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Manage and scale your business

Choose Selling Manger Pro, Blackthorne (formerly Seller’s Assistant) or File Exchange to enable you to list and manage your sales. These all-in-one selling tools are available in Web-based or desktop versions.

For medium to high volume sellers
Manage your inventory
Automatically list and re-list items
Automatically send feedback
Monthly profit and loss reporting
Free Listing Designer
FREE 30-day trial; $15.99/month
FREE for Featured and Anchored
Store subscribers

A flat file solution for maximum time savings
Upload, revise or relist thousands of listings at once
Download active and sold listings
Subscribe to Selling Manager Pro to automate downloads


Great all-in-one desktop tool for medium volume sellers
Create and edit listings in bulk
Easy to use listing templates
Send emails and leave feedback in bulk
FREE 30-day trial; $9.99/month

Ideal for high volume sellers and small businesses
Manage your inventory
Print shipping labels and invoices in bulk
Supports multiple users and eBay seller IDs
Support for consignment plans
Utilizes an "Open" Access database
FREE 30-day trial; $24.99/month


Or try one of our other helpful seller tools:

  • Leave feedback, send emails, print invoices and labels – all in bulk
  • Customize your email and feedback templates

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  • Create and edit listings in bulk
  • Design editor for professional listings
  • Preview listings before posting
  • FREE

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