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Optimize your ProStore  
In addition to all the basic SEO techniques, ProStores owners can:
  • Create categories that represent the breadth of products they offer, and link to those categories.
  • Customize meta keywords for their ProStores products.
    This feature can be found in the Store Administration page. Just select 'List' (under 'Product') to have all available products appear. Click on any item and then simply click on the Keywords button at the top of your page. You can now enter relevant keywords to help increase traffic to your ProStore.

    After completing this, click 'Return to Product' and then click on 'Update' button. If you expand the Search Engine Tuning section, you will see the keywords you entered on the keywords page. Note that you can also update this information with the import feature.
  • Include top searched keywords in product names. By default, ProStores generates meta keywords for each product by taking the assigned product name.
  • Use the Search Engine Optimization Manager to create key storefront URLs that contain important keywords.
    The SEO Manager can also be found in the Store Administration page. Just select 'Market Demand' (under 'Product') and then select 'SEO'. Clicking on the Search Engine Options will trigger page URLs to be built in a format more natural search-'friendly'.

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