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You can search for items in specific countries or regions or find items listed in other languages by using the Advanced Search tab. There are three ways to access Advanced Search:
  • Click the Advanced Search link on a search or browse result page
  • Use the eBay Navigation bar:
    1. Go to the eBay Navigation bar at the top of the page;
    2. Click on Search;
    3. Click on the Advanced Search tab
  • Use the default Search box shown on the Home page and on all search and browse results pages:
    1. Click the link in the bottom of the box (called "Smart Search" on the home page and Advanced Search on search and browse pages);
    2. Click on the Advanced Search tab
On the Advanced Search page, enter all relevant search fields (words on which to search, category, etc.) for the item you seek and your preferences. Then scroll to the "Location / International" field:
  • To find items available to countries or regions other than the U.S., ensure that the "Available to country or region selected" radio-button is highlighted and pick the desired country or region from the drop-down list. All items being sold by sellers willing to ship to that country or region will now appear in the search results (including items from non-English sites)
  • To find items located in specific countries or regions (if you're looking for something from the U.K., for instance), click on the "Located in country or region selected" radio-button and pick the appropriate country or region from the drop-down list (in this case, the U.K.).
    Important: Review the View Item page carefully to ensure that the seller is willing to ship to your country or region prior to bidding on/buying the item.
  • To find items available to (or located in) the U.S. from all sites in addition to the English site default, click on the "Search English language sites" check box to remove the checkmark. (To restore the default, click the check box again and the checkmark will reappear.)
Click the "Search" button in the upper right corner of the Advanced Search tab and you're done. Congratulations! You have now found the international items you seek. If you want to revise your search, click the back-button on your browser to return to the Advanced Search tab or start over by accessing Advanced Search as described above.


Language translation:
If you do not speak the same language as the seller, you may want to use translation software to translate key phrases. Some translation services are available free on the Internet, but many are not 100% accurate and eBay cannot guarantee their services. If you use such a service, provide simple, grammatically correct phrases to maximize the chance of an understandable translation.


Converting currency: Items in search are listed in the site's currency (for example, U.S. dollars for When you click on an International item's title to view the item, both the seller-specified currency (for example, British Pounds Sterling) and the site currency (for example, U.S. Dollars) amount are shown. You can also choose to have all items in search displayed in their original, listed currencies by clicking "Show all prices in Listed Currency" in the Display box in the left column. For more advanced currency conversion needs, you can also use eBay's Currency Conversion Calculator.

If the seller accepts PayPal payments, you may be able to pay in your own currency. Learn more.

Making payment: When paying for an international item:

  • Remember that you must pay the seller the amount agreed in the seller-specified currency using the seller-specified payment method.
  • If there is a faster/easier/safer payment alternative available to both you and the seller, for example paying in your own currency via PayPal, suggest it via email. However, be sensitive to seller preferences and be willing to use the seller-specified method.
  • If no mutual electronic payment method exists, an international money order (available at most banks) is a good option to pay sellers safely.
  • Don't forget to include shipping costs and any additional fees/taxes with the payment as specified in the item description or by the seller.



How do sellers determine what my shipping costs will be?

International shipping costs are based on a combination of the following:
  • Weight and dimensions of package
  • Method of shipment such as Ground, Next Day Air, etc.
  • The location the seller is shipping from (city, state, country or region)
  • The location the seller is shipping to (also called the destination country or region)
Therefore, costs may vary greatly depending on what, where and how the seller is shipping, and can be considerably higher for international destinations.

Generally, buyers pay additional costs that may apply such as duties, taxes and customs clearance fees. For example, international rates may or may not include pickup and door-to-door delivery with customs clearance. Your package will arrive at your door, but then you might need to pay extra international fees.

Visit the UPS Quick Cost Calculator to calculate shipping costs to and from any country or region.

What if I live in Canada and purchase an item from a U.S. seller?
Fees, duties and taxes are often not included in the purchase, shipping and handling fees on international shipments to Canada. If you are a Canadian buyer purchasing goods from outside of Canada you should check with the seller to determine whether the fees (including customs clearance charges), duties and taxes are included in the purchase price.

How can sellers make it easier to ship to Canada if they live in the U.S.?
UPS offers U.S. sellers a Non-Resident Importer (NRI) Account. The U.S. seller can then bill you up front for duties and taxes, as well as shipping and handling.


How long will it take for my package to reach me?

It varies depending on where you're located and where your package is coming from. International shipments, of course, usually take longer than domestic deliveries.

You can check delivery times to and from any country or region with UPS Time in Transit. Customs clearance can increase the delivery time if your package is held up by customs officials.


Should the seller insure my package?

You should ask sellers to insure international shipments if their carrier does not provide automatic coverage. Some carriers automatically protect your package from loss or damage up to $100 of your item's value. If your item is worth more than $100 you may want the seller to purchase additional insurance on your behalf.


What is customs?

Customs is a government agency responsible for regulating shipments entering a country or region. All shipments being sent to and from a country or region must clear customs first.

The seller needs to provide the correct documentation so that your item won't be held indefinitely by customs. The carrier can easily arrange for customs clearance before the seller ships.

What kind of documentation needs to be included with my shipment?
Accurate documentation such as an invoice is required for shipping anything other than letters and documents.

Required for all packages
  • Invoices:
    Provide specific information about the transaction between the seller and the buyer.
May be required for some packages
  • Shipper's Export Declaration:
    Required for single items with value over $2,500 or those items requiring an export license.
  • U.S. Certificate of Origin:
    Required for certain commodities to enter various destinations. Descriptions and values listed on Invoice must be consistent with this form.
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin:
    Required if a shipment's value meets or exceeds a participating country or region's specified shipment value amount. Used by U.S., Canada and Mexico to determine if goods qualify for reduced or eliminated duty under NAFTA.
  • Other: Consular Invoice, Inspection Certification, Insurance Certificate. Check with your carrier for more information.
What else do I need to know before I try to receive an international package?
  • Certain items are not permitted in various countries or regions. It is the seller's responsibility to comply with government regulations or laws of each country or region. To help you verify that your items can be shipped across international borders, please review the Prohibited Articles list.
  • Proper packaging is very important for international shipments as they will undergo much more handling than domestic packages. Proper packaging includes using a sturdy box, properly cushioning the contents, securely closing the package, and using proper labeling.
Please note: This shipping information is provided to you for your general information purposes and may not be applicable or accurate for shipments processed with certain carriers or for goods shipped across certain international borders. Please check with your carrier for any special rules that govern your shipment of goods. For international shipments, please also check with any countries or regions whose borders your shipment may cross for any additional rules, regulations, duties, or taxes that may apply.


Escrow Services:
Prior to using an escrow service, consider the value of the item and the risk exposure compared to the fee the escrow service will charge.
  • Review seller's feedback.
  • Consider the value/nature of the item.
  • Assess risk and, if uncomfortable, conduct the transaction via a third party escrow service (if available).
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Please note: The information in this section is provided to you as a starting point for general information purposes and may not be applicable or accurate for every situation.