Category Changes: Collectibles

October 2016 : Collectibles

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
    Allis Chalmers830 
    International Harvester831 
   -John Deere35627 
     Belts & Belt Buckles165195 
     Brochures & Catalogs35629 
     Cups, Mugs & Steins95111 
     Diecast & Toys95112 
     Hats & Caps35630 
     License Plates165197 
     Lighting & Lamps95113 
     Lunch Boxes35631 
     Pocket Knives95114 
     Posters, Prints & Paintings165199 
     Other John Deere Collectibles829 
    Massey Ferguson13547 
    Seed & Feed Companies1333 
    Other Agricultural Ads828 
     Jeep & Willys10774 
     Other American Automobile Ads13559 
     Datsun & Nissan13561 
     Other Asian Automobile Ads13565 
     Land Rover43045 
     Rolls-Royce & Bentley13567 
     Other British Automobile Ads3872 
     Alfa Romeo13570 
     Daimler & Mercedes3871 
     Other European Automobile Ads13582 
    Other Automobile Ads1314 
  -Clothing, Shoes & Accessories13583 
    Other Clothing & Shoe Ads3885 
  -Communication & Utilities13585 
    Telegraph & Telegram165214 
    Other Comm & Utility Ads13586 
   Computers & High Tech21092 
  -Food & Beverage13587 
   -Bakery & Baking13588 
     Baking Powder13589 
     Cakes & Doughnuts20166 
     Cocoa & Baking Chocolate21091 
     Cookies, Crackers & Pretzels20167 
     Merchandise & Memorabilia165215 
     Other Bakery & Baking Ads1321 
   -Candy & Nuts872 
     Chewing Gum35645 
     Cracker Jack10782 
     Ferrero & Kinder20990 
     Hershey & Reese's10783 
     Life Savers10784 
     Planters Nuts3894 
     Merchandise & Memorabilia165217 
     Other Candy & Nuts Ads873 
     Cream of Wheat165235 
     General Mills10786 
     Merchandise & Memorabilia165236 
     Other Cereal Advertisements1322 
   -Coffee & Tea10793 
     Maxwell House10794 
     Tim Horton's165220 
     Merchandise & Memorabilia165221 
     Other Coffee & Tea Ads865 
     Bottle Caps35664 
     Bottles & Containers40035 
     Pins & Buttons40036 
     Posters & Prints35665 
     Signs & Plaques35666 
     Other Dairy Advertisements818 
     Canadian Club10799 
     Canadian Mist165223 
     Captain Morgan35654 
     Crown Royal165224 
     Ezra Brooks167974 
     Haig & Haig165228 
     Jack Daniel's822 
     Jim Beam823 
     Johnnie Walker10800 
     Jose Cuervo165230 
     Old Crow825 
     Old Forester165231 
     Paul Jones165232 
     Southern Comfort32722 
     Wild Turkey3883 
    -Merchandise & Memorabilia35656 
      Bottles, Decanters & Jugs35658 
      Shirts & Hats35660 
      Other Distillery Memorabilia821 
     Other Distillery Ads165234 
    Energy Drinks165237 
    Fruit & Raisins21105 
    Gelatin & Jell-O50710 
    Jam, Jelly & Peanut Butter21104 
    Pancakes & Syrup21103 
    Pickles & Condiments21102 
    Spices & Extracts21099 
     Other Wine Advertisements165242 
    Other Food & Beverage Ads1526 
  -Gas & Oil39 
   -Gas & Oil Companies156204 
     Chevron & Standard Oil838 
     Phillips 66832 
     Pure Oil Company165246 
     Quaker State837 
      Cans & Buckets35675 
      Trucks & Cars35676 
      Other Texaco Advertisements42 
     Tydol, Veedol & Flying A836 
     Union 7610803 
     Mixed Lots165247 
     Other Gas & Oil Company Ads165248 
   -Merchandise & Memorabilia165249 
     Cans & Buckets35682 
     Stickers & Decals156205 
     Trucks & Cars35683 
     Other Gas & Oil Memorabilia165250 
    Other Gas & Oil Collectibles40 
  -Health & Beauty21136 
    Cosmetics & Hair Care21137 
    Medicine & First Aid21138 
    Perfume & Cologne21139 
    Shaving & Razors21141 
    Talcum & Bath Powder21140 
    Other Health & Beauty Ads13597 
  -Hotel & Motel170068 
    Dinnerware & Serving Pieces170070 
    Luggage Labels170071 
    Room Keys170072 
    Other Hotel & Motel Ads27173 
    Home Décor165253 
    Paint & Varnish21098 
    Soap & Detergent876 
    Other Household Ads1527 
   Jewelry & Watches165254 
   Musical Instruments165255 
  -Restaurants & Fast Food849 
    Big Boy851 
    Burger King20168 
    Dairy Queen167976 
    Hard Rock Café21101 
     Mugs & Cups35668 
     Other McDonald's Ads13592 
    Pizza Hut167978 
    Planet Hollywood21100 
    Taco Bell35671 
    Waffle House167979 
    Other Restaurant Ads850 
  -Retail Stores13598 
    Department Stores13599 
    Grocery Stores165256 
    Home Improvement Stores165257 
    Other Retail Store Ads3893 
    7 UP855 
    Canada Dry853 
     Bottle Caps20169 
     Carriers & Caddies165261 
     Cigarette Lighters & Ashtrays35686 
     Clocks & Radios13605 
     Cookie Jars & Canisters35687 
     Decals & Stickers20173 
     Dishes, Bowls & Plates35688 
     Flashlights & Keychains20175 
     Lamps & Lighting37824 
     Lunchboxes & Lunch Bags20176 
     Mugs, Cups & Steins20177 
     Pens & Pencils37826 
     Pins, Badges & Patches13607 
     Playing Cards20180 
     Plush, Stuffed Animals165260 
     Posters & Prints20181 
     Puzzles & Games20182 
     Shirts, Jackets & Hats20184 
     Trading Cards37823 
     Trucks & Cars13611 
     Other Coca-Cola Ads38 
    Dr Pepper877 
    Hires Root Beer857 
    Mountain Dew10808 
    Orange Crush10809 
     Bottles & Cans13614 
     Clocks & Radios35691 
     Pins, Badges & Patches165263 
     Shirts, Jackets & Hats20187 
     Trucks & Cars20188 
     Other Pepsi Advertisements854 
    Royal Crown/Nehi/Diet Rite10810 
   -Merchandise & Memorabilia35692 
     Bottle Caps35693 
     Glasses, Cups & Mugs35696 
     Other Soda Memorabilia37 
    Mixed Lots20189 
    Other Soda Memorabilia165265 
    B.F. Goodrich13618 
    Other Tire Advertisements863 
  -Merchandise & Memorabilia13623 
    Characters & Dolls796 
