Handbag connoisseurs

Our team of experienced authenticators brings deep brand and handbag knowledge to verifying your luxury item.

Meticulous inspection

From hardware to stitching, we inspect your handbag inside and out to make sure it’s authentic and matches the listing.

Premium service

Once it’s authenticated, your handbag is delivered to your door via secure, expedited shipping at no extra cost to you.

Meet the authenticators

Meet the authenticators

Get to know the team of experts that’s inspecting your handbag with the care and attention that comes with years of experience.

See the process

See the process

Take a look behind the scenes at our handbag facility, where your item is verified, certified with a tech-enabled card, packed in premium packaging and securely shipped to you with signature-required delivery.

avatar of Donald, Handbag Authenticator, United States
“I take pride in knowing that we’re stopping the spread of counterfeits. Someone’s hard work, dedication and passion went into designing that specific bag, and that’s something we want to protect.”
Handbag Authenticator, United States
avatar of Katrina, Handbag Authentication Program Manager, United States
“Luxury brands have worked hard to maintain their reputation, so we want to respect and follow through with that standard.”
Handbag Authentication Program Manager, United States
avatar of Kris, Handbag Authenticator
“We're looking at every inch of the bag, making sure that everything that you see in that listing is the bag that you are going to get.”
Handbag Authenticator
avatar of Trish, Handbag Authenticator
“All this love, all this time, all this knowhow has been poured into this item. I feel like I'm just a medium and a conduit for joy.”
Handbag Authenticator
avatar of James, Luxury Handbag Authentication Manager,
“You can trust this team because we have more than 50 years of combined handbag experience. This team is super passionate about the handbag industry.”
Luxury Handbag Authentication Manager,

What is Authenticity Guarantee?

eBay's Authenticity Guarantee is a service designed to help buyers shop with confidence. Authenticators physically inspect all eligible items before shipping to the buyer.

How does Authenticity Guarantee work?

It's easy! Browse and shop eBay's listings with the “Authenticity Guarantee” badge. When an eligible item is purchased, the seller ships the item to the authentication facility. There, the item goes through a meticulous inspection process. Once verified, the item is safely shipped to the buyer via three-day shipping with a signature required.

Will I be charged a fee for Authenticity Guarantee?

No. Currently through Authenticity Guarantee, eBay covers the cost of authentication and secure shipping from the authentication facility to the buyer.

What items are eligible for Authenticity Guarantee?

Authenticity Guarantee is available for select brands, in new or preowned condition, listed under the Women's Bags & Handbags, Women's Wallets, Women's Belts, Women's Handbag Accessories, Women's ID & Document Holders, Women's Key Chains, Rings & Finders, Women's Hats, Women's Organizers & Day Planners, as well as Men's Bags, Men's Wallets, Men's Belts, Men's ID & Document Holders, Men's Key Chains, Rings & Cases, Men's Hats categories, and sold for USD $500 or more. Auction items are also included in the service if the item sold is one of the eligible brands and sells above $500. You can identify eligible listings by looking for the blue Authenticity Guarantee checkmark in the search results or the top right of the item's page.

The eligible brands for Authenticity Guarantee are Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Bvlgari, Celine, Chanel, Chloé, Christian Louboutin, Delvaux, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Givenchy, Goyard, Gucci, Hermès, Jimmy Choo, Judith Leiber, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, MCM, Mulberry, Off-White, Prada, Proenza Schouler, Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stella McCartney, The Row, Tom Ford, Valentino and Versace.

Only select items purchased on eBay.com are eligible for Authenticity Guarantee. Items that are listed on eBay.com from sellers located in Japan and the United States to a buyer located within the U.S. are eligible for Authenticity Guarantee. Check back for additional countries to be added.

Items shipping to addresses outside of the U.S. are not eligible for the service at this time. Unincorporated territories (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) and armed forces postal locations are not currently covered.

What happens at the authenticator?

After the authentication facility receives the handbag, the authenticator confirms the item and collateral materials are consistent with the listing title, description, and images. Then they will perform a multi-point authentication inspection. Finally, the item will receive a unique Authenticity Guarantee card and a security tag.

Is there an authentication card?

Yes, all items verified as authentic come with a card with details about the item, such as brand and model.

How does my Authentication Guarantee card with NFC capabilities work?

Hold your Authenticity Guarantee card at the top of your NFC-enabled device until you receive a prompt. If the card does not automatically scan, download the Decode app and try again. Once the card scans, tap to view detailed information about your item. Enjoy!

Who is providing the authentication services?

eBay's team of professionally trained authenticators vet and verify each bag, utilizing detailed, physical inspection and advanced technical equipment in a state-of-the-art facility.

How long will the authentication process take? How long until I get my item?

After a buyer purchases an eligible item, the seller is required to send the item to the authentication facility, where they inspect the item within two business days of receipt. Once the inspection is complete, the item will be sent to the buyer within a three-day, secure delivery, including signature confirmation.

How can I track the progress of my purchase?

Tracking information is available on the Purchase History page, where you'll be able to track the shipment of your order and see exactly where it is in the authentication process. As part of the Authenticity Guarantee service, you will also receive an order update email once your item goes through inspection.

