Enhancements to multi-variation listings

Sell more, sell faster!
Selling different variations of an item—for example, a shirt available in different colors and sizes—in one multi-variation Fixed Price listing saves you money on fees, makes listing faster and easier, and encourages buyers to buy more. For sellers, those listings will be even more powerful and easier to use. You can show buyers more details of your multi-variation items on the search results page, letting them know right away they’ll find what they’re looking for when they click on your listing.


This summer, eBay will use even more item specifics from your multi-variation listings to help buyers locate the items they’re looking for. Buyers will begin to see more details about your listing in search results such as your price range and available color options. When buyers search for items and specify a color, they’ll see only the pictures that correspond to that color.

Enhancements coming in October will give you more listing options:
  • Specify related variation details (Size/ Size Type and Color/Shade) to help match your relevant multi-variation listings to more buyer searches.
  • Rename existing variations in active listings, for example, if your listing includes Size 14, you can change it to include Women’s Size 14—even if those listings had a sale.
  • Bulk-edit price and quantity in your multi-variation listing—even if those listings have had a sale.
  • Easily add pictures for different variations.
  • Add a new variation to your active listings, even those with sales. For example, add material as a variation to listings that already include different colors or sizes.
Later this year, a new feature will be available to identify existing single-variation fashion listings and convert them to one multi-variation listing.

Get more information and best practices for using multi-variation listings.

Take Action

  • Include more item specifics in your multi-variation listings—even when they’re not required. It’s more important than ever to get your items found by interested buyers.
  • When listing items in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories that differ only by size and/or color, use a multi-variation listing to combine all inventory into one listing.
  • Starting in October, add the recommended related details such as “color” and “shade” to give buyers more of the information they need upfront to choose your listing.
  • As soon as the new feature is available, use it to combine your single variation Fashion listings into one multi-variation listing to help your visibility and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-variation Feature Enhancements
What are the benefits for using multi-variation listings?
  • Saves you time listing and managing multiple listings
  • Saves you listing fees
  • Helps you manage your inventory—add inventory and variations quickly and easily
  • Helps you sell more by encouraging cross-selling.
How will buyers know that my listing has multiple variations?
Starting in August, when buyers specify a color in their search query, they will see the item picture that corresponds to that color. For example, a search for “Men’s White Shirt” will display pictures of white shirts. Buyers will also see color tiles on both the Gallery and Listing Views that indicate what colors are available in the listing. And when variations differ in price, the buyers will see the price range.
What are the recommended variation details that I should include in my multi-variation listings?
We encourage you to include the following related variation details in your multi-variation listings where applicable:
  • Size Type – Size
  • Color – Shade

Remember, it’s important for you to include COLOR as an item specific to ensure buyers see your multi-variation listing when searching for items by color.
Will all of eBay’s tools support these updates to multi-variation listings?
At this time, to take advantage of these seller enhancements, you’ll need to list using eBay’s Sell Your Item tool.
What if I use a third party listing tool? Will I still be able to take advantage of these updates to the multi-variation listing flow?
We are working with our third party providers to provide them with the necessary information to make these updates for multi-variation listings. Please contact your third party partner directly for any questions and updates.
When and how can I include a new attribute on an active multi-variation listing?
In October, you can revise an existing active listing to include a new variation attribute and incorporate new listing variation attributes when relisting an ended listing. eBay’s Sell Your Item listing tool will support this action come October.
Are there any restrictions for renaming attributes on active listing(s)?
You can change the names of any existing seller-defined (custom) attributes. These new names need to comply with our existing naming rules—maximum length of 50 characters and no two attributes on the variation can have the same name. Names of eBay recommended attributes cannot be modified.

Coming Soon! New Feature to Combine Single Variation Listings into One Multi-variation Listing.
When combining single variation listings into one multi-variation listing, is it possible to have different time durations?
No. Only one duration can be set up for all variations of the same multi-variation listing.
Is it possible to convert Auction-style listings to multi-variation listings?
No. The tool to convert single variation listings into a multi-variation listing will be available for Fixed Price items only. You can always relist the Auction-style item as a multi-variation listing after the listing has ended naturally.