Getting paid

PayPal—the fastest, safest way to get paid

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How to Get Paid

There are different ways to get paid on eBay

PayPal is a secure online payment system that protects both buyers and sellers during sales, from start to finish. It’s also an easy way for sellers to accept credit cards without opening a merchant account with each individual bank or creditor.

A fee is charged for each payment completed through PayPal. However, there are no setup fees, monthly fees, or minimum charge requirements.

Accepting credit cards
Almost all sales transactions are paid with plastic these days. Some professional sellers may choose to get their own merchant account directly through a credit card company, but the majority of sellers use PayPal to accept credit cards. PayPal offers competitive rates on your transactions and it’s free to sign up.

Immediate payment
If you list your item with a fixed price, you can require a buyer who clicks the Buy It Now button to pay you immediately using PayPal. If you require immediate payment, the item remains available for purchase until a buyer has completed a PayPal payment, or until the listing expires. The first buyer who clicks Buy It Now and completes their PayPal payment officially wins your item. You can use the immediate payment feature with fixed price or auction-style listings as long as you include a Buy It Now price. Sellers must meet certain criteria to require immediate payment from buyers.

Unpaid item assistant
If you're dealing with an item that wasn’t paid for, the quickest way to get paid is to use the Unpaid Item Assistant tool. By opting in to the Unpaid Item Assistant option in your seller settings, eBay will automatically handle unpaid items for you by relisting them for you, free of charge.*

Other forms of payment


  • PayPal
  • Credit card or debit card processed through the seller’s Internet merchant account
  • Payment upon pickup
  • PayPal Credit


  • Bank-to-bank transfers (also known as bank wire transfers and bank cash transfers)
  • Checks
  • Money orders
  • Online payment services:, CertaPay,, Fiserv,, XOOM

Not allowed

  • Sending cash through the mail
  • Sending cash or money orders through instant, point-to-point cash transfer services (that are not banks) such as Western Union or MoneyGram
  • Mailing checks or money orders (except for items in categories specifically permitted)
  • Paying through bank-to-bank transfers (except for items in categories specifically permitted)
  • Paying by “topping off” a seller’s prepaid credit or debit card
  • Paying using online or other payment methods not specifically permitted in this policy
  • Asking buyers to contact sellers for additional payment methods
  • Offering a payment method to some buyers and not to others
  • Discouraging buyers from using any payment method the seller specified in the listing
  • Asking buyers to pay using a method not mentioned in the listing

10 Reasons to Use PayPal

  1. The preferred way to pay for the majority of buyers.
  2. Fully integrated into eBay.
  3. Includes online tools to help you track your payments and quickly ship your goods.
  4. You can accept debit and credit cards without the hassle and cost of a merchant account.
  5. Offers competitive rates.
  6. Has a micropayment rate for sellers who process payments under $10.
  7. PayPal Seller Protection, which covers unauthorized payment, item-not-received claims, chargebacks.
  8. Provides 24/7 transaction screening, which helps prevent fraud.
  9. A full suite of tools will help you resolve disputes, issues, and problems before they happen.
  10. Accept payments from around the world without the hassles of exchanging currencies.

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*Up to 50 listings per month. Fees may apply for extra features. Some categories excluded. Final value fees apply for successful sale. See full details.