    Mugs & Cups21147 
    Premiums, Prizes & Charms800 
    Store Displays798 
   -Victorian Trade Cards37842 
     Coffee & Tea37843 
     Sewing Machines37844 
     Shoes & Boots37845 
     Other Victorian Trade Cards802 
    Other Merch & Memorabilia Ads35 
   Price Guides & Publications171180 
   Other Collectible Ads165266 
  -Amphibians & Reptiles165267 
    Alligators & Crocodiles13652 
     Handmade, Handcrafted Items165296 
     Garden Décor165295 
     Jewelry & Pins37872 
     Trinket Boxes165297 
     Other Frog Collectibles10885 
    Other Reptile Collectibles165268 
    Non Species Specific165269 
    Blue Jays37846 
    Crows & Ravens165270 
    Doves & Pigeons25426 
    Parakeets & Budgerigars37849 
    Other Bird Collectibles1337 
    Handmade, Handcrafted Items156226 
    Bags & Handbags165278 
    Calendars & Datebooks156225 
    Cards & Notecards88861 
    Collector Plates37854 
    Decals & Stickers50714 
    Jewelry & Pins37856 
    Mugs & Cups37857 
    Picture Frames103925 
    Pillows & Throws103926 
    Posters, Prints & Paintings37859 
    Salt & Pepper Shakers103927 
    Signs & Plaques37860 
    Trinket Boxes103928 
    Other Cat Collectibles1338 
    Mixed Breeds165285 
    Non Breed Specific165286 
    Afghan Hound12507 
    Airedale Terrier10824 
    Alaskan Malamute29409 
    American Bulldog165288 
    American Eskimo50715 
    Australian Cattle Dog29410 
    Australian Shepherd29411 
    Australian Terrier82481 
    Basset Hound10825 
    Bearded Collie50716 
    Bedlington Terrier50717 
    Belgian Malinois165289 
    Belgian Sheepdog50718 
    Belgian Tervuren165290 
    Bernese Mountain Dog29413 
    Bichon Frisé10827 
    Border Collie10828 
    Border Terrier82482 
    Borzoi/Russian Wolfhound13629 
    Boston Terrier10829 
    Bouvier des Flandres60210 
    Brussels Griffon50719 
    Bull Terrier13630 
    Bulldog, English Bulldog10831 
    Cairn Terrier12508 
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel50721 
    Chesapeake Bay Retriever29416 
    Chinese Crested50722 
    Chow Chow10833 
    Clumber Spaniel165291 
    Cocker Spaniel10834 
    Dandie Dinmont Terrier165292 
    Doberman Pinscher10839 
    English Bull Terrier73472 
    English Setter29417 
    English Springer Spaniel13631 
    Finnish Spitz165293 
    Flat-Coated Retriever156229 
    Fox Terrier10840 
    French Bulldog13632 
    German Shepherd10841 
    German Shorthaired Pointer29418 
    German Wirehaired Pointer165279 
    Golden Retriever10842 
    Gordon Setter29419 
    Great Dane11634 
    Great Pyrenees29420 
    Greater Swiss Mountain Dog165280 
    Irish Setter29421 
    Irish Terrier156231 
    Irish Wolfhound29422 
    Italian Greyhound50723 
    Jack Russell Terrier10844 
    Japanese Chin29423 
    Kerry Blue Terrier145700 
    Labrador Retriever10845 
    Lakeland Terrier90660 
    Lhasa Apso10846 
    Manchester Terrier165281 
    Miniature Pinscher50724 
    Norfolk Terrier79967 
    Norwegian Elkhound165294 
    Norwich Terrier156232 
    Old English Sheepdog13634 
    Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen165282 
    Pit Bull Terrier82483 
    Portuguese Water Dog156233 
    Rat Terrier73473 
    Rhodesian Ridgeback29427 
    Saint Bernard10853 
    Scottish Deerhound101126 
    Scottish Terrier10854 
    Sealyham Terrier90661 
    Shar Pei10855 
    Sheltie/Shetland Sheepdog13638 
    Shiba Inu50725 
    Shih Tzu10856 
    Siberian Husky10857 
    Silky Terrier156234 
    Skye Terrier91320 
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier60211 
    Sussex Spaniel169306 
    Tibetan Spaniel165283 
    Tibetan Terrier108917 
    Water Spaniel82484 
    Welsh Springer Spaniel165284 
    West Highland White Terrier13639 
    Wheaten Terrier50726 
    Yorkshire Terrier10859 
    Other Dog Collectibles66505 
  -Farm & Countryside45602 
     Posters & Prints40039 
     Signs & Plaques40040 
     Other Cow Collectibles10865 
    Donkeys & Mules13646 
    Other Farm & Country Animals1528 
  -Fish & Marine69525 
     Candles & Candleholders37862 
     Collector Plates37863 
     Jewelry & Pins37865 
     Other Dolphin Collectibles10882 
    Lobsters & Shellfish29433 
    Seals & Sea Lions13648 
    Other Marine Life Collectibles69527 
  -Horses: Merch. & Memorabilia13651 
    Handmade, Handcrafted Items156262 
    Calendars & Datebooks156256 
    Cards & Notecards156257 
    Collector Plates156258 
    Decals & Stickers156259 
    Jewelry & Pins156263 
    Mugs & Cups156266 
    Picture Frames156269 
    Pillows & Throws156270 
    Posters & Prints156271 
    Salt & Pepper Shakers156272 
    Signs & Plaques156273 
    Trinket Boxes156274 
    Other Horse Memorabilia103930 
  -Horses: Model Horses156265 
     Traditional, 12 x 9 Inch35999 
     Breyer Classics, 9 x 6 Inch36000 
     Mini Whinnies167982 
     Ponies, 7 x 6 Inch36001 
     Paddock Pals, 6 x 5 Inch36002 
     Stablemates, 4 x 3 Inch36003 
     Companion Animals36004 
     Stables & Barns36007 
     Mixed Lots36009 
     Other Breyer Model Horses388 
    Grand Champions103929 
    Peter Stone14889 
    Trail of Painted Ponies63745 
    Other Model Horses1341 
  -Insects & Butterflies10869 
    Entomology, Real Insects156275 
    Butterflies & Moths10871 
    Other Insect Collectibles10868 
   Prehistoric & Dinosaurs3230 
  -Small Pets165298 
    Guinea Pigs165300 
    Other Small Pet Collectibles165303 
  -Wild Animals45604 
     Jewelry & Pins37868 
     Other Elephant Collectibles10883 
    Gorillas & Apes165306 
    Mountain Lions165307 
    Polar Bears13656 
     Collector Plates37875 
     Posters & Prints37877 
     Other Wolf Collectibles10898 
