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Start listing now

  • Click "Sell" at the top of any eBay page.
  • Name your item. Use descriptive keywords to help buyers find your listing.
  • Select the condition your item is in.
  • Upload at least four photos of the item from a variety of angles. Here are our tips for taking photos that sell.
  • Describe your item's features and flaws in the description box. Let buyers know what makes it special and what to expect.
  • Choose whether to use an Auction or Fixed Price listing and what price you'll list it at. Don't know what's best? We'll make a recommendation based on information you've provided.
  • Want to support your favorite cause? Consider donating a portion of your final sale to a certified nonprofit.
  • Review your listing.
  • Click "List it."

Happy selling!

Take your listings from good to great

Choose the best listing type

Fixed Price or Auction. Which is the right listing format to sell your item?

Be detailed

Buyers prefer listings that tell them exactly what to expect when your item arrives.

Price it right

Set the right price for your item, using our tips and tools.

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