Explore the different ways you can promote your Store

On eBay

Promoting your store on eBay

  • Billboard image

    Padding a billboard image is a great way to promote your brand, your products, or limited-time offers and promotions. If you want to show a variety of products, you can create a collage that's a single image and place that in your billboard. Change your billboard as often as you want.

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  • Store description

    Help buyers learn more about you! Describe your business, your product theme, or Store policies.

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  • Featured listings

    Featured listings are a great way to showcase your select inventory. You can set your Store to feature listings that are ending soonest or are newly listed, or you can handpick what you feature.

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Off eBay

Promoting Your Store Off eBay

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important and cost-effective way of driving buyers to your Store? listings. Listed above are top tips that you should follow as you are setting up your eBay Store.

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Email Marketing Campaigns

Create an email newsletter campaign that drives traffic to your Store.

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Search Engine Keyword Management

Customize Search Engine Keywords in Manage My Store to improve your Store page rankings in search engines.

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On social media

Promoting Your Store on SOCIAL MEDIA

Using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs, your business can connect with hundreds of current and potential customers. Here are some dos and don?s for using social media to reach new customers, celebrate existing ones, and build brand loyalty.

Showcase your inventory and
build sales by attracting followers

The best way to market your inventory and drive more sales with eBay? new functionality is to grow your number of followers. To build a following, create both inspiring collections and a great profile, and follow others—other members, collections, and interests—that inspire you.

Do stay true to your brand voice

Determine what your brand sounds like early on and keep your voice consistent. It can be helpful to think of your brand as a person: does it sound like a professor or a comedian? A best friend or a trusted advisor? Whatever the case may be, staying true to your brand voice allows customers to connect with your business and its core values.

Do make it a conversation

The emphasis on ?ocial?in social media means that it? not enough to just post the occasional update. As part of a social community, large or small, sharing other people? content, retweeting, and responding to comments can be as crucial as what you post yourself.

Do post relevant and engaging content

Instead of concentrating on selling your products in every post, focus on providing value to your followers—by anticipating their needs, entertaining them, enlightening them with compelling information, and giving them something to engage with. Of course, if one of your products directly relates to what you are posting, then so much the better.

Do offer promotions and discounts

Rewarding your followers with promotions and discounts is a great way to provide them with value for subscribing to your content. You can offer a coupon code for your customers on Facebook or an incentive to get people to retweet your posts. For example: ?heck out the new items in our eBay Store. RT for 5% off on new arrivals.?You can also create promotional contests through your blog or on YouTube.

Do cross-promote social media channels

Customers should be able to find your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other accounts easily from each other.

Don? be controversial

The lightning-quick nature of social media ensures that any slip-ups online can be shared instantly. As a general rule, avoid posting personal views on topics like religion, politics, and individual choices that may upset your target market or the public at large. A controversial comment or post could potentially damage the reputation of your business.

Don? ignore negative comments

Respond to negative feedback as quickly and directly as possible. Ignoring or deleting negative comments makes you appear disinterested or like you have something to hide and could potentially cause more criticism. A courteous response showing that you are open to handling complaints goes a long way.

Don? over-do it

While having an active presence on social media is important, we recommend posting no more than once or twice a day on Facebook, and tweeting no more than two or three times a day on Twitter. Above all, make sure that the quality of your posts takes precedence over quantity. No one appreciates a feed that? cluttered with junk.


Put social media to work

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