    Other Wild Animal Collectibles35710 
   Price Guides & Publications171181 
   Other Animal Collectibles1336 
 -Animation Art & Characters13658 
  -Animation Art1529 
    Limited Editions1531 
    Production Art1532 
    Other Animation Art1530 
  -Animation Characters1344 
   -Betty Boop39538 
     Bags & Cases88862 
     Car Accessories165311 
     Jewelry & Watches39541 
     Lamps & Lighting165313 
     Mugs & Cups165315 
     Pillows & Throws165316 
     Signs & Plaques39543 
     Other Betty Boop13660 
    Care Bears156989 
    Casper The Ghost88863 
    Curious George73475 
    Dora the Explorer156991 
    Dr. Seuss14276 
    Emily the Strange156992 
    Family Guy156993 
    Felix the Cat13661 
     Hong Kong Phooey165317 
     Huckleberry Hound165318 
     Yogi Bear165320 
     Other Hanna-Barbera1534 
    Happy Bunny156995 
    Hello Kitty73477 
     Cups, Mugs39545 
     Plush Items88864 
     Other Peanuts8614 
    Pink Panther39548 
    Rat Fink156997 
    Rocky & Bullwinkle13672 
    Sesame Street73479 
    South Park39549 
    SpongeBob SquarePants60212 
    Tom & Jerry73480 
    Wallace and Gromit156998 
    Walter Lantz/Woody Woodpecker1536 
   -Warner Bros.13674 
     Bugs Bunny13675 
     Daffy Duck13676 
     Foghorn Leghorn165322 
     Looney Tunes165323 
     Marvin the Martian13677 
     Pepe Le Pew13678 
     Porky Pig88865 
     Powerpuff Girls13679 
     Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote13680 
     Speedy Gonzales165324 
     Tasmanian Devil13682 
    -Tweety Bird39550 
      Cups, Mugs39552 
      Other Tweety Bird13683 
     Yosemite Sam165325 
     Other Warner Bros Collectibles1537 
    Other Animated Characters363 
  -Japanese, Anime11118 
    Ah My Goddess39555 
    Astro Boy70955 
    Card Captor Sakura31374 
    Cowboy Bebop31375 
    Dead or Alive106886 
    DragonBall Z13666 
   -Final Fantasy88923 
     Books, Manga, Doujinshi106888 
     CDs, Soundtracks106889 
     Cosplay, Costumes88927 
     Figures, Plush88924 
     Jewelry, Watches88925 
     Posters, Wall Scrolls88926 
     Other Final Fantasy13667 
    Fruits Basket99993 
   -Fullmetal Alchemist106890 
     Books, Manga, Doujinshi106891 
     Cosplay, Costumes106892 
     Figures, Plush106893 
     Posters, Wall Scrolls106895 
     Other Fullmetal Alchemist88928 
    Fushigi Yuugi31378 
    Ghost in the Shell73573 
    Hikaru no Go106896 
    Hunter x Hunter106897 
    Initial D73574 
     Books, Manga, Doujinshi106899 
     CDs, Soundtracks106900 
     Figures, Plush106901 
     Posters, Wall Scrolls106902 
     Other InuYasha39557 
    King of Fighters39558 
    Legend of Zelda106903 
    Love Hina39559 
    Macross, Robotech13668 
     Books, Manga, Doujinshi106908 
    -Cosplay, Costumes106909 
      Bags, Cases106910 
      Costumes, Apparel106911 
      Headbands, Armbands106912 
      Jewelry, Watches106914 
      Knives, Weapons106913 
      Other Naruto Cosplay Gear106915 
     Figures, Plush106916 
     Posters, Wall Scrolls106918 
     Other Naruto73575 
    One Piece73576 
    Rurouni Kenshin39561 
   -Sailor Moon39562 
     Books, Manga, Doujinshi106919 
     Figures, Plush39563 
     Posters, Prints39564 
     Other Sailor Moon11119 
    Saint Seiya39565 
    Sakura Wars73578 
   -Sanrio, Hello Kitty39566 
     Badtz Maru39567 
    -Hello Kitty88931 
      Bags, Cases88932 
      Figures, Plush88935 
      Jewelry, Watches88933 
      Note Books, Address Books106922 
      Pencils, Pens106923 
      Other Hello Kitty39568 
     Little Twin Stars39570 
     My Melody39571 
     Other Sanrio11120 
    Shaman King106925 
    Street Fighter106926 
    Tenchi Muyo31381 
    Wolf's Rain106927 
    Yu Yu Hakusho39574 
    Other Anime Collectibles1345 
   Price Guides & Publications171182 
 -Arcade, Jukeboxes & Pinball66502 
  -Arcade Gaming13715 
    Non-Video Arcade Machines20270 
    Video Arcade Machines13716 
    Manuals & Guides13717 
    Merchandise & Memorabilia165326 
    Replacement Parts13718 
    Other Arcade Gaming3945 
    Manuals & Guides13722 
    Merchandise & Memorabilia165329 
    Replacement Parts13723 
    Other Jukeboxes3946 
    Manuals & Guides13726 
    Merchandise & Memorabilia165330 
    Replacement Parts13727 
    Other Pinball3947 
   Price Guides & Publications171183 
   Other Coin-Op Collectibles165328 
    Other Political Autographs14430 
   Science, Inventor14431 
   Price Guides & Publications171184 
   Other Collectible Autographs14433 
 -Banks, Registers & Vending66503 
   Cash Registers13719 
   Mechanical Banks885 
  -Still, Piggy Banks35736 
     Other Animal-Shaped Banks35740 
    Other Collectible Still Banks886 
  -Vending Machines13732 
    Coin Changers158424 
    Postage Stamp158425 
    Vending Machine Parts158426 
    Other Vending Machines3950 
   Price Guides & Publications171185 
   Absinthe Accessories170074 
   Bar Sets13906 
   Glasses, Cups, Mugs35713 
   Guides, Recipes, Games35714 
   Ice Buckets10902 
   Pourers, Stoppers10903 
   Shot Glasses3273 
   Swizzle/Stir Sticks10905 
   Price Guides & Publications171186 
   Other Barware3269 
   Price Guides & Publications171201 
 -Bottles & Insulators29797 
   -Antique (Pre-1900)889 
     Food, Sauces & Condiments893 
     Hair & Skin Care13908 
     Medicines & Cures895 
     Mineral Waters896 
     Utility & Black Glass13909 
     Other Antique Bottles13910 
   -Modern (1900-Now)13911 
     Bottle Caps158421 
     Food, Sauces & Condiments165333 
     Other Modern Bottles369 
     Other Reproduction Bottles10907 
   Price Guides & Publications171187 
   Other Collectible Bottles165335 
 -Breweriana, Beer562 
   Bottle Caps13550 
   Bottles: Aluminum170075 
