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Selling Manager (FREE)

Easily track and manage sales right in My eBay with Selling Manager. Monitor your active listings, create email templates, leave feedback, print invoices and shipping labels, and automatically relist items in bulk.

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Selling Manager Pro

Automate, improve, and streamline high-volume sales. Manage listings, sales inventory, feedback, and customer emails in bulk. Plus,
use the Listing Designer feature
for free! Selling Manager Pro
(reg. $15.00/month) is free with
Premium and Anchor Stores.

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Customize Your Selling Tools

Once you're subscribed to Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro, click the “Applications” tab in
My eBay to browse the Selling applications directory. A wide range of applications are available to help you sell more efficiently and stay competitive. You'll find research and reporting tools, finance and accounting applications, and more.

Track and analyze your sales

Sales Reports Plus

Sales Reports Plus offers a free and comprehensive view of your sales numbers.

Your Sales Summary

Your Sales by Category(and Format)

Your Sales by Format

Your Fees Summary

Look at your sales over a period of time.

  • Total sales
  • Ended listings and items
  • Successful items (number and percentage)
  • Average sale price per item

See sales trends by lowest level category.

  • Total sales
  • Ended items
  • Successful items (number and percentage)
  • Average sale price per item

Compare your fixed price and auction-style listings.

  • Percentage of sales in fixed price and auction-style over a period of time
  • Key performance metrics by format

Get a summary of your fees during a specific time period.

  • eBay fees
  • Insertion fees
  • Feature fees
  • Final value fees
  • Subscription fees
  • PayPal fees

Additional eBay Tool

Seller Dashboard

A personalized Seller Dashboard is available to all sellers with 10 or more Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) within the last 12 months. Use it to track your DSRs, see your seller performance standing, and manage your business.

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