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Seller goes the extra mile to reach higher profits
Stellar customer service and Best Match has helped SuperGoodDeals go from a small, home-based business to an eBay powerhouse.

In addition to focusing on customer satisfaction from the start, this PowerSeller credits Best Match for their latest success. Their high Feedback rating and 4.9 average for all Detailed Seller Ratings this month has elevated their listings near the top of many Best Match search results and boosted sales. According to SuperGoodDeals founder Lorraine Arroll, putting the customer first is as much a part of their day-to-day business as fulfilling an order of 300 wedding cameras at a moment's notice.

"You might say we're a little obsessed with Feedback here at SuperGoodDeals. We read all buyer Feedback and check incoming emails about every minute. Good customer service boils down to establishing clear communication with your buyers, providing reasonable shipping costs, and responding quickly to all buyer concerns."

Responding quickly is more than a rallying cry for SuperGoodDeals. It's their company's motto: Pay Today, Ships Tomorrow. Once an order is placed, it's shipped out the following day. And at times, whenever possible, a purchase made before 8 am EST is shipped the very same day and can sometimes arrive at the buyer's house the following day. Plus, they've incorporated free shipping to most of their listings, which their loyal buyers love.

This "quick-on-your-feet" philosophy holds true for the inventory they sell as well. Always on the lookout for great deals, Lorraine buys items in bulk quantity and passes her savings on to her customers. She prefers Fixed Price listings since it's more in line with buyers receiving their items fast.

"We sell your everyday, household goods that most people want or need at certain times in their lives. What's hot today can be passé next week and then hot again next month. We let the market come to us and make sure we have the inventory when the time comes. You have to move quickly in this business."

When Lorraine first had the notion to sell on eBay in 2000, it seemed like a natural fit with her lifestyle.

"When you have satisfied buyers, you get repeat buyers. And that's the best Feedback a seller can receive."
"A friend told me about eBay, and I decided to give it a try. I listed a couple of computers and some telephone equipment. To my surprise, they sold in no time to buyers across the country. That's when I saw the potential of selling on eBay."

Of course, it wasn't always smooth sailing for SuperGoodDeals. In 2003, when SuperGoodDeals was off the ground and running, they found it difficult to keep up with the rush of orders.

"We used to gather all our orders by the hundreds and ship them all at once, which nearly overwhelmed us. Now when an order is placed, it's packed and shipped out the following day."

But it's always about the customer with SuperGoodDeals. Their buyers receive a confirmation email with shipping and tracking information the same day the order ships, which is the day following their purchase. Plus, if a buyer has any questions before purchasing, SuperGoodDeals responds to their phone or email inquiry often within mere minutes. This also applies to their international buyers. They make sure, upfront in their listings, an international buyer is aware of possible customs duties or fees from the buyer's government and that customs can delay international orders. In addition, they convey to the buyer that these potential customs delays and the actual number of transit days are outside SuperGoodDeals' control. However, they will not hesitate to call the buyer, even internationally, to answer any questions. It's no wonder they have so many repeat buyers.

Growing at a steady pace
In the near future, SuperGoodDeals plans to keep their prices competitive with the biggest sellers and add a variety of additional inventory while ensuring they don't grow too fast. Recently, they have used eBay's Certified Provider As Was for re-designing and branding their listings. They use Turbo Lister to help keep their listings on track and flowing as well. Also, this team of two (plus two if you add the family dogs) anticipates adding more staff very soon.

SuperGoodDeals is on their way up. And when it comes to customer service, they're miles ahead of the pack.