Category Changes: Crafts

April 2018

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
 -Art Supplies11783
  Collage Supplies183080
  -Drawing & Lettering Supplies183081
   Art Paper57208
   Art Pastels28107
   Art Pencils & Charcoal28108
   Art Pens & Markers28109
   Calligraphy Sets41203
   Drawing & Calligraphy Inks183082
   Drawing Boards & Tables183083
   -Drawing Accessories183084
    Artists' Mannequins183085
    Art Projectors & Light Boxes183086
    Blending Stumps & Tortillons183087
    Drawing Supplies Storage93606
    Other Drawing Accessories183089
   Other Drawing Supplies11784
  Instruction Books & Media160640
  -Painting Supplies28110
   -Airbrushing Supplies183091
    Airbrush Paints183092
    Airbrush Parts183093
    Spray Booths183094
    Systems & Sets183095
   Artists Brushes57209
   -Canvas & Canvas Boards125226
    Canvas Rolls125227
    Stretched Canvas & Boards125229
    Canvas Stretcher Bars & Frames125228
   Encaustic Painting111830
    Acrylic Paint31401
    Oil Paint28112
    Spray Paint183104
    Watercolor Paint28113
    Mixed Media Paint Sets183105
   Paint by Numbers Kits10900
   Paint Mediums & Varnishes183096
   Primers & Sealers183097
   -Painting Tools & Accessories183098
    Palette Knives54919
    Color Wheels183099
    Painting Stencils183100
    Painting Supplies Storage54922
    Other Painting Accessories183101
   Other Painting Supplies11785
   Printmaking Inks183107
   -Block Printing Supplies183108
    Linoleum Cutters183110
    Block Printing Brayers183111
    Block Printing Sets & Kits183112
   -Screen Printing183113
    Screen Printing Frames183114
    Screen Printing Squeegees183115
    Screen Printing Sets & Kits183116
   Other Printmaking183117
  Other Art Supplies16508
 -Beads & Jewelry Making31723
  Charms & Pendants83891
  Jewelry Making Cord & Wire150059
  -Jewelry Findings150046
   Bead Caps160678
   Bracelet Bases183691
   Cufflink Blanks150050
   Earring Findings150051
   Eye Pins & Head Pins150054
   Hair Accessory Findings150061
   Jewelry Clasps & Hooks150049
   Jewelry Connectors & Bails150047
   Jewelry Crimps & Cord Ends150052
   Jewelry Making Chains150069
   Jump Rings & Split Rings150055
   Necklace Bases150056
   Pin Backs & Brooch Components150048
   Ring Blanks & Ring Bases150058
   Spacer Beads & Stoppers146301
   Other Craft Jewelry Findings150085
  -Beading & Jewelry Kits162090
   Beading Kits162091
   Jewelry Making Kits162096
  Instruction Books & Media162095
  Bead Storage & Jewelry Display83893
  -Beading & Jewelry Making Tools160679
   Beading Boards, Mats & Trays134290
   Beading Looms183692
   Beading Needles150057
   Jewelry Hammers183693
   Jewelry Knotting Tools183694
   Jewelry Loupes & Magnifiers183695
   Jewelry Making Tweezers183699
   Jewelry Pliers & Shears134765
   Jewelry Punches & Stamps183696
   Jewelry Saws & Blades183698
   Ring Sizers & Stretchers183697
   Jewelry Making Tool Sets162089
  Other Beads & Jewelry Making31726
 -Fabric Painting & Decorating183118
  Fabric Cutting Machines183119
  Fabric Dyes183120
  Fabric Paints & Markers134560
  Fabric Transfers31730
  -Silk Painting31015
   Patterns & Instructions31016
   Silk Painting Supplies31019
  Other Fabric Painting183121
 -Glass & Mosaics163778
  Beach Glass - Machine-Tumbled150134
  Beach Glass - Surf-Tumbled41221
  Glass & Mosaic Tiles160646
  -Glass Art & Mosaic Supplies3100
   Books & Videos117402
   Etching Supplies163788
   Fusing Supplies163789
   Glass Art Tools3101
   Glass Blowing116642
   Glass Cutters116643
   Glass Grinding116644
   Glass Kilns117401
   Glass Paints116645
   Grout, Glue & Substrates162080
   Kits & Patterns71182
   Mosaic Molds & Surfaces163787
   Mosaic Tools41372
   Stained Glass Supplies4770
