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Period Paper
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They are now expanding into a 2,000-square-foot facility moving their home and business to Wisconsin. "The beauty of an eBay business is you can do it anywhere, with no interruption in business. We're moving closer to family, and the new facility will accommodate the new product lines we have planned, which will require a lot more storage space. We'll be working with local artists to create one-of-a-kind, high-end pieces using original art, as well as notecards, calendars, coasters and gift items made from digital reproductions of art we have archived over the years." Troy and Sarah are successful by any definition, but their eBay Store "is a culmination of a dream," says Sarah. "It started with rough ideas jotted down on Post-it notes displayed on our living room wall, and now it's more successful than we could have imagined. The last five months have been extraordinary for us-our upcoming move to a larger facility, major plans for updates to our Store, product line expansion, and incredible new opportunities for growth-all thanks to our eBay Store. We feel blessed to run a business that sustains and brings our family together, allows a flexible lifestyle, contributes to charitable organizations." And for Troy and Sarah, that's what real success is.

Troy's and Sarah's tips for success
"Having an eBay Store is a great way to tap into opportunity," says Troy. Here are Period Paper's tips for new eBay Store sellers.

• Use Custom Pages. Capture canned searches to help your buyers navigate your site easier while marketing your unique product lines.
• Differentiate through branding You must stand out. "Tap into why your buyers come to your site. For us, it's nostalgia, and that's what our branding evokes."
• Use the Best Offer feature. This listing feature works best for one-of-a-kind or rare items. "With Best Offer, you can start a conversation with customers," says Troy.
• Attract new customers with Markdown Manager. "It's a great way to offer discounts and attract a new customer base to your business."
• Build relationships with your customers. "Use powerful eBay tools like Promotion Boxes, E-mail Newsletters, and your About Me page to establish a more personal relationship with your customers -key to most winning business strategies."
• Attend eBay Live! "You'll get hands-on advice from eBay experts and witness first hand the care and interest eBay employees have for the eBay Community of buyers and sellers."
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