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Workshops are board events presented by Community Development, special guests—even expert eBay members—on a myriad of eBay-related subjects. Workshops combine "lecture" material with interactive discussion. They are a great way to learn, interact with eBay staff, and chat with the experts on a wide variety of interesting subjects.
If you are new to our boards, please click here first for a Quick Board Tutorial!
We hope you will attend, and we encourage your participation! Please join us through your posts if you have questions, additional tips to suggest, or you just want to say 'hello.'
Where to find us

To get to the Workshop Board, first go to, click "Community", scroll down to the Education section, and click on "Workshops." To go directly to the Workshop Discussion board, click here.  
Can't attend the actual event, but want to learn more? There's good news! Workshops are archived for several weeks, so you can still read what was presented by browsing the threads on the Workshop board.

You can also subscribe to receive an RSS feed for the Workshop Discussion board. This will give you updates when a new workshop has been added or updated. To subscribe to these RSS feeds, go to the bottom of the discussion board or the topic you are interested in and click on the RSS button . The RSS feed will be shown. Copy and paste the feed URL into your reader.

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