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Best Price Guarantee

eBay has some of the best prices anywhere. And that's a promise we stand behind: If you buy an eBay Deal or another top product on eBay, and then find a better price with a competitor within 48 hours, we'll cover 110% of the difference!

What qualifies for the Best Price Guarantee?

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New deals, manufacturer refurbished deals, and top products.

New, unopened items on the eBay Deals page qualify, as well as new, unopened selections from our top products that display the Best Price Guarantee symbol:

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Found at Competitors

To qualify, the item should be available on,,,,,,, or

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Identical and Available

Both items (eBay's and the competitor's) should be exactly the same and currently in stock.

Found it for less? Here's what you do:

  1. 1 If you find a better price on a qualifying item within 48 hours of making a purchase on eBay, contact eBay Customer Service .
  2. 2 Let Customer Service know where you found the lower price. We’ll verify the price and whether the item qualifies.
  3. 3 Once it’s verified, you’ll get an immediate eBay coupon for 110% of the difference. Happy shopping!
Contact eBay Customer Service

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Which competitors does eBay's Best Price Guarantee apply to?,,,,,,, or (“Approved Competitors”), but excluding any third-party marketplaces including those associated with the stores listed above. This list is subject to change by eBay.

Are taxes and shipping included in determining whether an item qualifies for the Best Price Guarantee?

No. We compare the item’s purchase price (excluding taxes and competitor shipping fees) on and on the Competitor’s website in order to determine if a Best Price Guarantee applies.

How do I receive a coupon or find out more about the Best price guarantee policy?

Please contact eBay customer service by clicking here.

How does eBay reimburse me if a lower-priced identical item is found on an Approved Competitor’s website?

eBay will issue a coupon for the qualifying purchase if eBay’s customer service agent can confirm the difference in prices. Upon confirmation, they will issue a coupon for 110% of the difference (including eBay shipping price), which can be used toward your next eBay purchase. Coupons expire within 30 days of issuance. eBay reserves the right to cancel these coupons in the event that a purchase is canceled or returned. eBay also reserves the right to deny claims in the event of any violation of eBay policies.

What do you mean by 110% of the difference?

110% of the difference means that eBay will issue a coupon for the difference in price between the price of the item on and the price of the same item on the Approved Competitor’s website, plus an additional 10% of the price difference. For example if you buy an item on for $100 but then find it on an Approved Competitor’s website for $90, you will get a coupon for $11. This is the difference in price ($100 - $90 = $10), plus 10% of the difference ($10 x 10% = $1).

Which items qualify for the best price guarantee?

New, manufacturer refurbished deals, unopened items in retail packaging in the eBay Deals Inventory plus all new, unopened items with a special "Best Price Guarantee" symbol on the product page are included. If a listing is found through the eBay Deals-specific search module, then that product is part of the eBay Deals program. "New," "New with Tags," "New in Box," "Brand New", and "manufacturer refurbished deals" items qualify. All other item conditions, such as seller refurbished and "new other" items, are not eligible. Please refer to item condition information on for more details:

Is this only for buyers who are U.S. residents?

Yes, buyers are eligible for the eBay Best Price Guarantee if they are a resident of the U.S. (even if the purchase was initiated outside of the U.S.), as long as the item is purchased on and it is shipped to one of the 50 United States.

What happens if an item is returned?

In the event that an item is returned, the buyer will be refunded the listing price minus the coupon value and any other discounts applied at the time of the transaction.

Terms & Conditions

How does it work?

Covered Items and Process

Buyers are given 110% of the price difference under the eBay Best Price Guarantee as follows:

  • The item is an eBay Daily Deals item or a brand new, unopened product that displays the Best Price Guarantee symbol;
  • The request is from a registered eBay buyer, who is a U.S. resident and is signed into his or her account, and the purchase will be shipped to one of the fifty United States;
  • The eBay buyer makes a request under the Best Price Guarantee program within 48 hours of purchase of a qualifying product on eBay;
  • The item is advertised on an Approved Competitor's website at a price less than the same qualifying eBay item;
  • An eBay customer service agent verifies that the item on eBay and the same item on an Approved Competitor's website are both in new condition, identical by a universal product identifier (UPC or brand + manufacturer part number), and available and in-stock on both websites;
  • The price difference does not exceed the lesser of five hundred U.S. dollars ($500) or fifty percent (50%) of the item's advertised price found on the Approved Competitor's website;
  • For manufacturer refurbished items featured on the deals page, an item only qualifies if the competitor’s listing is manufacturer refurbished and is a 1st party product offering (meaning the item must be direct from the retailer or direct from brand). eBay will not match third party sellers.
  • Only one unit per eBay buyer per day is matched.

Not Covered

  • Seller refurbished, used, non-retail packaged products. New or manufacturer refurbished deals products that are not in Daily Deals or marked with the Best Price Guarantee symbol.
  • Products from retailers that are not on the Approved Competitors' website.
  • Prices on Approved Competitors' websites after applicable rebates, free offers, coupons, or specific one-time-only promotions from an Approved Competitor's website, or specific offers based on bundled pricing, volume, or lot discounts.
  • Purchases during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday (week after Thanksgiving).
  • An error or misprint on an Approved Competitor's website.
  • Products in the following product categories: gift cards, gift certificates, coupons, coins, paper money, virtual currency, or items generally considered to be "bullion" (for example, gold, silver, and other precious metals in the form of coins, bars, or ingots), real estate, motors (except for parts and accessories).

This Best Price Guarantee program is subject to change without notice. eBay reserves the right to refuse a Best Price Guarantee request in order to prevent fraud or abuse or to ensure the integrity of the eBay website. The Best Price Guarantee program has a quantity limit of one matched item per day per user. eBay reserves all rights and remedies in the event any buyer or seller, individually or in collusion with others, attempts to circumvent these terms and conditions, to commit fraud, or to abuse the Best Price Guarantee program. All other eBay terms and conditions and policies apply. Effective as of June 27, 2018.