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Seller Checklist

Stay on top of seller updates and improvements
Checklist items with this symbol may require updates to your listings. To save time, try to consolidate these changes. See tips and tools to edit listings to find out how to make changes to your listings in bulk.

Starting Now

Update your return policy. You’ll have a competitive advantage for the holidays if you offer a money-back option and longer timeframe for returns—30 days is what most consumers expect. In 2012, the 3- and 7-day return options will be retired and a money-back option will be required whenever returns are accepted. Start updating your listings now.
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories sellers: Add items specifics to your listings. Brand, Style, Size Type, and Size will be required starting July 20 to complete a new listing or re-listing. But don’t wait. To stay abreast of the competition and boost your sales, add them now to your listings and listing templates using the eBay suggested values and get your listings in front of more buyers. Buyers are using them now as the default way to shop. Requirements vary by category—use the look-up table for details and exceptions.
Update your listing templates to remove email addresses and prohibited links. Starting October 1, new listings or re-listings with these elements will be blocked. If you use a Certified Provider to list on eBay, allow plenty of time to work with your provider before October 1 to ensure your listings will be fully compliant with this policy.
Specify shipping information (carrier and cost) for more international buyers. This will be required in mid-August for items to be eligible to appear in the main search results of Australia, Canada and the UK. Specifying shipping information sets buyer expectations, makes checkout faster and easier for your cross-border customers, and can also help your DSRs by setting buyer expectations for shipping costs.

In July

July 20: Clothing Shoes & Accessories sellers: Brand, Style, Size Type and Size are now required item specifics for all new and revised listings in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories categories. Required item specifics vary by category—use the look-up table to see requirements and exceptions.

In August

Start using the new item specifics values, available now, in Computers & Networking and Consumer Electronics.
August 5: Electronics sellers: Start today to list and relist items with a newly updated catalog in the following categories. Starting August 22, listing with catalog will be required in these categories when there's a product match:
  • Apple Laptops & Notebooks (Category #111422)
  • iPads & Tablets and eBook Readers (Category # 171485)
  • Apple Desktops (Category #111418)
  • Televisions (Category # 3320)
  • Routers (Category #s 44995, 11183, 61825 and 101270)
  • Printers (Category #s 178 and 25348)
  • Monitors (Category # 80053)
August 15: GPS sellers (category #156955): Start using the new tool available now to add your products to the eBay catalog quickly and easily. Starting September 15, listings not associated with the catalog cannot be completed.
Mid-August: Specifying shipping information on items you're making available to Australia, Canada and the UK is now required to help set buyer expectations up front. Later this year, these listings may appear in the main search results for these three countries.
August 22: Electronics sellers: Starting today, listing and re-listing in the following categories is required whenever there’s a product match:
  • Apple Laptops & Notebooks (Category #111422)
  • iPads & Tablets and eBook Readers (Category # 171485)
  • Apple Desktops (Category #111418)
  • Televisions (Category # 3320)
  • Routers (Category #s 44995, 11183, 61825 and 101270)
  • Printers (Category #s 178 and 25348)
  • Monitors (Category # 80053)
  • Hard Drives (Category #s 158830, 80042 and 56089)
  August 31: Buyer Protection cases opened before the buyer attempts to contact you that you acted promptly to resolve are no longer included toward your performance rating. As always, any case that is escalated and found in your favor will not affect your performance rating.
  Late August: Start using the new “money-back or exchange” option now available for your return policy.

In September

First week of September: Use all 80 characters now available for your listing titles to maximize your exposure in search results.
Early September: Ticket sellers: A new Tickets catalog replaces the old one. Existing Tickets categories will be replaced with new categories and category IDs:

Sports (Category ID: 173633)
Concerts (Category ID: 173634)
Theater (Category ID: 173635)
Other (Category ID: 1306)

Existing listings will be mapped to the new Tickets catalog if there is a matching event. List/relist your events with the catalog whenever there's an event match. You'll benefit from increased exposure in search results and save time when listing—most of the information required in your listing will be pre-filled with event details.

September 15: GPS sellers (category #156955): Listings of GPS devices cannot be completed unless they are associated with the eBay catalog. Start using the new tool available now for quickly and easily adding your products to the eBay catalog.
Mid-September: All tickets for a specific event will surface on an event page—including a selection of tickets available for purchase on StubHub. Buyers will now see an increase in the selection of event tickets when they come to eBay to shop.

In October

October 1: Listings that include email addresses and links that do not help buyer complete a transaction on eBay cannot be submitted. See the updated policy for more detailed information.

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