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Welcome to the Video Game System Selling Zone  

Whether it's the PlayStation 2 in your closet or the Game Boy Advance you outgrew, you can turn your used video game systems into cash! The Video Game System Selling Zone makes it easier than ever for you to get market value for your old handheld systems and game consoles.

Use the helpful links below to find out how much your system is worth, how to list it on eBay and how to ship it. If you don't feel like doing this yourself, you can always have one of our partners sell it for you. Either way, it's easy money!

Please note: As always, if you wish to sell the item yourself, you must be registered to sell on eBay. If you are not, or if you're not sure, click here.

How Much Can I Get?
Type in the name of your system to see how much it sold for recently on eBay.


What about Shipping?
What does it cost to ship my system? How much should I charge? Get shipping info here.

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Find a custom kit to safely ship your video game system.

Fast cash trade-in
Get an instant quote for your video game system and free pre-paid shipping to a trade-in center.

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Drop your game system at a trading assistant and receive a check in the mail.

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