Category Changes: Consumer Electronics

June 2017

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Consumer Electronics293
 Voice-Enabled Smart Assistants184435New Category
 -Virtual Reality183067Relocated within Parent (i)
  PC & Console VR Headsets183068
  Smartphone VR Headsets183069
  Cases, Covers & Skins183070
  Controllers & Motion Sensors183071
  Other Virtual Reality Accs183073
 -Portable Audio & Headphones15052Relocated within Parent (i)
  iPods & MP3 Players73839
  -iPod, Audio Player Accessories56169
   Accessory Bundles73834
   Audio Docks & Mini Speakers111694
   Cables & Adapters56172
   Cases, Covers & Skins56170
   Cassette Adapters73835
   Chargers & Cradles124270
   Device-Specific Batteries118261
   FM Transmitters73836
   Headphone Cord Winders173632
   Mini Plug-in Microphones122654
   Mounts & Holders131093
   Screen Protectors168096
   Other iPod & Audio Player Accs48680
  Personal Cassette Players15053
  Personal CD Players15054
  Personal MiniDisc Recorders15056
  Portable AM/FM Radios96954
  Portable Satellite Radios109256
  Portable Stereos, Boomboxes48626
  Replacement Parts & Tools163769
  Other Portable Audio3281
 -TV, Video & Home Audio32852Relocated within Parent (i)
  TVs11071Renamed from [Televisions]
  Cable TV Boxes39804
  DVD & Blu-ray Players175711
  DVRs, Hard Drive Recorders11725
  -Home Audio Stereos, Components14969
   Amplifiers & Preamps14970
   Cassette Tape Decks48645
   CD Players & Recorders14971
   Compact & Shelf Stereos4787
   MiniDisc Decks4786
   Radio Tuners22635
   Record Players/Home Turntables48647
   Stereo Component Combos175708
   Stereo Receivers175707
   Other Home Stereo Components81741
  Home Speakers & Subwoofers14990
  Home Theater Projectors22610
  Home Theater Receivers14981
  Home Theater Systems72406
  Internet & Media Streamers168058
  Satellite TV Receivers96969
  -TV, Video & Audio Accessories14961
   3D TV Glasses & Accessories175719
   Antennas & Dishes175720
   Antenna & Dish Mounting Gear149973
   Audio Cables & Interconnects14964
   Audio Cable Plugs & Jacks175721
   Audio/Video Transmitters149958
   -Blank Media, Care & Storage94893
    Audio Tapes14962
    CD, DVD & Blu-ray Discs175718
    Disc Repair & Disc Cleaning48643
    Head & Lens Cleaning15091
    Media Cases & Storage64588
    VHS Video Tapes149960
    Vinyl Record Cleaning149963
    Other A/V Media & Storage149961
   Manuals & Resources48644
   Projection Screens & Material48655
   Projector Mounts & Stands71584
   Remote Controls61312
   Satellite LNB Downconverters149971
   Satellite Signal Multiswitches67880
   Signal Amplifiers & Filters39803
   Signal Finders67882
   Speaker Mounts & Stands61336
   Splitters & Combiners149972
   Tools, Crimpers & Strippers175722
   TV Mounts & Brackets48656
   Video Cables & Interconnects32834
   Other TV, Video & Audio Accs61395
  -TV, Video & Audio Parts71582
   Amplifier Parts & Components122649
   Projector Lamps & Components71583
   Rear-Projection TV Lamps149975
   Record Player, Turntable Parts64619
   Speaker Parts & Components175723
   TV Boards, Parts & Components163768
   Other TV, Video & Audio Parts71585
  Other TV, Video & Home Audio163829
 -Vehicle Electronics & GPS3270Relocated within Parent (i)
  GPS Units156955
  -GPS Accessories & Tracking139836
   GPS Antennas73348
   GPS Cases & Skins168103
   GPS Chargers & Batteries175726
   GPS Holders & Mounts73353
   GPS Screen Protectors168104
   GPS Software & Maps139837
   Tracking Devices73362
   Other GPS Accs & Tracking58049
  12-Volt Portable Appliances73335
  -Car Alarms & Security48610
   Car Alarms & Security Systems75390
   Car Keys & Transponders94830
   Relays & Sensors75389
   Replacement Remotes71530
   Other Car Alarms & Security60203
  -Car Audio175716
   Car Amplifiers18795
   Car Audio In-Dash Units39754
   Car CD Changers39746
   Car Speakers & Speaker Systems14936
   Car Subwoofers18805
   Signal Processors79839
   Other Car Audio175717
  -Car Video48604
   Car Monitors w/Built-in Player175712
   Car Monitors w/o Player48606
   Rear View Monitors/Cams & Kits149976
   Video In-Dash Units w/GPS79834
   Video In-Dash Units w/o GPS79835
   Other Car Video48605
  -Car Audio & Video Installation32806
   Amplifier Kits71527
   Connectors & Terminals50549
   Dashboard Installation Kits85806
   Distribution Blocks50550
   Fuses & Fuse Holders50551
   Interconnect Cables94844