   Other Glass Art Supplies3099
 -Handcrafted & Finished Pieces71183
  Beaded Items83889
  Greeting Cards & Gift Tags146324
  Dolls & Toys83905
  -Home Décor & Accents160656
   Candles & Holders121831
   Table Décor168075
   Wall Hangings83904
   Wood Items108866
   Other Handcrafted Home Accents160657
  Handpainted Items71186
  Mosaic/Stained Glass/Glass Art166721
  -Needle Arts & Crafts160659
   Dishcloths & Potholders160660
   Granny Squares134449
   Hand Crocheted Doilies83907
   Hand Hooked Rugs157034
   Latch Hooked Rugs157028
   Scarves, Hats & Accessories160661
   Socks & Slippers160662
   Tatting & Lace160663
   Wool & Needlefelted Items160664
   Woven, Rag & Braided Rugs160665
   Other Needle Arts & Crafts71184
  Paper Crafts160666
  Other Handcrafted Pieces57738
 -Home Arts & Crafts160667
  -Basketry & Chair Caning134304
   Cane, Reed & Weaving Materials183688
   Basketry Handles, Hoops & Rims183686
   Cane Webbing183687
   Basketry Bases & Frames183685
   Chair Caning Pegs & Wedges183689
   Chair Caning Spline183690
   Basketry & Chair Caning Tools183684
   Basketry & Chair Caning Kits183682
   Basketry & Chair Caning Guides183673
   Other Basketry & Chair Caning3087
  -Candle Making & Soap Making183683
   Candle Wax134295
   Candle Molds41207
   Candle Wicks28120
   Soap Bases28118
   Soap Butters & Carrier Oils48094
   Soap Molds28116
   Candle & Soap Botanicals48093
   Candle & Soap Dyes & Pigments134300
   Candle & Soap Making Chemicals83896
   Candle & Soap Pouring Pots183675
   Candle Embeds & Soap Embeds28115
   Essential Oils & Fragrances41268
   Jars & Containers41368
   Candle & Soap Making Tools183674
   Candle & Soap Making Kits41205
   Bags & Packaging83895
   Candle & Soap Making Guides146309
   Other Candle & Soap Supplies3089
  -Decorative & Tole Painting183126
   Patterns & Instructions28127
   Ready to Paint Items28128
   Tole Decals & Transfers41215
   Other Tole Painting Supplies1364
  -Floral Crafts16491
   Artificial & Silk Flowers16494
   Floral Wire153974
   Floral & Greening Pins183679
   Floral Forms, Bases & Frames16498
   -Dried Botanicals & Potpourri160648
    Dried Flowers16493
    Dried Fruits183676
    Dried Greenery183677
    Dried Pods134565
    Dried Seeds183678
   Floral Tape & Adhesives183681
   Floral Craft Tools183680
   Floral Craft Guides16496
   Other Floral Craft Supplies3097
  -Framing & Matting37573
   Frames & Supplies37575
   Framing Mats37576
   Mat Cutting Tools & Supplies37574
   Other Framing & Matting11786
  Upholstery Tools & Equipment113355
  Wall Décor & Tatouage75575
   Instruction Books & Media183149
   Wood Burning Pens183150
   Wood Carving Hand Tools160677
   Wood Turning Hand Tools160673
   -Wood Project Kits183151
    Wood Burning Kits183152
    Wood Carving Kits183153
    Wood Turning Kits183154
    Other Project Kits3129
   -Wood & Project Materials183155
    Carving Roughouts183156
    Carving Wood183157
    Turning Blanks71235
    Woodworking Lumber84011
    Other Wood & Project Materials183160
   Other Woodworking Supplies183161
  Other Home Arts & Crafts160669
 -Kids' Crafts116652
  Bead Kits134567
  Craft Books134568
  Craft Kits116655
  -Drawing & Painting160717
   Paint Sets134569
   Pens & Markers116656
   Other Kids' Drawing & Painting160718
  Foam & Felt Shapes116654
  Sand Art116657
  Other Kids' Crafts28145
  Leather Hides & Fur Pelts83938
  -Leathercraft Accessories183127
   Leather Lacing & Cords71187
   Studs, Rivets & Tacks71188
   Other Leathercraft Accessories160670
  -Leathercraft Tools183128
   Bonding Tools & Glue183129
   Carving Tools & Stamps183130
   Edge Slickers/Groovers183131
   Grommet Tools/Setters183132
   Hammer & Mallets183133
   Hollow Punching Tools183134
   Lacing Needles183135