   Bottles: Glass563 
  -Cans: US3915 
    Cone Tops3916 
    Flat Tops3917 
    Pull Tabs3918 
    Other Collectible US Beer Cans564 
   Cans: International3919 
  -Drinkware, Steins3920 
      Other Vintage US Beer Glasses3921 
     Other Vintage Beer Glasses35723 
   -Lidded Steins40041 
     Other Lidded Steins3922 
     Other Vintage Beer Mugs35726 
     Other Vintage Beer Steins3925 
    Other Vintage Beer Drinkware570 
   Pins72041New Category
   Pins35727Combined into [Pins-72041]
   Playing Cards35728 
   Posters, Prints35729 
  -Signs & Tins50737 
    Rolling Rock63746 
    Other Beer Signs & Tins569 
  -Tap Handles, Knobs35730 
    Other Beer Tap Handles, Knobs571 
   Other Breweriana118 
   Card Dealer Shoe63747 
   Card Guards150118 
   Card Shuffler63748 
  -Casino Memorabilia66504 
    Glasses, Cups, Mugs35748 
    Hotel Room Keys63762 
    T-Shirts, Shirts73482 
    Other Casino Memorabilia66535 
   -Individual Casino Chips63749 
     Other Individual Casino Chips63756 
    Non-Casino Chips156284 
    Poker Chips150119 
     Other Casino Chip Sets63760 
   -Storage & Supplies73484 
     Trays, Racks73486 
     Other Casino Storage, Supplies73487 
   Dealer Buttons63761 
   Manuals, Strategy73488 
   Roulette Wheels, Sets73489 
   Slot Cards63763 
     Antique Coin Slot Machines14282 
     Non-Functional Slot Machines14284 
     Skill Slot Machines13729 
     Token Slot Machines3948 
     Other Slot Machines172509 
    Manuals & Guides112665 
    Replacement Parts13731 
    Other Slots Collectibles66536 
   Tables, Layouts35749 
   Trade Stimulators3949 
   Other Casino Collectibles573 
  -Antique (Pre-1930)13851 
    Cuckoo, Black Forest13850 
    Shelf, Mantel13853 
    Other Antique Clocks3929 
  -Vintage (1930-69)13855 
    Cuckoo, Black Forest10020 
    Shelf, Mantel13858 
    Other Vintage Clocks3931 
  -Modern (1970-Now)13860 
    Cuckoo, Black Forest35735 
    Shelf, Mantel10021 
    Other Modern Clocks (1970-Now)3930 
  -Parts & Tools10027 
    Hand Tools10029 
    Other Clock Parts & Tools10026 
   Price Guides & Publications171188 
   International Editions3956 
   Platinum Age (1897-1937)65 
  -Golden Age (1938-55)66 
    Cartoon Character3972 
    Classics Illustrated14006 
    Funny Animal71 
    Horror & Sci-Fi70 
    Movie, TV & Radio155263 
    Other Golden Age Comics67 
  -Silver Age (1956-69)73 
    Alternative & Underground173579 
    Cartoon Character3976 
    Classics Illustrated14007 
    Horror & Sci-Fi76 
    Movie, TV & Music82486 
     Beware of the Creeper165346 
     Brave and the Bold32728 
     Captain America32729 
     Doom Patrol165348 
     Dr. Strange73490 
     Fantastic Four32731 
     Green Lantern32733 
     Hawk and Dove165349 
     Incredible Hulk32734 
     Iron Man32735 
     Justice League of America32737 
     Metal Men165350 
     Nick Fury165351 
     Plastic Man165353 
     Sea Devils165354 
     Sgt. Fury165355 
     Silver Surfer32738 
     Teen Titans165357 
     Wonder Woman155278 
     World's Finest155279 
     Mixed Items32748 
     Other Silver Age Superheroes75 
    Other Silver Age Comics74 
  -Bronze Age (1970-83)12590 
    Alternative & Underground173580 
    Cartoon Character12591 
    Classics Illustrated14008 
    Horror & Sci-Fi12592 
    Movie, TV & Music155282 
     Brave and the Bold33809 
     Captain America33810 
     Dr. Strange73491 
     Fantastic Four33813 
     Ghost Rider82487 
     Green Lantern33815 
     Incredible Hulk33816 
     Iron Man33817 
     Justice League of America33818 
     Star Wars33820 
     Wonder Woman33825 
     World's Finest155284 
     Mixed Items33827 
     Other Bronze Age Superheroes155285 
    Other Bronze Age Comics12589 
  -Copper Age (1984-1991)165364 
    Cartoon Character165379 
    Horror & Sci-Fi165380 
    Independent & Small Press165378 
    Movie & TV165382 
     Alpha Flight165387 
     Captain America165392 
     Dr. Strange165399 
     Fantastic Four165400 
     Ghost Rider165403 
     GI Joe165404 
     Green Arrow165405 
     Green Lantern165406 
     Incredible Hulk165410 
     Iron Man165411 
     Justice League of America165412 
     Justice Society of America165413 
     Legion of Superheroes165415 
     Moon Knight165418 
     Secret Wars165422 
     Silver Surfer165424 
     Star Wars165427 
     Swamp Thing165429 
     Teen Titans165430 
     Wonder Woman165438 
     Mixed Items165440 
     Other Copper Age Superheroes165441 
    Other Copper Age Comics165445 
  -Modern Age (1992-Now)900 
    Cartoon Character3980 
    Horror & Sci-Fi3981 
    Independent & Small Press3979 
    Movie & TV3955 
     Alpha Flight82488 
     Captain America32751 
     Deadpool182968New Category
     Dr. Strange73493 
     Fantastic Four32754 
     Ghost Rider82489 
     GI Joe35762 
     Green Arrow66507 
     Green Lantern32756 
     Identity Crisis82490 
     Incredible Hulk32757 
     Iron Man73495 
     Justice League of America32758 
     Justice Society of America99955 
     Lady Death82491 
     Legion of Superheroes82492 
     Moon Knight98022 
     Secret Wars82495 
     Silver Surfer32761 
     Star Wars32762 
     Swamp Thing82496 
     Teen Titans17081 
     Tomb Raider32763 
     Wonder Woman32768 
     Mixed Items32769 
     Other Modern Age Superheroes155290 
    Other Modern Age Comics77 
   Apparel & Accessories48776 
   Fan Clubs & Zines3966 
   Full Runs & Sets3953 
   Graphic Novels, TPBs3954 
   Newspaper Comics79 
  -Original Comic Art3984 
    Comic Strip Art14009 
    Complete Stories173581 
    Drawings, Sketches3986 
    Interior Pages173583 
    Splash Pages14010 
    Unpublished Pages173582 
    Other Original Comic Art972 
