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turbo lister Turbo Lister FAQs
What is Turbo Lister?
Turbo Lister is an offline program, which you would install to your computer, through which you can create and save items to be listed to the eBay site at a later time or right away. It has functions for creating and editing items in bulk, revising or ending active listings, relist and sell similar and can upload any number of items at a time to the eBay site to be listed as active. The program also supports importing from the eBay site and from Excel files, for ease in transferring data.
How do I get Turbo Lister?
The Turbo Lister program can be downloaded from the eBay site at any time, from the "Download Now" link here:
How much does Turbo Lister cost?
Turbo Lister itself is free to use and to download, however, as a seller you would still be responsible for any fees associated with listing or selling your item on the eBay site.
What do I need to use Turbo Lister?
The requirements to run Turbo Lister are as follows:
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista
  • Pentium II and above
  • At least 250 MB free disk space, more than 500 MB recommended
  • RAM: 128 MB, more than 256 MB recommended
  • Internet Explorer v5.5 or later installed
Will Turbo Lister run on Windows 98, ME, or Vista?
Turbo Lister currently does not support the Windows 98 or Me operating systems, however Vista is supported.
Can I get Turbo Lister for a Macintosh?
Currently, Turbo Lister does not support Macintosh, but we are constantly evauating the demand for a Mac supported tool. In the meantime, check our Solutions directory here for third party options:
Will I be able to create Store format listings with Turbo Lister?
Store Inventory format listings are fully supported in Turbo Lister, provided you are currently subscribed to an eBay Store. If you do not see the Store options in the program immediately, check for Turbo Lister updates to get Store support added to your Turbo Lister.
How do I add a counter or eBay Picture Services upgrades like Picture Pack?
These options are all found within the Description Builder found within the Create/Edit item pages within Turbo Lister. When creating or editing an item, click the "Description Builder" button next to the Description field, and in the window that opens, you should see the counter options near the bottom of the Design View or HTML View (you may need to scroll down) and the EPS options on the left.
I can’t find the Best Offer option, where is it?
The Best Offer option will appear in the "Selling Format" section of the Create/Edit item pages. If the option does not appear, that would indicate that one of the options required to support Best Offer have not been selected. Choose your format (Fixed or Store Inventory format support Best Offer) then choose your category. If your category supports Best Offer, the option will appear.
How many user profiles can I set up within Turbo Lister?
There is no limit to the number of profiles that can be used within Turbo Lister. The profiles may also be for the same or different eBay users.
How do I create a backup of my data?
To create a backup of your Turbo Lister data, just open your profile and follow the prompts after clicking "File > Backup Database". Keep in mind that the backup is unique to the profile selected, so if you have multiple profiles, you will want to create a separate backup for each one.
How do I check that my version of Turbo Lister is current and up to date?
To check for any available updates to your copy of Turbo Lister, just open the program and click "Tools > Check for Program Updates".
If I want to transfer my data to a new user profile, how do I do that?
There are two methods that could be used to transfer your data to a new user profile. First, the backup can be used. Create a backup, then switch to your other profile (File > Change User) and Restore that backup by clicking "File > Restore Database". You may be prompted to enter the password you were using at the time the backup was created.

Alternately, you can transfer through the Export/Import options. Highlight the items you would like to transfer, then click "File > Export Selected Items" and choose "Turbo Lister Format". In the new profile, click "File > Import > From File" to import that file of your items.

What is Synchronizing?
The Synchronization option connects Turbo Lister to the eBay site to refresh data both in the Listing Activity of Turbo Lister and in your listings on eBay so the information in the two locations match. Changes that you have made within Turbo Lister, such as revisions, addition of My eBay notes or ending listings will be sent to eBay to be performed there. Changes to your data on eBay will be brought back to Turbo Lister at the same time, such as new bid data, new sales or revisions made from the eBay site.
How do I revise my active listings using Turbo Lister?
To revise active listings, first go to the Listing Activity section of Turbo Lister, then select your Active Listings folder. From there, edit any of your records to make the changes you would like to perform on eBay. Any record can be edited by highlighting and clicking "Edit" at the top of the Turbo Lister window or by double clicking on the record. Once the edit is complete and saved, you should see a "Pending Revisions" flag next to your record. When you next Synchronize your data, the revision will take place on the eBay site.
I need to change a detail in the description of all of my listings. How can I do this?
The Search and Replace option within Turbo Lister allows you to quickly modify data in your Title, Description or Custom Label. To use this, first, click the magnifying glass button in the upper right of the Turbo Lister window. This will open the search menu. Select "Search and Replace" and in the window that opens, enter your search as well as the replacement text (if you would like to replace with nothing, just leave the Replace field blank).
How do I move my items from Activity Log or Listing Activity into the Inventory tab?
To move items from the Listing Activity area to the Inventory area, click on the words "Listing Activity" on the left side of your Turbo Lister screen. Go into the view where your items are located and highlight the items that you want to move. You can do this by holding CTRL while clicking on each of the items. Next, move your cursor over the word "Inventory" on the left side of your screen. Keep it there until the Inventory section expands. Move your cursor over the "My Items" folder.
Will items that I relist through Turbo Lister be eligible for the free relist credit?
Any items submitted as relists through Turbo Lister will be eligible for the free relist credit, if they meet the regular requirements for that offer. To relist through Turbo Lister, go to the Listing Activity and from the Scheduled or Active folder, select the items to relist and click the "Relist" button there. This will add a copy of that item to the Waiting To Upload, from which you can send the items to eBay as relists.
I just changed my password on eBay, and now Turbo Lister won't connect to eBay. What do I do to fix it?
For Turbo Lister version 6.5 and higher, if you change your password on eBay, you will not be required to change it in Turbo Lister (as long as you don't use password protection). If you work in Turbo Lister with password protection you will have to enter your new password the next time you sign in.
How do I get help for my Turbo Lister?
For help with your Turbo Lister, the best option is to use the contact link within the program itself. Just click "Help > Contact Customer Support". Otherwise, email and live chat support is available from the eBay site. The email contact can be found under the Help pages, click "Help > Contact Us" and then select "Selling and Managing your item" to find the option for "Tools and Subscriptions for sellers (Turbo Lister, Blackthorne, etc.)

