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Discover the world of bears for play or collecting - stuffed black bears, plush brown bears, furry grizzly bears, cute koala bears, and more on eBay. Plush, huggable versions of these creatures range from antique bears to new artist offerings. Collectible bears such as Ty beanie bears, Steiff bears, Boyds, Care Bears, and Muffy are on eBay too. Looking for your favorite furry childhood friend? Stroll down memory lane with Baloo, Paddington, or Winnie the Pooh. Rediscover our fun bear characters in classic animated children's or kids books. Introduce your child to Goldilocks and the 3 bears, share a laugh with Yogi Bear, or teach safety tips with help from Smokey the Bear. For the "beary athletic," shop for sports-themed items (think "da bears" of Chicago and the Cal Bears). Serious bear lovers take note: National Geographic magazines, videos, and wildlife books make great additions to an entertainment library. Curl up with them while you're munching on - what else -- gummy bears!
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