   Price Guides & Buyers' Guides99961 
   Storage Supplies10547 
   Other Comic Collectibles64 
  Credit, Charge Cards1462Moved from [Trading Cards-868]
 -Cultures & Ethnicities3913 
     Baskets & Containers29440 
     Figures & Sculptures29441 
     Other African Collectibles4190 
      Bowls & Plates29444 
      Cups & Mugs35788 
      Dolls & Bears35789 
      Feng Shui165464 
      Figures & Statues29445 
      Prints, Paintings & Posters35791 
      Scrolls & Calligraphy29446 
      Snuff Bottles33828 
      Teapots & Tea Sets29447 
      Vases & Jars29448 
      Other Chinese Collectibles3546 
      Bowls & Plates29450 
      Figures & Statues165470 
      Maneki Neko165472 
      Prints, Paintings & Posters35793 
      Teapots & Tea Sets29455 
      Vases & Jars35794 
      Other Japanese Collectibles4003 
     Nepalese & Tibetan29456 
     Thai & Siamese25427 
     Other Asian Collectibles373 
  -Black Americana29457 
    Dolls & Bears35797 
    Figures & Sculptures29458 
    Housewares & Kitchenwares29459 
    Prints, Posters & Paintings35799 
    Other Black Americana394 
   Canada: Aboriginal179530 
   Ethnic Americana165476 
    Dishes, Bowls & Plates35801 
    Lamps & Lighting35803 
    Mugs & Cups165477 
    Prints, Posters & Paintings35805 
    Other Hawaiian Collectibles2001 
  -Latin American13740 
     Blankets, Rugs & Textiles29461 
     Day of the Dead149366 
     Folk Art149367 
     Huichol Art149368 
     Prints, Posters & Paintings165481 
     Other Mexican Collectibles13741 
    Other Latin Am. Collectibles4005 
   Middle Eastern165484 
  -Native American: US713 
     Other Nat. Am. Items Pre-1600716 
     Beads & Beadwork150006 
     Other Nat. Am. Items 1600-1799150008 
     Beads & Beadwork150011 
     Clothing & Moccasins150013 
     Dolls & Kachinas150014 
     Dream Catchers150015 
     Fetishes & Totems150016 
     Flint Knapping Art150017 
     Hides & Pelts150018 
     Masks & Headdresses150020 
     Musical Instruments150021 
     Paintings & Drawings150022 
     Photographic Images150023 
     Rugs & Textiles (Navajo)150025 
     Rugs & Textiles (Non-Navajo)150026 
     Other Nat. Am. Items 1800-1934150029 
     Beads & Beadwork13751 
     Clothing & Moccasins13753 
     Craft Supplies169309 
     Dolls & Kachinas13754 
     Dream Catchers29462 
     Fetishes & Totems13755 
     Flint Knapping Art4715 
     Hides & Pelts29463 
     Masks & Headdresses714 
     Musical Instruments13757 
     Paintings & Drawings13758 
     Photographic Images13759 
     Rugs & Textiles (Navajo)13761 
     Rugs & Textiles (Non-Navajo)13762 
     Unsigned Artisan Crafts166685 
     Other Nat. Am. Items 1935-Now372 
    Non-Native American Crafts74707 
   Pacific Islands13765 
  -Western Americana4007 
    Antique Western209 
    Belt Buckles29464 
    Bits & Bridles4011 
    Figures & Statues165485 
    Pins, Buttons & Badges165486 
    Signs & Plaques165488 
    Other Western Americana987 
   Price Guides & Publications171189 
   Other Cultural Collectibles128 
 -Decorative Collectibles13777 
  -Decorative Collectible Brands156286 
    All God's Children13778 
    Andrea by Sadek98025 
    Artesania Rinconada167983 
     Candle Holders39576 
     Collector Plates11121 
     Goblets, Tumblers13782 
     Mugs, Cups, Saucers39578 
     Soap Accessories86892 
     Other Avon97 
    Bing & Grondahl Coll Plates3951 
    Blue Sky Clayworks47132 
      Other Boyds Figurines39580 
     Other Boyds1348 
   -Bradford Exchange13784 
     Collector Plates1354 
     Other Bradford Exchange13785 
    Byers Choice4021 
    Cat's Meow Village4022 
   -Charming Tails41117 
     Friends, Friendship41118 
     Love, Romance41119 
     Other Charming Tails11122 
    Christopher Radko13786 
   -Danbury Mint13787 
     Collector Plates1355 
     Other Danbury Mint13789 
    David Winter1543 
   -Department 561365 
     Alpine Village4032 
     Christmas in the City4033 
    -Dickens Village39583 
      Mixed Lots39586 
      Other Dickens Village1366 
     Heritage Village1547 
     New England Village4034 
     North Pole4035 
     Seasons Bay156291 
    -Snow Village39587 
      Mixed Lots39590 
      Other Snow Village1368 
     Other Department 56370 
    Duncan Royale4024 
     Calico Kittens11127 
    -Cherished Teddies41126 
      Friends, Friendship86897 
      Love, Romance41128 
      Other Enesco Cherished Teddies3908 
     Friends of the Feather13790 
     Growing Up Girls103935 
     Jim Shore86899 
     Lucy & Me13791 
     Mary's Moo Moos11128 
     Memories of Yesterday13792 
     My Blushing Bunnies13793 
     My Little Kitchen Fairies103936 
     Pretty as a Picture11129 
     Raggedy Ann & Andy39599 
     Tender Tails11130 
     This Little Piggy11131 
     Other Enesco104 
   -Fitz & Floyd13796 
     Collector Plates13797 
     Other Fitz & Floyd13800 
   -Franklin Mint13801 
     Collector Plates1356 
     Other Franklin Mint13803 
    G. DeBrekht165489 
    Halcyon Days45133 
     Betsey Clark41147 
     Kiddie Car Classics973 
     Marjolein Bastin41148 
     Merry Miniatures577 
    -Ornaments: Miniature39601 
      Unknown Date39604 
    -Ornaments: by Series41137 
      Dr. Seuss50756 
      Frosty Friends41139 
      Harry Potter50757 
      Lionel Train41140 
      Looney Tunes50758 
      Madame Alexander41141 
      Mary's Angels63775 
      Star Trek41143 
      Star Wars41144 
      Winnie the Pooh41145 
      Wizard of Oz103940 
      Other Hallmark Ornament Series579 
    -Ornaments: by Year39605 
      Unknown Date39611 
     Other Hallmark147 
    Hamilton Collector Plates1357 
    Harbour Lights11132 
   -Harmony Kingdom41152 
     Garden Party41153 
