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Customizing your privacy settings

It's important to remember that everything you choose to make public on eBay is viewable to everyone. You can make some information private by customizing your privacy settings.

To customize your privacy settings, go to your profile by clicking your name above the eBay logo at the upper left of the page. Click your user ID in the drop-down box. Then follow the instructions for each feature below.


All eBay users have a profile, and it's up to you how much information you want to share. Your user ID, feedback ratings, and the date you became an eBay member are visible to other members. Nothing else will be displayed unless you add a description or photo.

Collections you create

When you create a collection, it's automatically visible for everyone to see. If you'd like to make it private, so only you can see it, go to your profile and click My Collections. At the bottom of each collection you will see a globe, which shows the collection is public. To make it private, click the globe, then click Private – visible to me only. You will now see a padlock icon and ‘Private’ at the bottom of the collection.

Searches, sellers, and collections you have saved

When you save a search (interest), a seller, or a collection, other members can see them in your profile. If you'd like to make any of them private, go to your profile and under Saved, click the Settings link on the right side of the screen. All of your saved searches (interests), sellers and collections will be displayed. At the bottom of each is a globe icon and the word ‘Public’ (this interest is visible to everyone), or a padlock icon and the word ‘Private’ (this interest is visible to you only). For any setting that you want to change, click the globe or padlock link and select either the Public or Private privacy setting.

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