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Card Grading Companies
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eBay is the largest market of sports cards in the world, with often more than 350,000 listings live on the site at any given time. A card, pack, box, case, set or lot gets bought/sold on eBay every 3 seconds.

With so many transactions, eBay has become the premier market for sports cards. Given the unique stranger-to-stranger nature of the eBay marketplace eBay has become especially well known for buying and selling graded cards.

About Card Grading
Card grading involves evaluating the authenticity and overall condition of a given card. Once graded, cards are sealed in a tamper-proof holder with the card's pertinent information (year, card #, manufacturer, grade) sealed inside the top of the holder. Card-buyers benefit from grading due to assurances of quality, while sellers achieve fairer market prices based on the third party credential of the grade.

Typically single cards are graded, but more recently grading has expanded into unopened packs, ticket stubs and other interesting product types.

Card Grading Companies
Card grading has exploded over the past ten years. There are a handful of well-known grading companies - each with its own areas of expertise. Learn more about these card grading companies and click on links to search for cards that have been graded by these graders.

Tips for Buyers
Here are some tips to help you be smart and get yourself educated about buying sports cards on eBay. Click here for tips for buyers.

Tips for Sellers
As a seller of sports cards on eBay, there are many things you can do to ensure that your items fetch the best possible prices. Click here for tips for sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Have more questions? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about buying and selling sports cards on eBay.

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