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PayPal and purchase protection on eBay

eBay has got you covered
Your purchases are now covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee for your purchase price and original shipping if you don't receive your item or if it's not as described. Learn more.
Here's how eBay Money Back Guarantee helps buyers
When you shop on eBay, your purchases paid for with eligible payment methods are automatically covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee with the exception of prohibited or restricted items and items listed or that should be listed in the Motors (except for Parts and Accessories) and Real Estate categories. Most Business and Industrial categories are covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee.

Remember, eBay Money Back Guarantee doesn't cover fraudulent charges or buyer remorse. Also, items must be purchased on the U.S. website to qualify for eBay Money Back Guarantee coverage, and are covered for 45 days from the date of payment. Purchases made on and classified listings on are not covered.

If you don't receive the item, or if it is not as described, eBay Money Back Guarantee has got you covered. Otherwise, the sellers' refund policy applies.

Our live customer support specialists are available by phone or email to help resolve problems quickly and easily.
To qualify for eBay Money Back Guarantee, you must meet these requirements:
  • Use an approved electronic payment method to pay for your purchases, such as PayPal, Moneybookers, ProPay or Paymate.
  • Pay for the full amount of your purchase with one payment. Items purchased with multiple payments, e.g. with a deposit followed by a final payment, are not eligible.
  • Send the payment to the seller through:
    • The eBay "Pay Now" button or
    • An eBay invoice
    • Once logged in to PayPal, click the "Send Money" tab, and then "eBay Items", under the "Purchase" tab.
If you encounter any problems with your purchase, we encourage you to contact the seller first. This is often the fastest and easiest way to resolve problems. If you're not satisfied with the outcome at the end of seven days, our customer support specialists will refund your purchase price plus original shipping through PayPal. Learn more about eBay Money Back Guarantee.

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