Category Changes: Health & Beauty

October 2016: Health & Beauty

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Health & Beauty26395 
 -Bath & Body11838 
   Bar Soaps180924 
   Bath Bombs & Fizzies72759 
   Bath Brushes & Sponges74990 
   Bath Oils31751 
   Bath Salts67390 
   Bath Sets & Kits67391 
   Body Lotions & Moisturizers11841 
   Body Powders29581 
   Body Scrubs & Exfoliants31752 
   Body Sprays & Mists31753 
   Body Washes & Shower Gels31754 
   Bubble Baths31755 
   Deodorants & Antiperspirants29580 
   Hand Washes180918 
   Scar & Stretch Mark Reducers74994 
   Travel Bottles & Containers180925 
   Mixed Items29584 
   Other Bath & Body Supplies11837 
   Children's Fragrances159719 
   Men's Fragrances29585 
   Women's Fragrances11848 
   Unisex Fragrances112661 
 -Hair Care & Styling11854 
   Brushes & Combs11855 
   Hair Color31412 
   Hair Dryers11858 
  -Hair Extensions & Wigs182101 
    Hair Extensions175636 
    Wigs & Hairpieces175635 
    Wig & Extension Supplies175637Renamed from [Wigs & Extensions Supplies]
    Other Extensions & Wigs163581 
   Hair Loss Treatments31413 
   Hair Ties & Styling Accs82591 
   Medicated Hair Treatments109075 
   Relaxers & Straightening Prod177662 
   Rollers & Curlers36407 
   Shampoos & Conditioners177661 
   Shower Caps182100 
   Straightening & Curling Irons177659 
   Styling Products11860 
   Treatments, Oils & Protectors177660 
   Sets & Kits31788 
   Other Hair Care & Styling177658 
 -Health Care67588 
  -Ear Care180938 
    Ear Drops180939 
    Ear Plugs180940 
    Ear Wax Removers180941 
  -Feminine Hygiene180942 
    Feminine Hygiene Deodorants180943 
    Feminine Hygiene Washes180944 
    Menstrual Cups180945 
    Sanitary Napkins180947 
    Vaginal Moisturizers180949 
    Other Feminine Hygiene180950 
  -First Aid180931 
    Alcohol Prep Pads180932 
    Bandages, Gauze & Dressings75034 
    Kits & Bags75035 
    Ointments, Creams & Oils82592 
    Other First Aid11779 
   Foot Creams & Treatments36431 
   Hand Sanitizers177663 
  -Hot & Cold Therapies180951 
    Cold & Hot Packs & Wraps180952 
    Electric Heating Pads180953 
    Hot Water Bottles & Covers101406 
  -Over-the-Counter Medicine75036 
    Cold Sores159797 
    Cough, Cold & Flu75038 
    Digestion & Nausea75039 
    Pain & Fever Relief75040 
    Other OTC Medicine45206 
   Pill Boxes, Pill Cases75041 
  -Sexual Wellness176992 
    Body Enhancing Devices176993 
    Condoms & Contraceptives176994 
    Fertility Monitors & OPKs30118 
    Lubricants & Lotions176995 
    Pregnancy Tests36437 
    Fantasy, Fetish & Accessories176996 
    Sex Toys176997 
    Sexual Remedies & Supplements176998 
    Other Sexual Wellness176999 
  -Sleeping Aids82593 
    Chin Straps180934 
    Nasal Strips180936 
    Sleep Masks159799 
    Sleeping Pills180937 
    Sound Therapy82594 
    Other Sleeping Aids40101 
  -Smoking Cessation75042 
    Alternative Therapies75043 
    Gum & Lozenges75044 
    Other Smoking Cessation75047 
   Squeezable Stress Relievers180933 
   Other Health Care Supplies67589 
    Eyebrow Liner & Definition78089 
    Eye Shadow36865 
    Eye Shadow Primer172021 
    Eye Shadow/Liner Combination172022 
    False Eyelashes & Adhesives177664 
    Lash Growth & Conditioner172023 
    Other Eye Makeup172024 
    BB, CC & Alphabet Creams177665 
    Bronzers & Highlighters82596 
    Face Powder21021 
    Foundation Primer95216 
    Other Face Makeup172026 
    Lip Gloss31802 
    Lip Liner31803 
    Lip Plumper172029 
    Lip Stain172030 
    Lipstick Primer172031 
    Other Lip Makeup172028 
   Makeup Bags & Cases36413 
   Makeup Sets & Kits107956 
