Best practices for creating mobile-friendly listings

An increasing percentage of online shoppers are now buying products on mobile devices instead of on a desktop system. Sellers need to be aware of, and make steps to keep up with this trend. This document will provide tips/strategies to sellers to help them create effective listings, regardless of the platform, and then it will discuss how to optimize listings for viewing on mobile devices.

Taking advantage of all eBay features

The first thing that sellers should do is make sure they are taking advantages of all eBay features that are designed to create effective listings. eBay maintains these features to the latest technical and design standards to ensure they are effective regardless of the shopper's device.

Optimizing listings for viewing on mobile devices

This section focuses on optimizing listings for viewing on mobile devices when active content is used in the listing description. The following are three things that sellers can do to optimize listings that are using active content:

In the Summer of 2016, the View Item Description Summary feature is scheduled to roll out. This feature will help the seller customize and optimize the item description as it appears on mobile devices. For more information on this feature, see the View Item Description Summary feature document.