   Leather Cutting Tools183136
   Leather Measuring Tools183137
   Leather Threads183138
   Sewing Awls183139
   Stitching Horses183140
   Other Leather Tools28133
  -Leather Treatments & Paints183141
   Conditioners & Treatments183142
   Leather Paints & Finishes183144
   Polishing & Creasing Tools183145
   Sets & Kits183146
   Other Leather Treatments183147
  Patterns & Instructional Media183148
  Other Leathercraft Supplies146334
 -Multi-Purpose Craft Supplies28102
  -Adhesives & Tape183122
   Craft Tape122694Relocated within Parent
   Mounting Tape183123Relocated within Parent
   Glue Guns & Sticks183124Relocated within Parent
   Glues & Pastes161586Relocated within Parent
   Magnetic Strips184494New Category
   Other Adhesives & Tape183125Relocated within Parent
  Craft Markers & Pens11790
  -Crafting Paper183180
   Construction Paper183181
   Decoupage Tissue Paper183182
   Metallic & Foiled Paper183183
   Mixed Lots84000
   Other Crafting Paper183184
  -Crafting Pieces160704
   Blown Eggs116639Relocated within Parent
   Bottle Caps183162Relocated within Parent
   Buttons31732Relocated within Parent
   Chipboard Sheets183163Relocated within Parent
   Clothespins183164Relocated within Parent
   Craft Bells116640Relocated within Parent
   Craft Shells3120Relocated within Parent
   Eyelets28137Relocated within Parent
   Feathers41199Relocated within Parent
   Felt Sheets111800Relocated within Parent
   Flatback Charms & Cabachons183165Relocated within Parent
   Flower Embellishments183166Relocated within Parent
   Foam Sheets8434Relocated within Parent
   Glitter122689Relocated within Parent
   Gold & Metal Leafing Sheets54829Relocated within Parent
   Gourds41201Relocated within Parent
   Papier Mâché Pieces184567New Category
   Pine Cones103479Relocated within Parent
   Pipe Cleaners183167Relocated within Parent
   Pom Poms183168Relocated within Parent
   Raffia, Wire & Cord83888Relocated within Parent
   Resin Craft Molds & Supplies162078Relocated within Parent
   Rhinestones111834Relocated within Parent
   Ribbon71224Relocated within Parent
   Sequins183169Relocated within Parent
   Stickers11794Relocated within Parent
   Styrofoam Forms41200Relocated within Parent
   Tin & Metal Pieces117400Relocated within Parent
   Wiggle Eyes183170Relocated within Parent
   Wine Corks71177Relocated within Parent
   Wooden Pieces71178Relocated within Parent
   Other Craft Pieces160705Relocated within Parent
  -Crafting Tools183171
   Badge/ Button Makers71176
   Bone Folders183172
   Craft Tweezers122718
   -Cutting Tools183173
    Craft Knives & Blades83982
    Cutters & Trimmers183174
    Cutting Mats183175
    Paper Punches183176
    Scissors & Paper Edgers183177
    Other Cutting Tools183178
   Eyelet Setters134628
   Other Crafting Tools183179
  -Organization & Storage146396
   Craft & Paper Racks146402
   Craft Carts146400
   Craft Totes183188
   Photo Organizers146399
   Plastic Satchel Organizers183186
   Other Craft Storage183187
  Stencils & Templates183185
  Other Multi-Purpose Crafting75564
 -Needlecrafts & Yarn160706
  -Crocheting & Knitting3094
   Crochet Hooks28140
   Crochet Kits108867
   Crochet Thread83906
   Knitting Boards & Looms113343
   Knitting Kits108868
   Knitting Needles71215
   -Machine Knitting146370
    Knitting Machines28146
    Machine Knitting Patterns146375
    Machine Knitting Yarn146378
    Machine Parts & Needles146376
    Other Machine Knitting146377
   Notions & Tools160708
   Totes & Cases83927
   Other Crocheting & Knitting954
  -Embroidery & Cross Stitch28141
   Embroidery Machines71196
   -Embroidery Machine Supplies160724
    Design Cards & CDs41383
    Digitizing Software71197
    Embroidery Machine Needles134586