  -Makeup Tools & Accessories36409 
    Brush Cleaners159805 
    Eyelash Tools82599 
    Makeup Mirrors106256 
    Sponges, Applicators & Cotton159806 
    Other Makeup Tools & Accs159807 
   Mixed Makeup Lots11985 
   Other Makeup31811 
   Electric Massage Chairs36448 
   Linens & Covers180956 
   Massage Oils & Lotions36453 
   Massage Pillows & Bolsters101972 
   Massage Stones & Rocks67661 
   Massage Tables & Chairs36454 
   Other Massage Equipment & Accs19263 
 -Medical, Mobility & Disability11778 
  -Daily Living Aids182118 
    Assisted Washing Aids182119 
    Bidet & Toilet Tissue Aids182120 
    Dressing & Grooming Aids182121 
    Emergency Alert Systems159878 
    Incontinence Aids36440 
    Hearing Assistance37821 
    Kitchen & Dining Aids182122 
    Portable Urinals & Bed Pans182123 
    Reacher Grabbers159874 
    Work & Leisure Aids182124 
    Other Daily Living Aids182125 
   Inhalers & Nebulizers155667 
  -Mobility Furniture & Fixtures182113 
    Access Ramps75067 
    Bed & Chair Tables182114 
    Handles & Rails171537 
    Shower & Bath Seats129588 
    Steps & Stairs182115 
    Toilet Frames & Commodes171535 
    Toilet Seats171540 
    Transfer Boards & Benches182116 
    Other Accessibility Fixtures182117 
  -Mobility/Walking Equipment28175 
    Mobility Scooters75068 
    Stairlifts & Elevators75066 
    Walkers & Canes28176 
   -Parts & Accessories182126 
     Mobility Scooter Parts182128 
     Stairlift & Elevator Parts182129 
     Wheelchair Parts182130 
    Other Mobility Equipment28177 
  -Monitoring & Testing30115 
    Blood Pressure Monitoring75072 
    Cholesterol Testing159875 
   -Diabetic Aids72873 
     Glucose Monitors72874 
     Monitoring Kits72876 
     Test Strips72877 
     Other Diabetic Aids30117 
    Drug Testing159876 
    Other Medical Monitoring182131 
  -Orthopedics & Supports182132 
    Orthotics, Braces & Sleeves19264 
    Compression Garments182133 
    Insoles & Shoe Inserts182134 
    Seat & Posture Cushions182135 
    Wedges & Bed Positioners182136 
    Other Orthopedic Products182137 
   Other Mobility & Disability3193 
 -Nail Care, Manicure & Pedicure47945 
   Acrylic Powders & Liquids182105 
   Artificial Nail Tips112562 
   Cuticle Treatments82610 
   Electric Files & Tools178960 
   Fiberglass & Silk Wraps182107 
   Gel Nails178961Renamed from [Gel Polish]
   Hand & Nail Treatment Creams36432 
   Manicure/Pedicure Tools & Kits11872 
   Nail Airbrush Kits & Supplies178959 
   Nail Art Accessories107876 
   Nail Dryers & UV/LED Lamps67653 
   Nail Polish11873 
   Nail Polish Remover47940 
   Nail Practice & Display112563 
   Press-On Nails182108 
   Spas, Baths & Supplies36430 
   Storage & Empty Containers107965 
   Other Nail Care11870 
 -Natural & Alternative Remedies67659 
   Detox Pads159886 
   Electrotherapy Devices108002 
   Herbal Remedies & Resins180954 
   Homeopathic Remedies180955 
   Ion Foot Baths159879 
   Light Therapy Devices159881 
   Magnetic Therapy Devices11777 
   Neti Pots & Cleansers159882 
   Self Help Audiovisuals159880 
   Titanium Therapy Devices159885 
   Other Natural Remedies1279 
 -Oral Care31769 
   Electric Toothbrushes31770 
   Standard Toothbrushes67421 
   Air & Water Flossers30354 
   Children's Oral Care159757 
   Dental Floss & Flossers159758 
   Denture Care48080 
   Tongue Cleaners180267 
   Toothbrush Replacement Heads99654 
   Other Oral Care11843 
 -Salon & Spa Equipment177731 
   Backwash Units & Shampoo Bowls117338 
   Hair & Makeup Mannequins177732 
   Magnifying Lamps177733 
   Professional Facial Machines177734 
   Professional Styling Tools177735 
   Professional Waxing Warmers177736 