If you would like to reach out to us via phone for additional support, please click the Customer Support option in the upper right of the eBay website and then click the Contact eBay Tab. From there, place your mouse on Selling and then click Selling Tools. You can then click the Call Us link on the right to reach the department that can transfer you to Seller Tools Support. We are open from 7am - 5pm PST, 7 Days a Week.

Sign in to Turbo Lister with "authentication and authorization"

What is "authentication and authorization"?
For added security protection, eBay has implemented a new sign-in process for the first time you use Turbo Lister versions 6.5 and higher. (To find the version number in Turbo Lister, click the "Help" link and choose "About Turbo Lister."

With the new sign-in process, you will be directed to the eBay site to sign in the first time you use Turbo Lister 6.5 or higher.

This new sign-in process, called "authentication and authorization," adds an extra layer of security to Turbo Lister. Combined with other changes, it provides more effective security against fraudulent attacks.
How do I sign in with authentication and authorization?
Authentication and authorization occurs the first time you connect to your eBay site from Turbo Lister. Turbo Lister will connect to eBay (you have to be online for this) and verify your username and password (authentication). Next, Turbo Lister grants you appropriate privileges (authorization) to perform management functions. To use authentication and authorization, follow these steps:
  1. Be sure that you are online.
  2. Open Turbo Lister. You might be asked to enter your user ID.
  3. When Turbo Lister connects to eBay, enter your user ID and password, and then click "Sign In Securely."
  4. Read the " - Turbo Lister Authorization" agreement. When you are finished, click "I agree."
  5. The "Contact Information" dialog box opens. Verify your contact information, and then click "Next."
  6. In the "Getting Started" dialog box, select "Synchronize data with eBay" or "Create a new item," and then click "Finish."
How often do I have to perform this process?
The encrypted security code is valid for 18 months. After you have been authenticated and authorized, you can add, modify, or delete user files for your eBay listings. You won't be required to repeat this process the next time you sign in to Turbo Lister. However, if you uninstall and reinstall Turbo Lister you will be asked to go through the process again.
How can I make Turbo Lister password protected at every sign-in?
For increased security, you can add password protection to your Turbo Lister user files after you have completed authentication and authorization. Password protection requires Turbo Lister users to enter their user ID and password each time they sign in to Turbo Lister. After you sign in, follow these steps:
  1. If you plan to password protect the user ID you are signed in with, proceed to Step 2. If you want to protect a different user ID, select "File > Change User" and then select the user ID you want to protect
  2. Enter the password and click OK.
  3. Select "Tool > Options > Advanced Options > Turbo Lister Options."
  4. Click "Enable Password Protection," and then click OK.
Does authentication and authorization apply to every user of my Turbo Lister application?
If you add a new user to your Turbo Lister application, the new user will also need to go through the authentication and authorization process. To add a new user, follow these steps:
  1. Choose "File > New > User File."
  2. Select "Set up a new Turbo Lister File" and then click "Next."
  3. Enter your user ID and then click "Next."
  4. Turbo Lister will connect to eBay and you will be asked to sign in with your user ID and password.
  5. Read the " - Turbo Lister Authorization" agreement. When you are finished, click "I agree."
  6. The "Contact Information" dialog box opens. Verify your contact information, and then click "Next."
Note that if you do not turn on password protection, Turbo Lister will always open for the user ID you last signed in with. The user ID you are signed in with is displayed in the lower-right corner.
Can I sign in as the same user from different computers?
You can work with the same user account from different computers.
What happens if I change my eBay password?
If you change your password on eBay, you will not be required to change it in Turbo Lister 6.5 and higher, as long as you choose to work in Turbo Lister without password protection. If you work in Turbo Lister with password protection you will need to enter your new password the next time you sign in.
What happens if I change my eBay user ID?
If you change your user ID on eBay , you also will need to change it in Turbo Lister. Your Turbo Lister user ID must always match your eBay user ID. If you want to change your user ID, always change it first on eBay, and then in Turbo Lister. To change your user ID in Turbo Lister, follow these steps:
  1. Select "Tools > Personal Information > User Account."
  2. Enter your new user ID.
  3. Click OK.