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What's the difference between a product and a listing in Selling Manager Pro?

Think of a product as a data record for an item that you sell. It helps you track information about your item, such as the item's cost and how much quantity you have in stock, and contains listing templates for the different ways you sell your item.

A listing template is like a "reusable listing." In fact, you create listing templates the same way you create a listing. The difference is that they are always associated with a product.

For example, let's say that you have a supply of identical green coffee mugs you would like to sell. You want to list some of them at an auction, but you also want to list some of the mugs at a fixed price.

The product in Selling Manager Pro would be green coffee mugs.

Since you'll be listing these over and over again, you create two listing templates to save time.

  • Template 1: Auction-style listing

  • Template 2: Buy It Now listing

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