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Free shipping and fast delivery are often the final consideration for buyers when deciding to purchase. Make sure your listings stand out with these easy tips.

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Convert to Fast ‘N Free and increase sales up to 11%*

eBay Fast 'N Free helps drive sales by giving buyers a more accurate estimated delivery date and reinforcing the value of your great service. In fact, listings with the Fast 'N Free logo have shown up to an 11% increase in sales. So take the steps now to make sure the Fast 'N Free logo appears on as many of your listings as possible.

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Offer shipping discounts to boost your order size

When buyers see you offer free shipping on orders of a certain size or price, they’re more likely to add items to their cart—and that’s great news for you. Give your sales an added boost by setting your Combined Payments and Shipping Discounts preferences in My eBay, then be sure to apply them every time you list.

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Keep customers happy with 1-day/same-day handling

Strive to ship quickly. It’s not just excellent customer service and a great way to win new sales—it’s a cornerstone of protection for you as a seller. Every time you offer 1-day or shorter handling and tracking data shows your shipment arrived in four business days or less, you'll earn an automatic 5-star rating for ship time.

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Extra shipping tips and resources


Read answers to frequently asked questions about eBay labels.

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Get special eBay discounts from USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

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Follow shipping best practices

Boost your sales and ratings, and lower your costs.

eBay labels

From My eBay you can pay for discounted postage, print shipping labels, and upload tracking.

Create multiple USPS shipping labels

Print up to 50 USPS shipping labels at once.

Try the Shipping Calculator

Estimate shipping costs with ease.

Order Flat Rate Boxes

Get FREE eBay and USPS co-branded Flat Rate boxes sent right to your home.

Get automatic 5-star ratings for shipping

Boost your shipping DSRs and lower your shipping costs with these best practices.

Fast ‘N Free

See how offering Fast ‘N Free shipping can increase your sales and improve your seller rating.

Top stars and more sales

Offer Fast ‘N Free shipping: You’ll get an automatic 5-star seller rating on shipping and handling and you could increase sales by 11%.

Get guidance as you go

The latest eBay mobile app gives you suggestions for which shipping method to use and how much it will cost.