Take great photos

Great photos can help you sell more. Product photos are a vital part of selling on eBay and help boost your chances of selling. To maximize your visual appeal, include multiple item photos as often as possible. You get 12 photos FREE on most listings. Start making money now—it's FREE and easy to list

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Photo Tips

Tips for taking photos that sell. Download our guide for taking great photos.


Tip #1: Use a plain, uncluttered backdrop

Woman hanging a whiteboard

Tip #2: Turn off the flash. Use diffused lighting

Camera on tripod

Tip #3: Use a tripod

green purse

Tip #4: Capture high-resolution photos

Green dress

Tip #5: Fill the frame with the item


Tip #6: Capture all angles, details, and blemishes


Tip #7: Show the scale

bracelet red

Tip #8: Keep your photos from tinting

orange purse

Tip #9: Capture detailed close-up shots


Tip #10: Avoid using props

red purse zoom

Tip #11: Enabling the zoom/enlarge feature

Fashion special tips

Help Your Buyers Get the Picture-perfect Outfit They’re Looking For

Tip #1: Show the fit, and show it all

Using a model, dress form, or mannequin is a better way to show clothing fit than on hangers or laying on a flat surface. Photograph all angles and include close-ups of patterns, trims, hardware, or textured materials.

Tip #2: Share any wear and tear

Show any wear, tear, or blemishes to set buyer expectations about the item's condition.

Tip #3: Shoot shoes from different angles

Buyers want to see the front, top, sides, and bottom of shoes.

Tip #4: Display handbags inside and out

Photograph the interior and exterior, the front and bottom of the bag, inside lining, and tags. Also, use the new Handbag Measurement Guide and provide the size in your item description.

Tip #5: Include the tags and labels

Photograph labels and tags on clothing. If the item is still in the box, take shots of that as well.

Mobile buyers

Optimize Your Pictures for Mobile Buyers

Make it easy for buyers to see your item on their mobile devices by including up to 12 pictures in your listing using eBay picture services. While your listing may include photos embedded in the item description area, these may not render properly across every mobile device platform.

Mobile photo video tips

Tap into These Mobile Photo Videos

1. Keep the lens clean

Use lens cleaning solution or a soft cloth or even a T-shirt in a pinch.

2. Check your settings

Make sure your camera is set to the highest resolution.

3. Turn off flash

Shadows, reflections, and greyness will make your photos less attractive.

4. Minimize camera movement

Place the camera on a flat surface and use the shutter timer to eliminate excess motion.

5. Consider third-party camera apps

May allow you to capture more detailed photos and edit them.

Download the mobile app

Photo Quality Requirements

Successful listings start with great photos. Listings with better photo quality are 5% more likely to sell.*

Photo requirements to remember

Every listing must have at least one photo

Listings without accompanying photos are no longer allowed. If your item isn't something you can photograph yourself (e.g., a vacation package), browse the Internet for copyright-free images you can use with your listing.

Minimum photo size

eBay requires a minimum length of 500 pixels for the longest side; setting your camera's default to High or Medium photo quality will ensure your photos are large enough.

Click here to watch a demo that will show you how to find photo sizes on a PC and a Mac.

Don't use borders on your photos

Borders aren't allowed on any of your photos. The only exception is if you have a “natural” border created by photographing your square or rectangular item against a neutral-colored backdrop.

No text or artwork on photos

No text or artwork (such as “free shipping” or seller logos) may be added to photos. Copy that is essential to your listing should be placed in the title, subtitle, or item description.

Stock photos can only be used for brand-new items

Stock photos may no longer be used as the primary photo for a used item listing. Catalog images are acceptable, but not as the primary photo for used items; exceptions are the Books, Movies, Music, and Video Game categories. Catalog images for video game consoles, however, must adhere to the new requirement

Enabling the zoom/enlarge feature

Your listing photos will be automatically enabled with a free zoom/enlarge feature on the view item page if they are high enough resolution. We recommend photos be between 800-1600 pixels on the longest side (height or width). Images less than 800 pixels on the longest side will not have this feature enabled.

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*Likelihood to sell based on an eBay study that reviewed 6.8 million listings that resulted in an increase in 4.5% more sales over this period; “better photo quality” defined as photos that measure 500 or greater pixels on the longest side, do not have added text or graphics, and are uploaded to eBay picture service. Individual results may vary and results assume that sellers do not increase the item price while making these changes.