Best Practices

Top-rated seller has made buyer satisfaction an art form

Buyers searching for one-of-a-kind fine jewelry revere lynnartsinc for its exceptional customer service—a business practice that's truly genuine.

Jewelry wholesaler lynnartsinc has achieved eBay Top-rated seller status by making buyer satisfaction their top priority. With little to no instances of low (1's and 2's) detailed seller ratings (DSRs) and perfect Feedback, lynnartsinc's founder and certified gemologist Lynn Vizzacco credits the joy she gets from interacting with her buyers for her success.

"I feel you have to love what you do to be good at what you do, and I love selling on eBay. I'm proud to say I maintain a family-like atmosphere with my buyers, so going above and beyond to keep my buyers happy comes natural. And happy buyers will return to the seller they trust most for their future purchases."

One recent example of Lynn's astounding approach to customer service occurred when she received an incorrect zip code before shipping an item. Of course, the item went to the wrong address. Lynn knew how important it was for the buyer to get the item on a specific date. So after numerous hours of phone calls to post offices around the country, she was able to track the package down, send it overnight and get it to the buyer in time.

Before becoming an eBay seller in 2006, Lynn owned and operated a fine arts gallery which featured and promoted some of today's most talented artists. Unfortunately, as the economy worsened in the late 80s, she was forced to close the gallery.

"After closing the gallery, I took a year off to plan a new direction. Since my kids were already using eBay, I decided to give it a try. This was one of the best decisions of my life. What's great about eBay is that I've met so many people I never thought I would meet."

Although selling fine jewelry is Lynn's bread and butter, she also sells fine art such as glass and pottery on eBay. In fact, Lynn relies on her fine arts background when interacting with potential buyers.

"Ultimately, buyers must be satisfied with their purchase. And having sold art for so many years, I understand it's sometimes important for customers to personally touch and see the jewelry. That's why I have a 'no questions asked' return policy. If it's not exactly what you wanted, send it back. I'll even pay for the return shipping."

Giving customers the best buyer experience possible applies to every aspect of the transaction. Lynn offers a variety of price ranges to ensure something for everyone. Also, she will gift wrap your item, re-size if necessary, and answer any questions whether you're a buyer or not.
"I feel you have to love what you do to be good at what you do, and I love selling on eBay."

Future looks dazzling
Lynn expects a great start for 2010 since January and February are peak selling months. She also plans on expanding lynnartsinc's inventory and opening an eBay Store.