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FAQs - International Site Visibility listing upgrade

Q. Where can I learn more about International Site Visibility?
A. You can find all of the details and requirements for this new feature by visiting our Help page.

Q. How much does International Site Visibility cost?

International Site Visibility
Starting Price Fee (US $)
$0.01 - $0.99 $0.10
$1.00 - $9.99 $0.10
$10.00 - $24.99 $0.20
$25.00 - $49.99 $0.20
$50.00 - $199.99 $0.40
$200.00 - $499.99 $0.40
$500.00+ $0.40

Q. Can I use the International Site Visibility listing upgrade for any item? How do I qualify to use the listing upgrade?
A. There are a handful of seller and listing requirements to use International Site Visibility. For example, you must be select Auction or Fixed Price selling format and you have to offer PayPal as a payment option. Please see the full list of requirements in this section of the Help Page.

Q. Is it compulsory to use the International Site Visibility upgrade to get visibility on other eBay sites?
A. No, it is not compulsory to buy the International Site Visibility fee. There are other existing options for how to get exposure on other sites, but these offer limited visibility to international buyers. We are merely providing an additional option which guarantees you better exposure than your item would get automatically.

Q. How is International Site Visibility different from current/past options for international selling?
A. Choosing "Worldwide" Shipping - Sellers who choose the "Ship Worldwide" option are given some limited international exposure without any fees from eBay. For example, a buyer on another eBay site can choose Advanced Search to view items from worldwide sellers. Sellers who choose to "Ship Worldwide" are also given additional exposure when local inventory is limited. These listings are displayed below default search results in an area called the International Expansion Box.

A. Choosing to Sell Directly - Sellers may also choose to directly visit any other eBay site and list their items for international sale. A listing on another site gets full visibility to those international buyers, but the seller is required to pay full listing fees for each additional site chosen, there are no listing discounts.

A. Choosing International Site Visibility - NEW! Sellers who choose International Site Visibility can list on an additional site for a fraction of the traditional cost. You only have to create one listing on your home site, and then just check the box for International Site Visibility, and your items will be visible on the secondary site. While the International Expansion Box mentioned above does give worldwide listings additional exposure, listings with International Site Visibility have more prominent placement within main default search results

Q. How does Category mapping impact my placement within search?
A. Because categories are sometimes different between sites, there are cases where items don't show up on the secondary site exactly as they do on the primary site. When a buyer does a search, your items will always show up like normal. However, if the buyer is browsing in a specific category, your item may show up differently.

Q. How does "Best Match" impact my placement within search?
A. Best Match sort is designed to show buyers the items that are most relevant to them. Because buyers in different countries are diverse, the factors which affect what is relevant may be different from country to country. Therefore, it is possible that your item will be treated differently by the Best Match relevance sort from one country to another.

NOTE: You must specify your international shipping information (including destinations, carriers, and costs) so that your listing is more relevant to international buyers. Failure to include this information will hurt your placement within (Best Match) search results on other eBay sites.

Q. Is this a fee increase?
A. No, this is a new, optional listing upgrade. There are only two small changes we had to make in order to launch this listing upgrade broadly across categories. We had to remove the free exposure given to UK items that are located in the US. We also had to shut down the free test we ran in collectibles-related categories which started late in 2007.

Q. Will eBay support more country options besides US, CA and UK? Will this be for a separate fee?
A. We are working on expanding the number of country options we can support through International Site Visibility. There will be a separate, small fee for each country option so you have exact control over where you want your listings to show up.

Q. Can Buyers filter out my items and other international items?
A. Yes, but this is no different from today. Today Buyers can customize their searches, and they will still be able to do so in the same way.

Q. Will my item show up differently in search or browse on the secondary site?
A. Your items will show up in main default results when your items match buyers' search terms. As mentioned above, categories may be structured differently between sites. If a buyer on another site is browsing in a certain category, your item may show up differently as per the category structure on that site.

Q. Can I use the International Site Visibility to have my item show up in my own country? For example, if I am selling out of the UK, and I list on, can I pay for International Site Visibility for eBay UK?
A. No. No seller has the option to buy the International Site Visibility upgrade for the country where their item is located. The best way to show your item to your home country buyers is by listing on your home site. We no longer allow this type of free, "backwards" exposure between the sites.