Category Changes: Business & Industrial

April 2018

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Business & Industrial12576
 +Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes109471
 +Agriculture & Forestry11748
 +Automation, Motors & Drives42892
 +Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies46534
 +Electrical & Test Equipment92074
 +Facility Maintenance & Safety11897
 +Fasteners & Hardware183900
 +Fuel & Energy159693
 -Healthcare, Lab & Life Science11815
  -Medical Equipment11817Combined into [Other Medical Specialties-159692]
   -Endoscopy & Laparoscopy99998Combined into [Endoscopes-31460]
    Light Sources99999Combined into [Endoscopes-31460]
    Parts & Accessories100000Combined into [Endoscopy & Laparoscopy Attachments-184518]
    Shavers & Power Systems113732Combined into [Medical Device Handpieces-184517]
    Video Endoscopes100001Combined into [Endoscopes-31460]
    Other Endo- & Laparoscopy100002Combined into [Endoscopy & Laparoscopy Attachments-184518]
   -Furniture106432Combined into [Examination & Operation Furniture-184502]
    Beds, Stretchers & Tables11821Combined into [Mobility & Caregiving Furniture-184504]
    Carts & Stands106433Combined into [Medical Carts-184501]
    Chairs & Stools106434Combined into [Doctor's Office Furniture-184503]
    Other Medical Furniture106435Combined into [Examination & Operation Furniture-184502]
   General Medicine31462Combined into [Other Medical Specialties-159692]
   Home Care31463Combined into [Other Medical Supplies-31479]
   IV & Fluid Administration31464Combined into [Medical Tubes & Tubing-184510]
   -Monitoring Systems100003Combined into [Patient Monitors-100006]
    Other Med Monitoring Systems100007Combined into [Patient Monitors-100006]
   Other Medical Equipment11816Combined into [Other Medical Specialties-159692]
  -Dental Equipment63991Relocated within Parent
   Air & Vacuum Systems63992
   Burs & Bur Blocks99996
   Dental Chairs & Stools63995
   Dental Delivery Units- Control71376
   Dental Imaging & X-Ray63996
   +Dental Lab106366
   Dental Supplies106371
   Other Dental Equipment31458
  Imaging & Aesthetics Equipment92036Relocated within Parent
  Imaging & Aesthetics Supplies97135Relocated within Parent
  -Lab Equipment26231Relocated within Parent
   Analytical Instruments26230
   Autoclaves & Sterilizers48722
   +Centrifuges & Parts109449
   Cleaning Equipment48723
   Furnishings & Facilities40115
   +Heating & Cooling48728
   Lab Lasers & Photonics109452
   +Lab Scales & Balances48724
   Microscope Parts & Accessories11813
   Motion Control111542
   Power Supply111543
   Recorders & Plotters48734
   Other Lab Equipment26237
  -Lab Supplies26413Relocated within Parent
   Filtration Supplies26415
   Frames, Supports & Clamps26416
   Lab Chemicals104233
   Lab Glassware11812
   Lab Kits & Sets100014
   Lab Safety48742
   Slides & Covers26418
   Tubing, Valves & Fittings26419
   Other Lab Supplies26420
  -Medical Equipment184521New Category
   -Medical Furniture & Mobility Equipment184500New Category
    Medical Carts184501New Category
    Examination & Operation Furniture184502New Category
    Doctor's Office Furniture184503New Category
    Mobility & Caregiving Furniture184504New Category
    Patient Lifts & Slings184505New Category
    Medical Furniture Accessories184506New Category
    Roll Stands & IV Stands184507New Category
   Nurse Call Equipment184508New Category
   -Medical Tubing & Pumps184509New Category
    Medical Tubes & Tubing184510New Category
    Medical Pumps184511New Category
   -Medical Device Attachments & Accessories184512New Category
    Medical Cables & Cords184513New Category
    Blood Pressure Cuffs184514New Category
    Medical Sensors & Probes184515New Category
    Medical Device Adapters & Connectors184516New Category
    Medical Device Handpieces184517New Category
    Endoscopy & Laparoscopy Attachments184518New Category
   Hammer Mills & Pill Making Machines184519New Category
   -Medical Machines & Devices184520New Category
    Endoscopes31460Moved from [Endoscopy & Laparoscopy-99998]
    EEG Mapping Systems184522New Category
    Patient Monitors100006Moved from [Monitoring Systems-100003]
    Blood Glucose Monitors184524New Category
    Anesthetic Machines184525New Category