What is the difference between DDU & DDP and how do you pay for each?

If the buyer selects to pay taxes with DDU, they will be responsible for paying taxes when the item is sent to customs. With DDU, the carrier (DHL) will reach out via email to collect Tax ID and payment (tax ID only needed for items >$2500). If the buyer selects DDP, they will be responsible for paying taxes to eBay at the time of check out.

How are D&T calculated?

For DDU, DHL will contact the buyer to collect duty and taxes before delivering the package. In addition, DHL will charge a 2% disbursement fee (processing fee) off the total D&T to the buyer with a min of $17.

Who is responsible for the shipping cost and what is the associated fee?

Buyers will be responsible for shipping costs for Authenticity Guarantee items. There will be a $35 charge for the international shipping leg.

Will I be reimbursed for the D&T if I return my item?

If you select DDP at checkout, eBay will refund you the D&T. If you select DDU at check out, the D&T reimbursement will be issued by different service providers. We recommend to work with DHL using this link: https://www.dhldrawback.com/contact-us.html.

Is signature confirmation required upon delivery?


Will I receive the original packaging with my purchase?

If the seller has included original packaging as described in the listing, all components will be sent to the buyer.

What if the item does not pass inspection?

If the authenticator cannot verify the item's authenticity or the item's condition is not consistent with its listing, we will send it back to the seller. The buyer will then be issued a full refund to their original payment method.

What should I do if I want to change or cancel my order?

You can request to cancel your order through the Purchase History page within an hour of purchase if the seller has not yet shipped the item. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate address changes at this time. Please double-check to make sure you've entered the correct address. Learn more about canceling your order here.

Where is my item shipping to, and why is it not my address?

Your handbag will first ship to the authentication facility. Once verified, the authenticator will send your handbag to the address entered at checkout.

How can I track the progress of my purchase?

Tracking information is available on the Purchase History page, where you'll be able to track the shipment of your order and see exactly where it is in the authentication process.

Can I return items purchased with Authenticity Guarantee?

You can return an item for any reason if the seller accepts returns and the return is requested within the seller's stated return window.

In the unlikely event that you receive an item that does not match the listing you can return the item as long as it is not considered final sale and the return is requested within the eBay Money Back Guarantee time frames.

What is Final Sale?

For items that are eligible for Authenticity Guarantee, an item is Final Sale when both of the following criteria are met:

  • The seller doesn't offer returns or the return request falls outside the seller's stated return window, and
  • The item condition is "New with tags" or "New without tags".

Does the eBay Money Back Guarantee protect authenticated items?

Authenticity Guarantee purchases are covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee when all eligibility requirements are met, and when:

  • The item is not received
  • The item arrives damaged, or
  • The seller doesn't fulfill their return policy as stated in the listing.

For Authenticity Guarantee purchases, eBay Money Back Guarantee does not cover returns on the basis that an item is not as described, when the item is considered final sale.

How does the return process work?

You will first send the returned item to the Authentication Facility. Within two business days of receiving the item, the authenticator will verify the item returned is the same item and in the same condition as it was sent to you. The security tag that is attached to the handbag must be untampered with to be eligible for a return. Items that are unable to have a security tag attached during the verification process, such as small wallets, will need to pass a quality check to confirm that the item hasn't been used by the buyer. Once verified, the authenticator will ship the item to the seller, and a refund will be processed. The seller or buyer (as defined by the listing) is responsible for shipping costs to the authenticator, and eBay covers the shipping cost to the seller.

Why was the item sent back to me by the authenticator after I requested a return?

If the authenticator determines the returned item is not the same item, or is not in the same condition, or the security tag has been tampered with or removed, the item will be sent back to the buyer and the return denied. Learn more about Condition of returned items policy

Can I choose not to have my item authenticated?


Is Authenticity Guarantee associated with any brands sold on eBay?

No, the Authenticity Guarantee service is not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the brands sold on eBay.

The Authenticity Guarantee service for Handbags (“Authenticity Guarantee” or “Authenticity Guarantee for Handbags”) makes inspection and authentication services (“Services”) mandatory for certain items sold on eBay.com. These Authenticity Guarantee Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) apply to the Authenticity Guarantee service for Handbags and Authenticity Guarantee Eligible Items detailed below sold and purchased on eBay.com and sets out the terms on which eBay offers you access to and use of the Authenticity Guarantee service for Handbags.

  1. Applicability of eBay User Agreement.

    The eBay.com User Agreement, eBay’s User Privacy Notice, and all policies posted on our sites (collectively, and as the same may be amended from time to time, “eBay’s Policies”) apply in addition to these Terms. In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between these Terms and eBay’s Policies, these Terms will control as to all matters that they explicitly address. For all matters not explicitly addressed by these Terms, eBay’s Policies will control.

  2. Applicability of eBay’s Money Back Guarantee.

    For authenticated items, eBay Money Back Guarantee only covers items that satisfy the eBay Money Back Guarantee eligibility requirements and are not received or that arrive damaged. Learn more about eBay Money Back Guarantee.

