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Receiving insertion fee credits

About the insertion fee credit

In some situations, you may qualify for an insertion fee credit when certain conditions apply:

  • Your auction-style listing sells

  • The buyer doesn't pay (unpaid item cases)

  • You end your listing early

  • In the case of some duplicate auction-style listings, as described on this page.

Auction-style listings that end in a sale

You may be eligible for an insertion fee credit when your auction-style listing sells. You will receive one insertion fee credit for each auction-style listing if that listed item sells. (Exclusions apply.)

Read through the insertion fee credit requirements to be sure your item is eligible.

Unpaid item cases

  • If a buyer doesn't pay, you can open an unpaid item case in our Resolution Center. The Resolution Center can help you resolve the problem with the buyer or get credited for the final value fee.

  • The final value fee credit must post to your eBay account before you can receive the insertion fee credit when you manually relist the item.

Duplicate auction-style listings

You may be eligible for an insertion fee credit if you list duplicate, identical auction-style listings and one or more of those listings doesn't appear on eBay.

  • If the duplicate auction-style listing appears on eBay but doesn't appear for the full listing duration, the listing isn't eligible for a full or partial insertion fee credit.

  • All duplicate auction-style listings count toward your monthly free-insertion-fee listings.

Learn more about listing duplicate auction-style listings.

Requirements for insertion fee credits

If your item qualifies for an insertion fee credit, we automatically apply the credit to your account in some cases when your listing meets these requirements:

  • Your listed item must be in auction-style format. Fixed price listings, Classified Ads, select Business and Industrial categories, Motors vehicles, and Real Estate listings aren't eligible for insertion fee credits.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Only insertion fees are credited. Listing upgrade fees aren't credited.

  • If your item sells, you're charged a final value fee.

  • If you originally listed the item during a promotion and your promotional insertion fee was lower than the insertion fee for your relisted item, you're credited for the lower of the two fees if your item sells the second time.

  • If you originally listed the item as a $0.00 insertion fee auction-style listing, there won't be a credit or refund for an insertion fee.

  • If your duplicate auction-style listing doesn't appear on eBay, you may be eligible for an insertion fee credit.

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