    Embroidery Machine Parts183194
    Embroidery Machine Patterns146356
    Machine Bobbins & Thread83920
    Hoops & Placement Tools41384
    Other Machine Embroidery160725
   -Hand Embroidery Cloth & Canvas183195
    Embroidery Cloth/Fabric183196
    Plastic Canvas19159
    Stamped Linens75566
   Hand Embroidery Floss & Thread28144
   -Hand Embroidery Kits183197
    Crewel Embroidery Kits116610
    Cross Stitch Kits34017
    Hardanger Kits158459
    Needlepoint Kits3109
    Punch Needle Kits160719
    Ribbon Embroidery Kits183198
    Other Hand Embroidery Kits28142
   -Hand Embr Patterns & Magazines183199
    Crewel Patterns183200
    Cross Stitch Patterns34032
    Hardanger Patterns183201
    Needlepoint Patterns3108
    Punch Needle Patterns183202
    Ribbon Embroidery Patterns183203
    Smocking Patterns183204
    Other Patterns & Magazines28143
   -Hand Embroidery Tools & Accs160720
    Embroidery Ribbon41385
    Embroidery Scissors183191
    Embroidery Thimbles183192
    Hand Embroidery Bobbins183193
    Hand Embroidery Hoops & Frames160721
    Hand Embroidery Needles160722
    Smocking Pleaters183189
    Stitch Markers183190
    Other Hand Embroidery Tools160723
   -Finished Embroidered Pieces183220
    Finished Crewel Pieces183221
    Finished Cross Stitch Pieces71189
    Finished Hardanger Pieces183222
    Finished Needlepoint Pieces83946
    Finished Punch Needle Pieces183223
    Finished Ribbon Embr Pieces183224
    Other Embroidered Pieces183225
   Other Embroidery75567
   Macramé Kits183700
   Macramé Tools & Accs183701
   Patterns & Instructional Media183208
   Other Macramé28151
  -Rug Making28147
   -Latch Hooking157027
    Latch Hooking Kits28148
    Latch Hooking Patterns116677
    Latch Hooking Tools & Supplies116678
    Other Latch Hooking Supplies28150
   -Primitive Hand Hooking157029
    Primitive Hooking Kits157030
    Primitive Hooking Patterns157031
    Primitive Hooking Tools157032
    Other Hand Hooking Supplies157035
   -Rug Braiding183226
    Rug Braiding Kits183227
    Rug Braiding Patterns183228
    Rug Braiding Supplies183229
    Rug Braiding Tools183230
    Other Rug Braiding160671
   Other Rug Making Supplies160672
  -Spinning & Felting183209
   Felt Appliques183210
   -Needle Felting183211
    Felting Kits183212
    Felting Mats183213
    Felting Needles & Pens183214
    Felting Patterns & Magazines183215
    Needle Felting Machines183216
    Needle Felting Molds183217
    Other Needle Felting153915
   Roving Wool & Fibers36601
    Hand & Drum Carders183219
    Spinning Wheels134624
    Other Spinning Supplies3121
  -Tatting & Lacemaking183231
   Lacemaking Bobbins134591
   Lacemaking Shuttles134784
   Patterns & Instructional Media134592
   Tatting Lace Appliques183232
   Tatting & Lacemaking Kits57202
   Other Tatting & Lacemaking134590
   Weaving Books & Patterns57740
   Weaving Looms57741
   Other Weaving Supplies3125
  Other Needlecraft Supplies160715
 -Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts11788
  -Die Cutting & Embossing183239
   Die Cut & Embossing Machines113344
   Die Cutting Cartridges112541
   Die Cutting Vinyl166722
   Embossing Stencils & Folders84009
   Machine Parts & Accessories183240
   Other Die Cutting & Embossing183241
  Instruction Books & Media103482
  -Paper Crafts183242
   Card Making134594
   Other Paper Crafts183243
  Pre-Made Pages & Pieces146403
   Digital Scrapbooking103481
   -Scrapbooking Adhesives183244
    Dimensional Adhesives122691
    Photo Mounting Corners183245
    Tape Runners & Refills183246
    Washi Tape183247
   -Scrapbooking Albums & Refills183248
    Album Corner Protectors103480
    Album Extension Posts183493
    Albums & Refills33875
    Photo Pocket & Page Protectors183250
