Category Changes: Cell Phones & Accessories

October 2016: Cell Phones & Accessories

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Cell Phones & Accessories15032 
  Cell Phones & Smartphones9355 
  Smart Watches178893 
 -Smart Watch Accessories182064 
   Chargers & Docking Stations182065 
   Screen Protectors182066 
   Smart Watch Cases182067 
   Watch Bands182068 
   Other Smart Watch Accessories182069 
 -Cell Phone Accessories9394 
   Accessory Bundles58543 
   Audio Docks & Speakers132297 
   Cables & Adapters123422 
   Car Speakerphones88468 
   Cases, Covers & Skins20349 
   Chargers & Cradles123417 
   Faceplates, Decals & Stickers20373 
   FM Transmitters146504 
   Manuals & Guides43307 
   Memory Cards96991 
   Memory Card Readers & Adapters48571 
   Mounts & Holders35190 
   Port Dust Covers179406 
   Screen Protectors58540 
   Signal Boosters68030 
   Straps & Charms122962 
   Other Cell Phone Accessories42425 
  Display Phones136699 
 -Phone Cards & SIM Cards146492 
   Refills & Top Ups43308 
   SIM Cards29778 
   SIM Card Readers146493 
  Cell Phone & Smartphone Parts43304 
  Vintage Cell Phones182073 
 -Wholesale Lots45065 
   Cell Phones45071 
  -Cell Phone Accessories45066 
    Cables & Adapters167923 
    Cases, Covers & Skins182070 
    Chargers & Cradles64357 
    Screen Protectors146496 
    Signal Boosters45067 
    Straps & Charms146494 
    Other Wholesale Accessories182071 
   Cell Phone Parts182072 
   Other Cell Phone Lots45073 
  Other Cell Phones & Accs42428 


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