   Power & Speaker Wire32810
   Speaker/Sub. Enclosures50564
   Speaker/Sub. Grills & Accs67773
   Wire Harnesses64578
   Other Car A/V Installation50552
  -Car Electronics Accessories60207
   Audio/Video Remotes12040
   Bluetooth, Handsfree Car Kits175714
   Car Lighting71536
   Power Inverters58020
   Radio Antennas50553
   Remote Start & Entry Systems175713
   Replacement Faceplates71535
   Other Car Electronics Accs175715
  Marine Audio168105
  Radar & Laser Detectors14935
  Other Vehicle Electronics1498
 -Home Automation50582Relocated within Parent (i)
  Controls & Touchscreens50583
  Home Automation Kits50584
  Home Automation Modules94879
  Intercoms & Access Controls14953
  Other Home Automation175724
 -Home Surveillance48633Relocated within Parent (i)
  Security Cameras48638
  Surveillance Security Systems48636
  Digital Video Recorders, Cards88754
  Dummy Cameras75395
  Surveillance Monitors/Displays48635
  Video Processors & Switchers75397
  Cables, Adapters & Connectors48637
  Surveillance Accessories163825
  Other Home Surveillance175725
 -Home Telephones & Accessories3286Relocated within Parent (i)
  Answering Machines139968
  Caller ID Devices15048
  Corded Telephones41373
  Cordless Telephones & Handsets33929
  Corded/Cordless Phone Combos175739
  Cords, Jacks & Plugs58353
  Telephone Batteries20034
  Telephone Headsets84079
  Home Telephone Parts9425
  Other Home Telephones1503
 -Multipurpose Batteries & Power48446Relocated within Parent (i)
  Battery Chargers48618
  Battery Converters172011
  Battery Testers79845
  Heavy-Duty Voltage Converters175729
  Multipurpose AC to DC Adapters88758
  Power Cables & Connectors116852
  Rechargeable Batteries48619
  Single Use Batteries50602
  Surge Protectors, Power Strips67779
  Travel Adapters & Converters88759
  Other Multipurpose Batteries79846
 -Radio Communication1500Relocated within Parent (i)
   CB Radio Antennas48692
   Ham, Amateur Radio Antennas4672
   Marine/Air Band Radio Antennas175731
   Walkie Talkie/Two-Way Antennas175732
   Other Radio Antennas175733
  CB Radios40054
  -Ham, Amateur Radio4670
   Ham Radio Amplifiers163853
   Ham Radio Receivers4673
   Ham Radio Transceivers40065
   Ham Radio Transmitters4675
   Other Ham Radio Equipment96966
  Marine & Aircraft Radios149987
  Walkie Talkies, Two-Way Radios20381
  -Parts & Accessories183503
   Baluns & Chokes175735
   Batteries & Chargers48703
   Coax. Cables & Connectors48704
   Code Keyers & Keys48706
   Headsets & Earpieces48705
   Manuals & Magazines15050
   Power Supplies48708
   Radio & Scanner Crystals175738
   Other Radio Communication Accs40059
  Other Radio Communication296
 -Gadgets & Other Electronics14948Relocated within Parent (i)
  Dictionaries & Translators94861
  Digital Clocks & Clock Radios50608
  Laser Pointers14954
  LED Light Key Chains73340
  Metal Detectors14955
  Metal Detector Accessories163824
  PDA Accessories175744
  Pocket Digital Scales163827
  Smart Glasses178894
  Surveillance Gadgets175743
  Video Glasses163826
  Voice Recorders, Dictaphones62041
  Weather Meters48623
  Other Gadgets175745
 -Vintage Electronics183077Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Vintage Audio & Video175740
   8-Track Players183078
   Laserdisc Players3317
   Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorders116868
   Vintage Amplifiers & Tube Amps73368
   Vintage Cassette Decks71574
   Vintage Headphones183074
   Vintage Preamps & Tube Preamps67807
   Vintage Radios50595
   Vintage Record Players48649
   Vintage Speakers50597
   Vintage Stereo Receivers50596
   Vintage Televisions73374
   Vintage Tuners & Tube Tuners73382
   -Vintage Parts & Accessories175741
    Vintage Blank Media163851
    Vintage Capacitors71573
    Vintage Manuals39996
    Vintage Speaker & Horn Drivers73372
    Vintage Transformers67815
    Vintage Tubes & Tube Sockets64627
    Other Vintage A/V Parts & Accs168088
   Other Vintage Audio & Video175742
  Vintage Calculators58042
  Vintage Home Telephones182098
  Other Vintage Electronics183079
 -Wholesale Lots61494Relocated within Parent (i)
  Batteries & Power Accessories45096
  Home Surveillance & Automation175746
  Home Telephones48748
  PDAs & Pocket PCs61495
  Portable Audio & Headphones175747
  Radio Communication175748
  TV, Video & Home Audio51000
  Vehicle Electronics & GPS58036
  Other Consumer Electronic Lots51004


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