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Maximize Visibility

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  • Maximize your position in Best Match

    Follow basic listing best practices and use the tips below.

    Make sure your listing is complete. Include clear images, item specifics, and clear descriptions with accurate keywords.

    Optimize your listings for sales. Use the free Listing Analytics tool to fine-tune your fixed price listings.

    Offer great customer service and qualify for Top Rated Plus. Consider offering free shipping, returns within 30 days with a money back option, same business day or one business day handling, and an expedited shipping option.

    All Top Rated Sellers are eligible to receive a $30 credit each quarter that can be used to promote your listings on eBay.

  • Increase the visibility of your listings with promoted listings

    Promoted listings can help boost your inventory's visibility by up to 30%† with premium placements on many of eBay's most-viewed pages, including prominent positions in View Item pages and eBay search results. Learn more

  • Write detailed item descriptions

    Improve your seller rating by accurately describing the condition of your items.

    • Categorize your item. Always list your item in the relevant category or categories. In most cases, there is only one appropriate category.
    • Craft an effective title. Include important keywords like the brand name, size, or other descriptors that a buyer might look for.
    • Use subtitles. They can provide buyers with more detail and item specifics.
    • Write accurate descriptions. Include the brand, style, and model number. And describe any flaws.
  • Optimize listings for search

    Attract a world of online shoppers through their favorite search engines using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

    • Use relevant keywords. Begin your listing titles and item descriptions with words buyers are most likely to use. Include relevant brand names in your Store description and when naming custom categories. Create full sentences when you can and be specific.
    • Include unique identifiers. Include Universal Product Codes (UPCs), European Article Numbers (EANs), or International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs), and the item's brand name and Manufacturer's Part Number (MPN).
  • Optimize for mobile

    With more buyers shopping directly from their smartphones and tablets every year, the eBay mobile app is a great way to market your items to your on-the-go customers. As your connection to millions of buyers, the app lets you list in a matter of minutes. Listing is simple, straightforward, and convenient.

  • Price your items right

    To set an optimal price:

    • Determine your item's value. Use Advanced Search, and select 'Sold Listings.'
    • Price competitively. Buyers often search for items that have a low combined price and shipping charge.
    • Make it easy to find. Best Match is determined by combining the listing price and the shipping fee.
    • Set a reserve price (auction-style listings only). Price your items low to increase search visibility and set a reserve, so you get fair value for the item you're selling.

Increase Sales

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  • Consider an eBay Store or upgrade your existing Store

    Get more free listings, lower final value fees, coupons for eBay-branded shipping supplies, and powerful marketing tools with an eBay Stores subscription. Anchor Store subscribers may be eligible to receive credits for promoted listings and dedicated customer support. With no risk to list, subscription-based pricing lets you choose the pricing structure that works best for the way you sell.

  • Create a markdown sale event with Promotions Manager

    Promotions Manager lets you create markdown sales events that are seasonal, for specific holidays, for specific categories, or just to clear out inventory. It also lets you create and view scheduled, active, and inactive sales within your Store. You can even schedule sales for a later date, or reschedule them once they're over.

  • Sell internationally the easy way

    The Global Shipping Program gives you a safe, no-hassle way to reach millions of buyers around the world without the worry of international shipping. When an item sells, you just ship it to the US shipping center and the program takes care of the rest. All customs forms and import charges are handled for you, and the item is sent quickly, complete with international tracking.

Track Your Success

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  • Check your seller dashboard frequently

    Your seller dashboard in My eBay helps you maintain excellent customer service by monitoring your progress as a seller. At a glance, you can:

    • See your current status and how you're trending
    • Get timely alerts when you need to take action
    • Get recommendations and personalized coaching to help you improve
  • View eBay sales reports for sales updates

    Your reports contain valuable information for tracking your performance and understanding your business. To see your Sales Reports:

    • Go to My eBay. You may need to sign in.
      • Place your pointer over the Account tab, and then click the Sales Reports link.
  • Get average selling prices with Terapeak

    Turn knowledge into profit. Subscribe to Marketplace Research by Terapeak and:

    • Determine the market value (average selling price) of products you plan to sell
      • Find the best performing keywords and categories for your titles and listings
      • Track products to gauge seasonal demand
      • Monitor your competition
      • Determine the most effective formats and upgrades to help sell specific products.
  • Find previous selling prices with eBay advanced search

    See how your items have performed on eBay prior to your listings. Use Advanced Search to help you get a complete picture of your market before you set pricing.

    Make sure your listing is complete. Listings that are missing information (images, item specifics, or descriptions), feature blurry photos, or have titles or descriptions filled with irrelevant words are at a disadvantage compared to other listings.

    Optimize your listings for clicks and sales. The popularity of your items with buyers is an important factor in ranking. Use the free Listing Analytics tool to fine-tune your fixed price listings.

    Offer great customer service and qualify for Top Rated Plus. Consider offering free shipping, returns within 14 days with a money back option, same business day or one business day handling, and an expedited shipping option. Offer as many of these services as you can to make your items stand out.

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Keep Sold out Listings Active

Introducing out-of-stock option Free for all your Good 'Til Cancelled listings, this new feature on My eBay is designed to safeguard your hard-earned seller status. When you apply the out-of-stock option, buyers will only see in-stock listings, helping you avoid having to cancel a transaction.

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†Based on data from May through June, 2016. Measured on 40,000 listings that had sales before they were promoted and had promoted listing sales after they were promoted.