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Advanced Buying Solutions

 Advanced Buying Solutions  
The Buyer Tools team is pleased to showcase Advanced Buying Solutions, provided to you by members of the eBay Developers Program. Four third-party companies have been selected specifically because of the value-added tools and services that they offer to eBay buyers. Together we are looking for ways to offer the community helpful new features and functionality to make some challenging and repetitive tasks much easier.
• The must-have tool for serious buyers!
• Update customized searches instantly
• Advanced searches, powerful filtering
• Organize search results as you like
• FREE TRIAL - save time, find the best!
• View the Community Workshop
• Search & scan auctions like reading mail
• Slice & dice with filtering and sorting
• Share watched auctions with friends
• Create custom RSS auction watches
• Free add-on for Internet Explorer!
• View the Community Workshop

We encourage you to check out the tools and give us your feedback. Let us know if you find these tools helpful or if you have other ideas for tools that you would like to see. Please email your comments to

eBay makes no representations regarding the third-party software or services listed above or in the Solutions Directory. Any questions or claims regarding third-party software or services must be directed to the appropriate vendor.