Category Changes: Antiques

April 2018

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
 -Architectural & Garden4707
  Barn Doors & Barn Door Hardware162926Renamed from [Barn Doors]
  Ceiling Tins37909
  Chandeliers, Sconces & Lighting Fixtures63516Renamed from [Chandeliers, Fixtures, Sconces]
  Columns & Posts162928
  Fireplaces, Mantels & Fireplace Accessories63518Renamed from [Fireplaces & Mantels]
   Door Bells & Knockers37912Relocated within Parent
   Door Knobs & Handles37914Relocated within Parent
   Door Plates & Backplates37916Relocated within Parent
   Drawer Pulls162933Relocated within Parent
   Escutcheons & Key Hole Covers162934Relocated within Parent
   Heating Grates & Vents162935Relocated within Parent
   Hinges184487New Category
   Hooks, Brackets & Curtain Rods37913Renamed from [Hooks & Brackets]
   Locks, Latches & Keys37915Renamed from [Locks & Keys]
   Nails162930Relocated within Parent
   Screws162931Relocated within Parent
   Switch Plates & Outlet Covers162932Relocated within Parent
   Other Antique Hardware66637Relocated within Parent
  Plumbing & Fixtures167948Renamed from [Plumbing]
  Signs & Plaques63519Renamed from [Signs]
  -Stained Glass Windows151721
   Pre-1900151722Combined into [Stained Glass Windows-151721]
   1900-19404771Combined into [Stained Glass Windows-151721]
   1940-Now151723Combined into [Stained Glass Windows-151721]
   Unknown167947Combined into [Stained Glass Windows-151721]
  Stair & Carpet Rods112084
  Weathervanes & Lightning Rods37918
  Windows, Shutters & Sash Locks63520Renamed from [Windows, Sashes & Locks]
  Price Guides & Publications171170
  Other Architectural Antiques1207Renamed from [Other Antique Architectural]
 +Asian Antiques20082
 +Decorative Arts20086
 +Home & Hearth163008
 +Linens & Textiles (Pre-1930)181677
 +Maps, Atlases & Globes37958
  Anchors63615Relocated within Parent
  Diving Helmets63617Relocated within Parent
  Fishing Nets & Floats37968Relocated within Parent
  Harpoons163090Relocated within Parent
  Maritime Bells, Whistles & Horns63616Renamed from [Bells & Whistles]
  Maritime Blueprints163082Renamed from [Blueprints]
  Maritime Cannons & Cannon Balls184484New Category
  Maritime Cleats & Chocks163084Renamed from [Cleats & Chocks]
  Maritime Clocks37966Renamed from [Clocks]
  Maritime Compasses37967Renamed from [Compasses]
  Maritime Flags, Ensigns & Pennants184485New Category
  Maritime Folk Art156318Renamed from [Folk Art]
  Maritime Lamps & Lighting37969Renamed from [Lamps & Lighting]
  Maritime Navigational Charts163083Renamed from [Charts]
  Maritime Navigational Instruments37971Renamed from [Sextants]
  Maritime Parallel Rules163085Renamed from [Parallel Rules]
  Maritime Plaques & Signs163086Renamed from [Plaques & Signs]
  Maritime Portholes & Hatches63618Renamed from [Portholes]
  Maritime Price Guides & Publications171175Renamed from [Price Guides & Publications]
  Maritime Propellers163087Renamed from [Propellers]
  Maritime Pulleys163088Renamed from [Pulleys]
  Maritime Reproductions156319Renamed from [Reproductions]
  Maritime Scrimshaw Replicas63619Renamed from [Scrimshaws]
  Maritime Telegraphs163089Renamed from [Telegraphs]
  Maritime Telescopes37972Renamed from [Telescopes]
  Maritime Wheels37973Renamed from [Wheels]
  Model Ships37970Relocated within Parent
  Other Maritime Antiques66638Relocated within Parent
 +Mercantile, Trades & Factories163091
 +Musical Instruments (Pre-1930)181726
 +Periods & Styles100927
 +Restoration & Care163101
 Rugs & Carpets37978
 +Science & Medicine (Pre-1930)20094
 +Sewing (Pre-1930)156323
 Reproduction Antiques22608
 Other Antiques12


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