     Lord Byron's Harmony Garden172006 
     Pot Bellys86900 
     Roly Polys86901 
     Treasure Jests167985 
     Other Harmony Kingdom1545 
     Candles, Candleholders41156 
     Other HOMCO10913 
   -Hummel, Goebel13804 
     Collector Plates13806 
     Pocket Dragons1542 
     Other Hummel, Goebel103 
    Knowles Collector Plates1358 
    Lefton Figurines13809 
     Candle Holders, Votives86902 
     Collector Plates13813 
     Decorative Bowls103942 
     Picture Frames86904 
     Salt & Pepper Shakers86905 
     Trinkets, Hinged Boxes86906 
     Other Lenox13810 
    Liberty Falls47133 
    Lilliput Lane1544 
     Collector Plates13811 
     Trinket Boxes13816 
     Other Limoges Collectibles13817 
      Other Lladro Figurines13819 
     Other Lladro1242 
      Mixed Lots39616 
     Candle Holders, Votives10917 
     Dinnerware, Serving, Pottery10920 
     Handle Grippers10923 
     Handle Ties10924 
     Napkins, Placemats10926 
     Pens, Pencils, Pads10928 
     Prints, Wall Hangings86910 
    -Totes, Wallets, Cases86911 
      Cases, Accessories86912 
      Totes, Bags86913 
      Wallets, Coin Purses86914 
      Other Longaberger Cases86915 
     Other Longaberger101 
    Madame Alexander15909 
    Margaret Furlong13821 
   -Mary Engelbreit41162 
     Apparel & Accessories41163 
     Plaques, Pictures41165 
     Teapots & Tea Sets41166 
     Mixed Lots41167 
     Other Mary Engelbreit10932 
    Midwest of Cannon Falls39618 
   -Norman Rockwell11636 
     Collector Plates11639 
     Other Norman Rockwell108 
    Occupied Japan165491 
    Old World48777 
    Patricia Breen73497 
     Candle Holders39620 
     Other PartyLite11133 
   -Precious Moments39594 
     Collector Plates50752 
      Friends, Friendship41284 
      Love, Romance41285 
      Religious, Inspirational41286 
      Other Precious Moments Figures39595 
     Mugs, Cups50753 
     Picture Frames50754 
     Plush, Tender Tails39597 
     Tea Sets50755 
     Other Precious Moments107 
    Rien Poortvliet60214 
     Seraphim Classics11138 
     Other Roman11135 
   -Royal Copenhagen156287 
     Collector Plates10910 
     Other Royal Copenhagen156289 
   -Royal Doulton13823 
     Bunnykins Figurines156294 
     Character, Toby Jugs64967 
     Collector Plates101664 
     Series Ware64969 
     Other Royal Doulton4027 
    San Francisco Music Box13826 
    Sarah's Attic13827 
    Sebastian Miniatures11134 
    Slavic Treasures73498 
     Candle Holders103946 
     Picture Frames103947 
     Other Swarovski1031 
   -Thomas Kinkade11641 
     Collector Plates11643 
     Villages, Cottages103949 
     Other Thomas Kinkade11640 
    Tom Clark4030 
    Wade Figurines106 
     Collector Plates1361 
     Other Wedgwood4031 
     Just the Right Shoe10914 
     Take a Seat11125 
     Other Willitts11123 
    Willow Tree47134 
    Glass, Crystal39624 
    Porcelain, Pottery39626 
    Mixed Materials39627 
    Other Collectible Bells4020 
   Bird Houses, Feeders86919 
   Book Ends86920 
   Candles, Holders50792 
   Collector Plates574 
    Cartoon, TV, Movie Characters41171 
    Clowns, Circuses47139 
    Fairies, Mystical41172 
    Houses, Cottages41173 
    Other Collectible Figurines13833 
   Mugs, Cups73502 
  -Music Boxes39628 
   Nautical Décor152540 
   Salt & Pepper Shakers86917 
   State Plates1360 
   Tea Pots, Sets73506 
   Trays, Platters86918 
   Trinket Boxes13837 
   Wall Hangings, Mirrors63783 
   Other Decorative Collectibles41393 
  -Vintage (Pre-1968)139 
    Animation Art, Cels1386 
    Apparel, Accessories1385 
    Pins, Buttons1394 
    Plush Toys1395 
    Posters, Prints, Lithos1387 
    Theme Park Souvenirs13848 
    Toys, Games, Puzzles1398 
    Watches, Timepieces1399 
    Other Vintage Disneyana140 
  -Contemporary (1968-Now)1369 
    Animation Art, Cels1371 
   -Apparel & Accessories35839 
     Coats, Jackets, Outerwear35840 
     Ties, Neckties88883 
     Other Disney Apparel & Accs1370 
    Bobblehead Figures95116 
   -Bags, Cases & Wallets88884 
     Coin Purses88885 
     Cosmetic Bags88886 
     Shoulder Bags88888 
     Other Disney Bags & Cases88890 
    Cast Member Exclusives13841 
    Clocks & Radios35847 
    Collector Clubs1373 
    Disney Dollars170076 
     Alice in Wonderland95117 
     Beauty & The Beast50759 
     Donald Duck35850 
     Little Mermaid50760 
     Mickey Mouse35852 
     Minnie Mouse35853 
     Nightmare Before Christmas88891 
     Peter Pan50761 
     Pixar Characters156306 
     Sleeping Beauty35854 
     Snow White35855 
     Winnie the Pooh35856 
     Other Contemp Disney Figurines1375 
     Other Contemp Holiday Disney1376 
     Bath, Beach Towels95120 
     Candles, Candle Holders95122 
     Cookie Jars95123 
     Night Lights95126 
     Pillows, Cushions88893 
     Salt & Pepper Shakers95119 
     Other Contemp Disney Houseware1377 
    Limited Editions1379 
    Lunchboxes, Thermoses35859 
    Mugs, Glasses13843 
    Paper, Notepads13844 
    Pens & Pencils88892 
   -Pins, Patches & Buttons38004 
     Attraction & Ride Pins66522 
     Cast Member Exclusives38005 
    -Disney Characters & Movies50762 
      101 Dalmatians55416 
      Alice in Wonderland66524 
      Belle, Beauty & The Beast50763 
      Chip & Dale50764 
      Donald Duck50766 
      Finding Nemo60215 
      Haunted Mansion60216 
      Jiminy Cricket55420 
      Lilo & Stitch50768 
      Little Mermaid50769 
      Mickey Mouse50770 
      Minnie Mouse50771 
      Nightmare Before Christmas55421 
      Peter Pan50772 
      Pirates of the Caribbean150122 
      Sleeping Beauty50774 
      Snow White50775 
      Tinker Bell55425 
      Toy Story55426 
      Who Framed Roger Rabbit60217 