   -Scrapbooking Embellishments121833
    Chipboard Accents160733
    Decorative Brads83990
    Die Cut Shapes & Punchies183237
    Flattened Bottle Caps160732
    Flower Embellishments160734
    Mini Bows31733
    Rub-On Transfers183238
    Scrapbooking Stickers34002
    Mixed Lots160736
    Other Scrapbook Embellishments146545
   -Scrapbooking Tools83981
    Cutting Templates183234
    Paper Punches11793
    Paper Trimmers183235
    Punch & Score Boards183236
    Scissors & Paper Edgers83986
    Other Scrapbooking Tools103484
   Scrapbooking Totes146401
  Scrapbooking & Card Kits11789
  Other Scrapbooking Supplies75573
  Sewing Machines & Sergers3118
  -Sewing Machine Accessories180929
   Machine Parts & Attachments41248
   Sewing Machine Needles41247
   Sewing Manuals & Instruction41246
   Other Sewing Machine Accs28168
   Quilt Batting116679
   Quilt Blocks & Tops162081
   Quilt Hangers & Stands83959
   Quilt Patterns83957
   Quilt Templates & Stencils116680
   Quilting Kits19160
   Quilting Tools & Equipment19161
   Other Quilting Supplies3110
  -Closures & Connectors183253
   Buckles & Straps183254
   Button Covering Machines183255
   Hook & Loop Tape180927
   Hooks & Eyes183259
   Lock Ends/Cord Stoppers183260
   Suspender/Pacifier Clips183263
  -Cutting Tools183265
   Cutting Mats & Boards183266
   Dressmaker's Scissors & Shears28171
   Rotary Blades183267
   Seam Rippers183268
   Thread Snips183269
  -Embellishments & Finishes183270
   Clothing Labels183271
   Hem Tape & Hot Fix Applicators180928
  -Foundations & Undergarments183274
   Bra Cup Pads183276
   Hat Bodies183278
   Hat Frames183279
   Piping & Strings183280
   Purse Handles, Frames & Feet146289
  -Hand Sewing Needles & Accs183281
   Hand Sewing Needles28170
   Needle Cases & Organizers183282
   Needle Threaders183283
   Point Turners183284
  -Marking Tools183286
   Dressmaker's Tracing Paper183287
   Marking Pencils & Pens183288
   Tailor's Chalks & Waxes183290
   Tracing Wheels183291
  -Measuring Tools183292
   Dress Forms/Tailor's Dummies111935
   French & Hip Curves183293
   L/Framing Squares183294
   Measuring Tapes183295
   Measuring Tool Kits183296
   Seam/Sewing Gauges183297
   Sewing Rulers183298
  -Pressing Equipment183299
   Mini Irons183300
   Pressing Paper183301
  Sewing Boxes & Storage83965
  Sewing Patterns28174
  Sewing Thread28172
  Other Sewing3115
 -Sculpting, Molding & Ceramics183302
  -Ceramics & Pottery183303
   Books & Magazines134448
   Ceramic & Porcelain Paints183304
   Ceramic Clays183305
   Ceramic Decals48095
   Ceramic Glazes183306
   Pottery Kilns116495
   Pottery Tools & Sets116496
   Pottery Wheels28124
   Ready-to-Paint Pottery83899
   Slip Casting Molds & Kits83898
   Other Ceramics & Pottery183307
   Armature Wire and Wire Form183309
   Clay Rollers & Brayers134447
   Modeling Clays & Materials183310
   Modeling Tools & Sets183311
   Other Modeling183312
  -Molding & Casting183313
   Moldmaking & Casting Materials153913
   Release Agents183314
   Ready-Made Molds150133
   Other Molding & Casting183315
  -Stone Carving183316
   Carving Stones183317
   Stone Carving Tools & Sets183318
  Other Sculpting Supplies183319
 -Stamping & Embossing3122
  Embossing Powders84008
  Idea Books & Instructions116689
  Ink & Pads11795
  Paper & Envelopes3123
  Stamp Collections & Mixed Lots41267
  Stamp Handles & Mounts134783
  Tools & Equipment16507
  Other Stamping & Embossing905
 Other Crafts75576
 -Wholesale Lots45074
  All-Purpose Craft Supplies31742
  Bead Art146405
  Candle & Soap Making48753
  Fabric Embellishment48754
  Floral Supplies48755
  Ribbons & Bows168077
  Stamping & Stickers45076
  Thread, Floss168078
  Other Craft Wholesale Lots45077


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