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VeRO: Create a VeRO Participant Profile page

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 Create a VeRO Participant Profile page

A VeRO Participant Profile page is free and allows Rights Owners to share information with the eBay community. For example, you may wish to:

  • Present your company, products and the company's intellectual property (IP) to eBay users. Many Rights Owners include a list of their brands, trademarks, and/or copyrights.
  • Explain the potential consequences of infringing on your company's IP rights on eBay.
  • Provide tips to users on how to spot fakes, for example, by providing a list of items that a Rights Owner does not produce.
  • Offer a contact point for users to ask questions or report infringing items back to the Rights Owners.
  • Provide answers to other frequently asked questions (FAQ).
If you are currently a VeRO participant and would like to have us post a VeRO Participant Profile page for you, please contact for more information on how to start this process.