      Winnie the Pooh50776 
      Other Disney Characters38009 
     Disney Cruise Line38006 
     Disney Store38007 
     Holiday, Christmas38008 
    -Theme Parks38010 
      Disneyland Paris38012 
      Hong Kong Disneyland165493 
      Tokyo Disneyland38013 
      Walt Disney World38014 
     Other Disney Pins & Patches143 
    Plush Toys142 
    Posters, Prints & Lithos144 
    Records, Tapes & CDs1382 
    Stickers & Decals35862 
    Theme Park Souvenirs1380 
    Toys, Games & Puzzles1383 
    Trading Cards13840 
    Watches, Timepieces1384 
    Other Disneyana138 
 -Fantasy, Mythical & Magic10860 
    Armor, Weapons35864 
    Candles, Incense35867 
    Goblets, Glasses, Mugs86927 
    Mirrors and Plaques86928 
     Alabastrite, Acrylic and Resin86929 
     Glass, Crystal35871 
     Other Dragon Statues35873 
    Other Dragon Collectibles10861 
   Elves, Gnomes, Pixies99962 
    Candles, Holders86930 
    Goblets, Glasses, Mugs86932 
    Jewelry & Music Boxes86933 
    Prints, Posters35876 
    Other Fairy Collectibles29432 
   Grim Reaper156307 
   Harry Potter29798 
  -Lord of the Rings73517 
    Figurines, Statues, Busts86935 
    Posters, Prints73518 
    T-Shirts, Patches73520 
    Other LOTR Collectibles29799 
    Apparatus, Wands86940 
    Books, Lecture Notes14013 
    Magician Memorabilia, Ephemera86938 
    Posters, Prints35877 
    Other Magic Collectibles427 
   Other Fantasy Collectibles1340 
 -Historical Memorabilia13877 
   Accounting & Taxation165494 
  -Astronauts & Space Travel13902 
   -Exploration Missions165499 
     Space Shuttles13904 
     Other Exploration Missions1346 
    NASA Program165503 
    Russian & Soviet Program40129 
    Other Space Travel416 
  -Banking & Insurance165504 
    Deposit Bags165508 
    Mugs & Cups165509 
    Pins & Badges165510 
    Plush, Stuffed Animals165511 
    Signs & Plaques165512 
    Other Banking & Insurance13549 
   Cities & Towns167992 
  -Fairs, Parks & Architecture165513 
    Amusement Parks13878 
   -Circus & Carnival2016 
     Circus Art3926 
     Programs & Posters2018 
     Other Circus & Carnival2017 
   -Fairs & Expositions13879 
     County & State Fairs1541 
    -World's Fairs4162 
      1876 Philadelphia4163 
      1893 Chicago4164 
      1901 Buffalo4165 
      1904 St Louis4166 
      1915 San Francisco PPIE167986 
      1933-34 Chicago4167 
      1939-40 New York4168 
      1939-40 San Francisco165495 
      1962 Seattle10964 
      1964-65 New York4169 
      1967 Montreal165496 
      1982 Knoxville150123 
      1986 Vancouver165497 
      Other World Fair Collectibles426 
     Other Fairs & Expositions1460 
    National Parks50779 
    Other Fair & Park Collectibles165565 
  -Firefighting & Rescue4038 
    Alarms & Bells33766 
    Badges: Obsolete11140 
    Belts & Belt Buckles103950 
    Bunker & Turnout Gear103951 
    Cups, Mugs & Plates39637 
    EMT & Rescue39724 
    Gear Bags & Duffels103952 
    Hats & Caps33767 
    Hoses & Nozzles33768 
    Medals & Ribbons69661 
    Pins & Buttons33770 
    Posters & Prints40125 
    Signs & Plaques39641 
    Statues & Figures33771 
    Stickers & Decals33772 
    International Firefighting8800 
    Other Firefighting & Rescue396 
  -Flags & Pennants13881 
    Decorative Flags40126 
   -International Country Flags39642 
     Great Britain39644 
     Other Flags of the World13883 
    United States, Country Flags39646 
    United States, State Flags13884 
    Other Flags & Pennants4042 
  -Fraternal Organizations402 
   -Boy Scouts13885 
    -Badges & Patches39647 
      International Patches103977 
      Camp Patches103976 
      Council & Shoulder Patches39648 
      Insignia Patches39650 
      Jamboree Patches39649 
      Merit Badges165539 
      Order of the Arrow Patches39651 
      Philmont & High Adventure103978 
      Mixed Lots103979 
      Other Boy Scout Badges13886 
     Books & Manuals13887 
     Flags & Pennants103980 
     Mugs & Cups39652 
     Neckerchiefs & Slides39656 
     Postcards & Cards39653 
     Posters & Prints103981 
      Belts & Belt Buckles103982 
      Hats & Caps39655 
      Shirts, Shorts & Pants39657 
      Other Boy Scout Uniform Accs13890 
     Other Boy Scout Collectibles404 
    Daughters of Amer. Rev., DAR165540 
    Fraternal Order of Eagles165541 
    Fraternity & Sorority11145 
   -Girl Scouts & Girl Guides13891 
     Badges & Patches13892 
     Books & Manuals13893 
     Other Girl Scout Collectibles405 
    Knights of Columbus103983 
    Knights of Pythias165543 
   -Masonic, Freemasonry50188 
     Aprons & Regalia50193 
     Belts & Belt Buckles165544 
     Books & Publications69666 
     Cufflinks, Studs & Lapel Pins60619 
     Decals & Stickers165545 
     Jewels & Medals50191 
     Mugs & Cups165546 
     Rings & Watches112464 
     Ties & Tie Tacks165548 
     Tokens & Masonic Coins165549 
     Other Freemason Collectibles518 
    Odd Fellows10934 
    Order of the Eastern Star165550 
    Red Cross165551 
    Royal Rangers165553 
    Salvation Army1549 
    Trade Union1550 
    Veterans' Groups13896 
    YMCA & YWCA165552 
    Other Fraternal Organizations403 
   Inventors & Geniuses165554 
   Lawyers & Legal165555 
   Mobs, Gangsters & Criminals165556 
    Badges: Mini10956 
    Badges: Novelty & Replica167987 
   -Badges: Obsolete167988 
    Belts & Belt Buckles103985 
    Decals & Stickers103986 
    Handcuffs & Keys39665 
    Hats & Caps103987 
    ID Holders165557 
    Mugs & Cups103989 
     District of Columbia39677 
     New Hampshire39698 
     New Jersey39699 
     New Mexico39700 
     New York930 
     North Carolina39701 
     North Dakota40128 
     Rhode Island39706 
     South Carolina39707 
