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Seller on top of game
Quality products and excellent customer service have established thegolfhabit as the premium destination for purchasing name brand golf equipment at great prices.

Some top-notch strategies have propelled this PowerSeller's listings to the top of many Best Match search results-including starting all Auction-style listings at just a penny. This has helped The Golf Habit continue to enjoy healthy profits, even in a slumping economy.

According to The Golf Habit cofounder Ron Sickel, following up with buyers is crucial to being successful in a highly competitive market.

"Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We respond to all buyer questions or concerns directly, often the very same day. Buyers appreciate our expertise, and providing good customer service only reinforces their trust in us. This has helped us gain many repeat buyers."

Whether it's a single golf club or a hundred pairs of shoes, The Golf Habit ships every order within 24 hours of purchase. Also, they make buyers aware of any changes or issues with their order.

"We once received clubs with 55-gram shafts by accident from our distributor instead of the 75-gram shafts we had ordered to fulfill buyer purchases. We emailed our buyers immediately to explain the situation. The buyers appreciated being informed and were happy to accept the 55-gram shafts."

"Buyers appreciate our expertise, and providing good customer service only reinforces their trust in us."
After working 10 years in the manufacturing industry, Ron started selling on eBay in 2000 with his lifelong friend, Chip Unfried, who was a longtime golf buyer for a major company. Initially, they opened the doors to their umbrella company, Sports Solutions, before realizing the unlimited selling potential on eBay. But it's their love for the game that inspired it all and fuels them to this day.

"Things were going so well, it came to a point where the eBay-side of the company became a fulltime commitment in itself. So I mainly handle the eBay side of the business, and Chip handles the wholesale side of the business. We definitely enjoy what we do because it's what we know."

Indeed, it takes more than two buddies to oversee a 6,000-square-foot warehouse and fulfill a flurry of bulk orders from resellers around the world. Their employees play a major role as well. Plus, in addition to The Golf Habit, Ron and Chip also own and operate kingsbestdeals and thegolfstorm.

Ready for the back nine
Ron is very optimistic about the future of The Golf Habit and his industry. With a new season fast approaching, he's gearing up for another successful year and is considering branching out in other eBay categories.

The Golf Habit continues to raise their game, and it would be no surprise to see them remain a top seller for years to come.