    Medical Autoclaves & Sterilizers31459Moved from [Medical Equipment-11817] Renamed from [Disinfection & Sterilization]
    Aesthetic & Cosmetic Machines184527New Category
    Patient Simulators184528New Category
    Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers184529New Category
    TENS Machines184530New Category
    Dialysis Machines184531New Category
    Vacuum Regulators184532New Category
    Insufflators113733Moved from [Endoscopy & Laparoscopy-99998]
    Pulse Oximeters31465Moved from [Monitoring Systems-100003] Renamed from [Oximeters]
    Phototherapy Systems184535New Category
    Fluid Warming Systems184536New Category
    -Medical Imaging Devices184537New Category
     Bone Densitometers184538New Category
     Mobile C-Arms184539New Category
     X-Ray Machines184540New Category
     MRI Machines184541New Category
     Ultrasound Machines184542New Category
     X-Ray Film Processors184543New Category
    -EKG, Heart Rate, & Blood Pressure Machines184544New Category
     ECG & EKG Machines100005Moved from [Monitoring Systems-100003] Renamed from [ECG & EKG Systems]
     Blood Pressure Machines100004Moved from [Monitoring Systems-100003] Renamed from [Blood Pressure Monitors]
     Cardiac Stress Test Systems184534New Category
     Cardiotocographs (CTG)184548New Category
     Fetal Dopplers & Vascular Dopplers117028Moved from [Monitoring Systems-100003] Renamed from [Prenatal Heart Monitors]
  -Medical Instruments11823Relocated within Parent
   +Exam & Diagnostic104221
    Biopsy Punches184550New Category
    Curettes159688Relocated within Parent
    Forceps19327Relocated within Parent
    Retractors159689Relocated within Parent
    Scalpels104229Relocated within Parent
    Scissors & Needleholders104230Relocated within Parent
    Surgical Instrument Sets184551New Category
    Surgical Saws184552New Category
    Uterine Manipulators184553New Category
    Other Surgical Instruments104231Relocated within Parent
   Other Medical Instruments11822
  -Medical Specialties92073Relocated within Parent
   Alternative Medicine31457
   +Emergency & EMT100010
   +Ophthalmology & Optometry71380
   Physical Therapy & Rehab31468
   Surgery & OR31469
   Other Medical Specialties159692
  -Medical Supplies & Disposables31473Relocated within Parent
   Blood Glucose Test Strips184554New Category
   -Compression & Support Apparel184555New Category
    Compression Arm Sleeves184556New Category
    Compression Socks & Stockings184557New Category
    Lumbar Sacral Supports184558New Category
    Ankle Supports184559New Category
    Flat Panel Support Belts184560New Category
   Drainable Pouches184561New Category
   Gloves31474Relocated within Parent
   Linens31475Relocated within Parent
   Medical Recording Chart Paper184562New Category
   Skin Barriers184563New Category
   Sterilization Trays & Cassettes184564New Category
   Syringes31476Relocated within Parent
   Teaching & Education Supplies31480Relocated within Parent
   TENS Pads184565New Category
   Ultrasound Gel184566New Category
   Wound Care31478Relocated within Parent
   Other Medical Supplies31479Relocated within Parent
  Other Health & Life Science3179Relocated within Parent
  Wholesale Lots113736Relocated within Parent
 +Heavy Equipment177641
 +Heavy Equipment Attachments177647
 +Heavy Equipment Parts & Accs41489
 +Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Pumps183978
 +Light Equipment & Tools61573
 +Manufacturing & Metalworking11804
 +Material Handling26221
 +Printing & Graphic Arts26238
 -Restaurant & Catering11874
  +Bar & Beverage Equipment25362
  +Commercial Kitchen Equipment25367
  -Food Trucks, Trailers & Carts67145
   Carts, Stands & Kiosks67146
   Concession Trailers46590Combined into [Food Trucks & Concession Trailers-184249]
   Food Trucks & Concession Trailers184249Renamed from [Food Trucks]
   Food Truck Parts & Accs183952
   Other Concession Stands67147Combined into [Food Truck Parts & Accs-183952]
  +Furniture, Signs & Décor57093
  +Refrigeration & Ice Machines25375
  +Tabletop & Serving25381
  +Uniforms & Aprons50935
  +Vending & Tabletop Concessions25389
  Other Restaurant & Catering1271
  +Wholesale Lots55841
 +Retail & Services11890
 +Websites & Businesses for Sale11759
 Other Business & Industrial26261


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