  3. Description of the Authenticity Guarantee Service.

    After purchasing an Authenticity Guarantee Eligible Item (description in Section 6(a) below) on eBay.com, the item is shipped to an authentication facility to carefully inspect the item’s authenticity conformity to the item’s listing details. Upon confirmation of the item by the authentication facility, it is appropriately packaged and securely shipped to the buyer. If the item’s authenticity cannot be verified or the item is significantly not as described, the item is returned to the seller, and a refund is issued.

  4. Description of the Services.

    The Services are provided at an authentication facility for Authenticity Guarantee Eligible Items (as detailed below) purchased and delivered within the United States (“Authentication Facility”). Authenticators will inspect the item within two (2) business days of receipt by checking logos, tags, materials, hardware, quality, and more as applicable and for accuracy against the item listing. Items may also be photographed for use by eBay or its licensees as part of eBay’s image catalog or any other purpose, at eBay’s exclusive discretion.

    By listing for sale or purchasing an Authenticity Guarantee Eligible Item, you acknowledge and agree that the Eligible Item is sent to the Authentication Facility to perform the Services. Find more information about the Authentication Services here.

  5. Authenticity Guarantee Program Fees.

    The Services are provided at no cost to sellers and buyers for Authenticity Guarantee Eligible Items bought or sold on eBay.com. However, eBay reserves the right to institute, alter or amend fees or costs associated with the Services, at any time, at eBay’s sole discretion.

  6. Eligibility.
    1. Item Eligibility.

      Item Eligibility. Only select listings on eBay.com are eligible for the Service. eBay reserves the right at any time, in its sole discretion, with or without notice to you, to alter or amend the eligibility requirements for Authenticity Guarantee Eligible Items, including, but not limited to the category and/or value of items and/or transactions. Ineligible items will not be authenticated. eBay reserves the right to charge sellers for costs affiliated with processing miscategorized items or impose additional consequences, including account suspension when items are improperly routed to avoid Authenticity Guarantee. Find more information about Eligible Items here.

    2. Country Eligibility.

      The Authenticity Guarantee program is not available for all countries. eBay reserves the right to expand or limit the countries eligible for the Authenticity Guarantee program or the Services at any time, in its sole discretion, with or without notice. See which countries are currently eligible here.

  7. Party Roles
    1. Your Role as Seller.

      By listing an Eligible Item for sale on the eBay platform, you authorize its inspection by an authenticator subsequent to its purchase. Upon purchase, you are required to ship the Eligible Item, with appropriate insurance coverage, to a facility located within the United States, as directed by eBay. The cost of shipping to the authentication facility is not covered by eBay.

    2. Your Role as Buyer.

      By purchasing an Eligible Item on the eBay platform, you acknowledge and agree to inspection and photography of the Eligible Item by the authenticator prior to your receipt of the Eligible Item. In addition, if a return is requested, you acknowledge and agree to ship the Eligible Item, with appropriate insurance coverage, to the authentication facility and agree to the inspection of the Eligible Item by the authentication team before the return is processed or a refund is issued. Find more information on Authenticity Guarantee returns here.

    3. Circumvention of Buyer and Seller Requirements.

      If buyer or seller circumvent or do not comply with Sections 7.a or 7.b of these Terms, or if buyer or seller violate or are found to be non-compliant with the Terms, eBay reserves the right to take immediate action such as, but not limited to, account restriction or suspension or the transfer of fees and costs associated with Authenticity Guarantee.

    4. Impact of Fraud Detection on Buyers and Sellers.

      You acknowledge and agree that if the authenticator detects fraud or suspects that an item is counterfeit, the item will be removed from marketplace circulation. In addition, eBay will work with the proper authorities as needed and reserves the right to confiscate and destroy any items determined to be counterfeit.

  8. Data Privacy.

    eBay’s collection of personal information in connection to the Authenticity Guarantee program is governed by the privacy policy that applies to your use of the eBay.com website or, as applicable, another eBay international site. In order for the Authentication Facility to provide the Authentication Services under the Program, the order information, including, but not limited to, your name, address, email address, telephone number, is provided to the Authentication Facility. By selling or purchasing an Eligible Item, you direct eBay to provide this order information to the Authentication Facility, who may disclose this information, however collected, to its affiliates, service providers, and other third parties (such as shipping carriers and revenue authorities) as necessary to perform the Authentication Services.

  9. Lost, Damaged, or Items Not Delivered.

    Items lost or damaged during the Authenticity Guarantee process are protected by eBay’s Money Back Guarantee, subject to the eBay Money Back Guarantee guidelines.

  10. Program Updates and Discontinuation.

    eBay has the right, but not the obligation, to alter, amend, replace, suspend temporarily, and/or discontinue permanently, the Authenticity Guarantee program, the name of Authenticity Guarantee, any of the Services provided under the program, features, and/or functionality offered under Authenticity Guarantee, and/or the service providers used to provide any or all of the Services under Authenticity Guarantee, at any time, in its sole discretion, with or without notice to you.

  11. Amendment.

    eBay may amend these Terms, including applicable fees, at any time by posting the amended terms on the eBay site. Except as stated elsewhere, all amended terms shall take effect immediately and automatically when posted on the eBay site.