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Basic SEO on eBay

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Do's & Dont's

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Search Engine Optimization Do's & Don'ts  
  1. Identify primary keywords and consistently use them throughout your SEO efforts
  2. Write content on all available pages, such as listing descriptions, About Me pages, Custom pages and Reviews & Guides
  3. Use catalogs and provide unique, supplementary content
  4. Use formatting (H1 headers, bold, font size) to emphasize certain words or phrases
  5. Pay particular attention to keywords in URL structures
  6. Provide meta tags (page titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords)
  7. Use Alt tags whenever you have images
  8. Create links - this includes links in content, custom categories, etc.
  9. Encourage external linking and bookmarking
  10. Submit your site and pages to search engines when possible

  1. Don’t duplicate content
  2. Don’t hide text on a page or embed all text into graphics or images
  3. Avoid splash pages with Flash and heavy graphic introductions. Keep your most valuable content upfront and in text.
  4. Don’t include keywords in your meta tags that are not present in your content
  5. Avoid spamming or unnaturally using the same keywords in your meta tags or content
  6. Don’t use the same title tags across all pages
  7. Don’t use redirects as much as possible. If you have to use one, use a 301 permanent redirect
  8. Avoid link farms, or sites that simply link to numerous other sites, as most search engines interpret them as spam.
  9. Avoid JavaScript when possible.
  10. Avoid frames as they’re too complex for crawlers and too cumbersome to index

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