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Choosing the right shipping service is key to delivering a great customer experience at the best possible price.

Discover the wide range of convenient options and special discounts available to eBay sellers.



  • Up to 25% off retail rate
  • Up to 37% off retail rate
  • Up to 34% off retail rate


  • Discounted eBay labels
  • Free automatic tracking
  • 30,000 U.S. Post Office drop-off locations
  • Free scheduled pick-ups
  • Discounted eBay labels
  • Free automatic tracking
  • 1,800 FedEx drop-off locations
  • Free scheduled pick-ups
  • Discount labels through UPS.com
  • Free automatic tracking
  • Over 3,000 UPS Store locations
  • Free scheduled pick-ups


  • Up to $100 free insurance*
  • Up to $100 free insurance
  • Up to $100 free insurance


  • Free eBay & USPS® co-branded shipping supplies on eBay.com
  • Free FedEx® branded shipping supplies on FedEx.com
  • Free UPS® branded shipping supplies on UPS.com
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Save time and money with eBay labels

Just click, print, and ship to save! Streamline your shipping with the one convenient tool that lets you do it all.

Tools and resources

  • Shipping Calculator: Instantly calculate shipping costs and compare rates among top carriers. Learn More
  • eBay Branded Shipping Supplies: Give your packages a professional look with eBay-branded envelopes, boxes, packing tape, tissue paper, and stickers. Order Now
  • Packing and Shipping Tips: Learn how to pack and ship items to delight your buyers. Upload tracking information to protect yourself and make shipping more efficient. Learn More
  • Dimensional Weight: Carriers consider dimensional (DIM) weight to determine shipping costs. Learn what DIM weight is and how to calculate it to avoid under- or over-paying on postage. Learn More

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