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Golf enthusiast uses his passion to fund his kids' future

When golfers need replacement clubs before a scheduled tee time, they count on fast shipping from louisbink, who makes selling on eBay a family affair.

Steve Binkley is a busy guy. He has a full-time job as a medical sales rep. He's raising two young boys, Connor (age 10) and Griffin (age 7) with his wife Kristi. He plays golf whenever he can. And he's a direct supplier of Jack Nicklaus golf clubs, which he sells exclusively on eBay.

"I enjoy my career. eBay is a hobby that fits right into my schedule and lifestyle," Steve replies when asked what he likes about selling. He also sees it as a way to plan for his family's future. "All of the money I make selling golf clubs or the occasional item from around the house goes straight into my boys' college funds."

Getting into the swing of things
Steve started selling on eBay in the summer of 1998. On eBay and in his eBay Store, Golden Bear Golf Clubs, buyers can typically find four varieties of wedges with different lofts, plus a few putters known for their feel. Customers appreciate that they can get a great product at a good price.

"Nicklaus isn't widely available at retail outlets, but it's relatively affordable and offers very high quality and performance for the money," explains Steve. "Some of my buyers are looking for the brand, and others discover it on eBay."

Even though Steve is only a part-time seller, his buyers wouldn't know it thanks to these brand new quality products combined with excellent customer service.

Customer service: Par for the course
As a golfer himself, Steve enjoys the camaraderie and connections he makes with buyers, both in the United States and internationally, having also sold to Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. He makes it a point to respond quickly to any questions they may have, often answering emails directly from his iPhone, responding within a day.
"Selling on eBay fits right into my schedule and lifestyle. I sell about 100 golf clubs per year and still have time to spend with my family, and, of course, golf."
- Steve Binkley
Understanding how important it is for buyers to have the right clubs when it's time to tee off, Steve places an emphasis on getting packages out the door fast. He typically uses 2-Day Priority Mail®, shipping the same day about 50% of the time, and always by the next day.

"I had a buyer confess that he wrapped his sand wedge around a tree in frustration," Steve shares anecdotally. "He purchased the replacement Wednesday evening and I made sure to ship it out to him the same night. The new wedge arrived Friday, in plenty of time for the buyer's Saturday tee time."

Getting the kids in on the action
Ensuring customers are cared for at all times, Kristi, a stay-at-home mom, steps in to handle the eBay business when Steve travels for work. Now that their boys are older, they pitch in to tape up boxes or help run shipments into the Post Office.

"I tell my kids they're helping to earn their way through college," says Steve. "It gives them a great sense of contributing."