Girl Dolls15989Renamed from [Other American Girl Dolls]
   Anne Geddes63640
   Annette Himstedt15981
   Arranbee (R&B)4629
   -Ashton Drake84630
    So Truly Real160847
    Other Ashton Drake Dolls15990
   Baby Face160848
   -Berenguer, Berjusa84631
    Reborn Dolls84633
    Other Berenguer, Berjusa Dolls48955
   Betty Boop36551
   -Cabbage Patch20392
    Vintage (Pre-1990)20393
    Modern (1990-Now)243
   Danbury Mint95241
   -Dollfie & BJDs160850
    Full Size, SD160852
    Mini, MSD84635
    Tiny & Anthro168084
    Other Dollfie & BJDs160851
    Other Effanbee Dolls330
   Fisher Price95244
   Franklin Mint15982
   Groovy Girls45346
   Holly Hobbie1034
    Betsy Wetsy160855
    Crissy Family2430
    Saucy Walker160856
    Shirley Temple2426
    Tammy Family11693
    Other Ideal Dolls334
   Integrity, Fashion Royalty84636
   Kathe Kruse158452
   -Madame Alexander2431
    -Vintage (Pre-1973)15996
    -Modern (1970-Now)15993
     4-5 Inches (McDonald's)166701
     6-8 Inches2432
     9-12 Inches15994
     Over 12 Inches15995
   Magic Attic Club160857
   Marie Osmond15983
    Chatty Cathy2435Relocated within Parent
    Corolle95247Relocated within Parent
    Drowsy168085Relocated within Parent
    Kiddles2436Relocated within Parent
    Monster High180098New Category
    My Child160858Relocated within Parent
    Polly Pocket16461Relocated within Parent
    Sunshine Family160859Relocated within Parent
    Other Mattel Dolls335Relocated within Parent
   Mrs. Beasley52333
   My Twinn158454
   -Nancy Ann4637
    Other Nancy Ann Dolls337
   Only Hearts Club95248
   Paradise Galleries166702
   Precious Moments36545
   -Raggedy Ann & Andy45442
    Vintage (Pre-1970)241
    Contemporary (1970-Now)45443
   -Rainbow Brite84637
   Sailor Moon2438
   Seymour Mann50258
   Show Stoppers166703
   -Strawberry Shortcake84639
   Terri Lee2397
    Ann Estelle Collection78168
    Betsy McCall Collection78169
    Brenda Starr78170
    Ellowyne Wilde160861
    -Kitty Collier Collection160862
     18" Kitty Collier Collection78172
     10" Tiny Kitty Collection95251
     Other Kitty Collier Collection160936
    -Tyler Wentworth Collection160863
     Sydney Chase78174
     Tyler Wentworth78175
     Tyler's Friends95250
     Other Tyler Wentworth160864
    Other Tonner Dolls11698
     Vintage (Pre-1970)18817
     Modern (1970-Now)345
    Jill, Jeff & Jan347
    Other Vogue Dolls1035
   Other Brand & Character Dolls36549
  -By Material15999Relocated within Parent
    All Bisque2411
    Bisque Head2412
    Other Bisque Dolls4630
   Hard Plastic332
    Vintage (Pre-1980)45445
    -Contemporary (1980-Now)48958
     Native American48962
     Other Contemp. Porcelain Dolls2394
    Vintage (Pre-1970)45447
    Contemporary (1970-Now)2399
   Other Dolls by Material2447
  -By Type16000Relocated within Parent
   Cultures & Ethnicities4631
   Gothic & Horror84642
    Vintage (Pre-1975)18819
    Modern (1975-Now)1206
   Other Dolls by Type239
  -Doll Clothes & Fashion Accessories329Renamed from [Clothes & Accessories]
   Antique & Vintage Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs342Renamed from [Antique & Vintage]
   -Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs15977Renamed from [Modern]
    American Girl15978Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
    Berenguer50254Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
    Bratz50255Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
    Cabbage Patch50256Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
    Cissy158455Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
    Lee Middleton50257Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
    My Twinn15979Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
    Other Modern Doll Clothing343Combined into [Modern Doll Clothes & Fashion Accs-15977]
  -Doll Furniture & Play Accessories18810Renamed from [Furniture]
   Vintage Doll Furniture & Play Accs18811Renamed from [Vintage (Pre-1970)]
   Modern Doll Furniture & Play Accs1201Renamed from [Modern (1970-Now)]
  -Doll Making & Repair2408Relocated within Parent
    -Clothing Patterns18812
     Vintage (Pre-1970)18813
     Modern (1970-Now)11696
    -Doll Patterns18814
     Vintage (Pre-1970)18815
     Modern (1970-Now)11697
    Other Patterns1205
   Other Doll Making & Repair2389
  -Dolls-Interactive160865Relocated within Parent
   Amazing Ally, Babies11694
   Baby Alive160866
   Diva Starz160867
   Little Mommy160868
   Other Interactive Dolls160870
  -Reborn122721Relocated within Parent
   Reborn Clothing122722
   Reborn Dolls122723
   Reborn Kits & Supplies122724
   Other Reborn Doll Items & Accs48921
  Stands & Posing Accessories160871Relocated within Parent
  Collectors' Guides & Books160839Relocated within Parent
  Other Dolls160872Relocated within Parent
 -Dollhouse Miniatures1202
  Doll House Dolls86823
  Doll Houses2458
  Animals & Pets47178
  Artist Offerings2461
  Books, Magazines & Newspapers47180
  Cookware & Tableware47181
  Fireplaces & Accessories112547
  Fixtures & Fittings70001
  Floor Coverings101378
  Food & Groceries47182
  Furniture & Room Items179309
  Home Décor179251
  Lamps & Lighting75528
  Toys & Games47179
  Mixed Lots47184
  Collectors' Guides & Books170086
  Other Dollhouse Miniatures333
 -Paper Dolls2440
  Other Paper Dolls368
 -Wholesale Lots52546
  Doll Clothes & Furniture52549
  Other Doll & Bear Whlsl Lots52550


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