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VeRO: If you are not a rights owner

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 If You Are Not a Rights Owner
VeRO Program is for rights owners
Since the VeRO Program is for rights owners, if you do not own intellectual property rights, you will not be able to participate in the VeRO Program.

However, you can still help by getting in touch with legitimate rights owners (companies or individuals who hold intellectual property rights) and encouraging them to contact us about participating in the VeRO Program, as well as informing them of listings with possible infringement.

Stolen items
The VeRO Program cannot be used to report stolen items. If you have identified a seller listing items which you believe to be stolen, we ask that you contact the relevant law enforcement body. We cannot take action regarding stolen items unless we receive a report from law enforcement. Once this happens, we will gladly assist law enforcement with their investigations.

Reporting an Item
If you want to report other suspected infringing items to eBay, you can file a report. In addition to our efforts to end violating listings, we rely on members like you to bring violations to our attention. Your report will not be shared with the member you are reporting. We are happy to receive such information, but due to privacy laws, eBay cannot follow up and let you know the status of your report or inform you of any action we may have taken.