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Independent sellers have powered the majority of sales on eBay for over 25 years. That’s why eBay works hard to support their long-term success, every step of the way. Join us in celebrating the people that power our thriving marketplace.

Get to know the sellers whose success stories started at home

Video thumbnail of Jim Rodman standing infront of his clock inventory as he smiles into the camera.

Growing a family business in the art of clocks

Jim Rodman can be confident that the art of clock maintenance will live on as his son Jeff trains to take over his 30-year legacy.

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Video thumbnail of Rosalia Villa smiling into the camera as she stands infront of her shoes and clothing inventory for her online business.

An expert at thrifting and chasing dreams

Rosalia Villa became the first female entrepreneur of her family when she mastered the business of online selling.

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Video thumbnail of Tracey Lewis smiling into the camera as she stands infront of a wall full of Christmas ornaments.

Spreading personalized holiday cheer

Tracey Lewis turned her love for Christmas ornaments into a successful family business in just two years.

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Meet the people who turned passion projects into successful businesses

Video thumbnail of Alec Larson smiling into the camera.

Piloting airplanes and a business

Alec Larson pilots airplanes and a thriving automotive business, while maintaining a music career.

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Video thumbnail of Kevin Santos smiling into the camera from inside his art studio.

From street art to apparel

Kevin Santos shares his passion for graffiti with the world, by selling his designs on snapbacks, jackets and more on eBay.

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Video thumbnail of Trong Nguyen smiling into the camera.

Using science to revolutionize homebrewing

Trong Nguyen is changing the way we make beer at home by creating tools that make the process faster and easier.

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These sellers use their success to support their community

Video thumbnail of Cami Nyquist smiling into the camera as she stands outside of the warehouse for her eBay store.

Building a business to improve lives

Cami Nyquist connects people to job trainings and internships by selling unique finds on eBay.

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Video thumbnail of Jude Lugo smiling into the camera as he holds a DVD box set of “The Office” TV series.

Making a difference one charity at a time

Jude Lugo is bringing technology to the people who need it with the sales from his eBay store.

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Video thumbnail of Sandra Gustard smiling and holding her oil remedies into the camera.

Boosting health and beauty globally

Sandra Gustard is sharing a traditional Jamaican remedy with others in need.

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Check out our small business report

Our inaugural report finds eBay is a crucial economic driver for many of our sellers—with 71% of respondents saying they rely heavily on eBay for their business.

Photograph of young girls holding up their skateboards as they smile into the camera.

eBay for Charity

Our community raises funds for causes they care about.

Photograph of a woman smiling into the camera as she stands infront of shelves full of inventory, while holding eBay shipping boxes.

Economic opportunities

We empower businesses to unlock global opportunities.

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