   Rolling Makeup Cases75053 
   Salon Chairs & Dryers177737 
   Scissors & Shears101915 
   Sterilizers & Towel Warmers177739 
   Styling Capes & Gowns96428 
   Stylist Stations & Furniture177738 
   Salon & Spa Supplies177740 
   Other Salon & Spa Equipment177741 
 -Shaving & Hair Removal31762 
   Aftershave & Pre-Shave47920 
   Clippers & Trimmers67408 
   Clipper & Trimmer Parts159789 
  -Electric Shavers180512 
    Men's Shavers11844 
    Women's Shavers106317 
    Shaver Parts & Accessories139844 
   Epilators & Electrolysis37802 
   Hair Removal Creams & Sprays47925 
   Laser Hair Removal & IPL159795 
  -Razors & Razor Blades179841 
    Men's Razors47921 
    Men's Razor Blades47931 
    Women's Razors178964 
    Women's Razor Blades178965 
   Shaving & Grooming Kits & Sets106315 
   Shaving Brushes & Mugs168191 
   Shaving Creams, Foams & Gels31763 
   Straight Razors159756 
   Waxing Supplies82565 
   Other Shaving & Hair Removal11840 
 -Skin Care11863 
   Acne & Blemish Treatments29618 
   Anti-Aging Products33164 
   Blotting Paper75006 
   Cleansers & Toners177765 
   Cotton Swabs182112 
   Exfoliators & Scrubs29582 
   Eye Treatments & Masks177764 
   Home Skin Care Devices177767 
   Lightening Cream40088 
   Lip Balm & Treatments36870 
   Makeup Remover172032 
   Masks & Peels21022 
   Microdermabrasion Tools101925 
   Night Treatments101926 
   Sets & Kits67500 
   Other Skin Care11862 
 -Sun Protection & Tanning31772 
   After Sun Skin Care74996 
   Airbrush Compressors & Guns180922 
   Airbrush Tanning Kits180921 
   Airbrush Tents180923 
   Sunless Tanning Products31773 
   Tanning Lamps, Bulbs50102 
   Tanning Beds & Booths50101 
   Tanning Body Stickers180919 
   Tanning Disposables180920 
   Tanning Lotion31776 
   Other Sun Protection & Tanning29583 
 -Tattoos & Body Art33914 
   Henna Paste & Powder60890 
   Piercing Supplies & Kits33916 
   Stencils & Accessories179277 
   Tattoo Complete Kits57589 
   Tattoo Flash33915 
   Tattoo Inks57586 
   Tattoo Machines & Parts33917 
   Tattoo Needles, Grips & Tips179276 
   Tattoo Removal Machines168192 
   Tattoo Supplies33918 
   Temporary Tattoos33919 
   Other Tattoos & Body Art16705 
 -Vision Care31414 
   Contact Lens Care Solutions31289 
   Contact Lens Cases110235 
   Eyeglass Cases116183 
   Eye Drops & Wash122773 
   Eyeglass Cloths & Sprays127470 
   Eyeglass Frames180957 
   Eyeglass Straps & Cords31287 
   Eyepatches & Eyeglass Patches180958 
   Low Vision Magnifiers67678 
   Prescription Glasses179693 
   Reading Glasses67670 
   Replacement Lenses30368 
   Other Vision Care31416 
 -Vitamins & Dietary Supplements180959 
   Dietary Supplements180960 
   Energy Bars, Shakes & Drinks1278 
   Herbs & Botanicals19260 
  -Sports Supplements97033 
    Protein Shakes & Bodybuilding97034 
    Sports Diet & Weight Loss21561 
    Sports Energy & Hydration180094 
    Sports Vitamins & Minerals97035 
    Other Sports Supplements97036 
   Vitamins & Minerals11776 
  -Weight Management31817 
    Appetite Control, Suppressants181008 
    Body Fat Analyzers45735 
    Detox & Cleansers159731 
    Fat Burners181009 
    Meal Replacement Drinks31821 
    Weight Loss Kits & Accs36455 
    Weight Loss Program Foods82616 
    Weight Loss Supplements181007 
    Other Weight Management11781 
   Other Vitamins & Supplements19262 
 -Wholesale Lots40965 
  -Beauty & Personal Care51005 
    Bath & Body51006 
    Hair Care51007 
    Skin Care78123 
    Other Whlsl Personal Care51010 
   Health Care40968 
   Medical & Special Needs40967 
   Other Whlsl Health & Beauty31822 
  Other Health & Beauty1277 


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