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Invoices are monthly statements of the billing activity on your seller’s account. They summarize your account activity, show you the new amount due, and provide details for the payments, refunds, discounts, credits, and fees that were applied to your account during the billing cycle.
•  An invoice is generated for you once a month. When your invoice is available, we’ll notify you by email (either at the beginning of the month or on the 16th, depending on your billing cycle). This email will include your amount due.
•  If the amount due is greater than $1.00, the balance is automatically deducted from the automatic payment method you have on file.
•  If your account had a balance due of less than $1.00 and no payments, adjustments, or credits were applied, an invoice won’t be generated.
•  If you’re an advanced user who sells a large number of items, you might consider changing your invoice format. By switching to the Summary HTML format, you’ll get a shorter, summarized version of your invoice.

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