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Product Identifiers

What are product identifiers?

Most new or manufacturer-refurbished branded items have product identifiers on their original packaging. These identifiers include brand name, Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)— such as a Universal Purchase Code (UPC) or International Standard Book Number (ISBN)— and Manufacturer Part Number (MPN).

eBay requires these identifiers in many categories. They make it easy for shoppers to find your items on eBay and through external search engines. Find the entire list of qualifying and required categories here. Note that eBay does not currently require product identifiers for pre-owned, vintage, collectible, or one-of-a-kind items.

Help shoppers find your items

When you include product identifiers, you give your listing

  • Better reach in search engines, which look for information within product identifiers.
  • Increased visibility in eBay Deals and other promotions.
  • More robust listing info and item specifics.
  • More exact pricing guidance as you create your listing.
  • Trending price alert when similar items are selling for a higher price than your own.

By matching your item with a product from the eBay catalog, the product identifiers for your item will be included automatically.

Use eBay's bulk listing and editing tool to update your listings now with product identifiers to take advantage of increased search visibility.

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