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Drive buyer excitement to your listings!

Markdown Manager is an eBay Stores feature that lets you offer discounted pricing and free shipping to your buyers. You decide what goes on Sale - and when. Just follow the quick, easy process to create your sale!

Apply discounts to specific listings and categories or across all your Store Inventory or Fixed Priced listings.
Add limited time Free Shipping sales on Fixed Price or Auction style listings (with zero bids)
Easy management and scheduling capability.
Promote your sales with Email Marketing  

Access this new feature in Manage My Store.

Markdown Manager Marketing Tips
Maximize the success of your Sales with marketing. Spread the word to buyers through your Store Newsletter, Promotion Boxes, Listing Frame and Cross Promotion Boxes.

    Tip 1  
Create a dedicated recurring Sale Email Marketing campaign that drives traffic to your Store.
    Tip 2  
Spur add-on sales by highlighting your Sales within your Store with Promotion Boxes.
Learn more about Markdown Manager by taking the quick Tutorial and reading the FAQs.