     South Dakota39708 
     West Virginia39715 
     US Territories165558 
     Unknown State48779 
     Mixed Lots167991 
    Pins & Buttons39719 
    Signs & Plaques39720 
    Other Police Collectibles395 
     City & County4104 
    -Presidents & First Ladies13898 
      1789-1861 Presidents13899 
      1861-65 Abraham Lincoln33774 
      1865-1901 Presidents33775 
      1901-09 Theodore Roosevelt33776 
      1909-13 William H. Taft33777 
      1913-21 Woodrow Wilson33778 
      1921-23 Warren Harding33779 
      1923-29 Calvin Coolidge33780 
      1929-33 Herbert Hoover33781 
      1933-45 Franklin D. Roosevelt33782 
      1945-53 Harry S. Truman33783 
      1953-61 Dwight D. Eisenhower33784 
      1961-63 John F. Kennedy13900 
      1963-69 Lyndon B. Johnson33785 
      1969-74 Richard M. Nixon33786 
      1974-77 Gerald R. Ford33787 
      1977-81 Jimmy Carter33788 
      1981-89 Ronald Reagan33789 
      1989-93 George Bush33790 
      1993-2001 Bill Clinton33791 
      2001-2009 George W. Bush4103 
      2009-2017 Barack Obama165559 
     Presidential Candidates165560 
    -Democratic Party82500 
      Buttons & Pins82501 
      T-Shirts & Apparel82503 
      Other Democratic Party39721 
    -Republican Party82504 
      Buttons & Pins82505 
      T-Shirts & Apparel82507 
      Other Republican Party39723 
     Third Party165561 
     US House of Representatives4102 
     US Senate4105 
     Peace & Anti-War Movements39722 
     Reproduction & Fantasy Items88899 
     Other US Politics Collectibles367 
     Other Countries4107 
    Non-British Royalty91353 
    Victoria (1837-1901)39635 
    Edward VII (1902-1910)60783 
    George V (1910-1936)39631 
    Edward VIII (1936)69753 
    George VI (1936-1952)40521 
    Elizabeth II (1952-Now)39634 
    Prince Charles39632 
    Prince William & Prince Harry23737 
    Princess Diana39633 
    Other British Royalty1414 
  -Teaching & Education39725 
    Colleges & Universities39726 
    Elementary & High Schools39727 
    Military Academies165562 
    Other Teaching & Education4036 
   Veterinary Medicine165564 
   Other Historical Memorabilia208 
 -Holiday & Seasonal907 
  -Christmas: Vintage (Pre-1946)33829 
    Artificial Trees48781 
    Candles & Candle Holders33830 
     Other Vint. Christmas Figures167996 
    Nativity Items33834 
    Tree Stands & Skirts48784 
    Tree Toppers33837 
    Villages & Houses156365 
    Other Vintage Christmas1091 
  -Christmas: Modern (1946-90)33838 
    Artificial Trees33849 
    Candles & Candle Holders33840 
     Other Modern Christmas Figures167999 
    Nativity Items33843 
     Glass, Crystal48791 
     Other Mod. Christmas Ornaments33844 
    Tree Stands & Skirts48798 
    Tree Toppers33848 
    Villages & Houses48799 
    Other Modern Christmas13838 
  -Christmas: Current (1991-Now)1089 
    Artificial Trees33792 
    Candles & Candle Holders10935 
     Other Curr. Christmas Figures168007 
    Handmade Items156368 
    Nativity Items10938 
      Other Animal Tree Ornaments34154 
     Candies, Cookies33854 
     Cars, Trains, Planes33855 
     Cartoon, TV Characters33856 
     Nativity, Religious33858 
     Shoes & Handbags33862 
     Ornament Hooks & Hangers168002 
     Sets, Mixed Lots33868 
     Other Current Tree Ornaments148 
    Tree Stands & Skirts33793 
    Tree Toppers10940 
    Villages & Houses48814 
    Yard Décor33794 
    Other Current Christmas Décor908 
   -Vintage (Pre-1960)70967 
     Bunnies, Rabbits70968 
     Ducks, Chicks70969 
     Other Vintage Easter Décor70971 
   -Modern (1960-1990)168008 
     Bunnies, Rabbits168009 
     Ducks, Chicks168010 
     Other Modern Easter Décor168012 
   -Current (1991-Now)70972 
     Bunnies, Rabbits70973 
     Ducks, Chicks70974 
     Other Current Easter Décor909 
   -Vintage (Pre-1960)10942 
     Candles & Candleholders10943 
     Other Vintage Halloween Décor14286 
   -Modern (1960-1990)168013 
     Candles & Candleholders168014 
     Yard Décor168022 
     Mixed Lots168023 
     Other Modern Halloween Décor168024 
   -Current (1991-Now)33795 
     Candles & Candleholders168025 
      Infants & Toddlers168027 
      Other Curr. Halloween Costumes168033 
      Black Cats33797 
      Skeletons & Skulls33801 
      Spiders & Cobwebs33802 
      Other Current Halloween Décor168408 
     Yard Décor168039 
     Mixed Lots33805 
     Other Current Halloween Décor910 
   July 4th82508 
  -Mardi Gras168040 
    Vintage (Pre-1960)168041 
    Modern (1960-1990)168042 
    Current (1991-Now)4045 
   New Year911 
   St. Patrick's Day103993 
    Vintage (Pre-1960)168044 
    Modern (1960-1990)168045 
    Current (1991-Now)912 
  -Valentine's Day70978 
    Vintage (Pre-1960)70979 
    Modern (1960-1990)168046 
   -Current (1991-Now)70980 
     Other Current Valentine's Day913 
   Other Holiday Collectibles365 
 -Kitchen & Home13905 
   Electric Fans4037 
   Flue Covers4043 
    Beds & Bedroom Sets165531 
    Benches & Stools165532 
    Cabinets & Cupboards165533 
    Dressers & Vanities165535 
    Sideboards & Buffets165536 
    Parts & Salvaged Pieces165538 
    Other Collectible Furniture1400 
     Cake Pans29802 
     Pie Plates29803 
     Other Collectible Bakeware13920 
    Boxes, Bread13921 
    Boxes, Other38133 
    Butter Churns50786 
    Cake Carriers, Savers13922 
     Other Collectible Canisters13923 
   -Cookie Cutters38137 
     Other Vintage Cookie Cutters4046 
   -Cookie Jars4047 
     Vintage (Pre-1970)13924 
    -Modern (1970-Now)38140 
      Animation Characters38143 
      Fruit, Food38145 
      Holiday, Seasonal38146 
      Other Collectible Cookie Jars83 
     Spare Tops, Bottoms4048 
    Cookie Stamps165566 
     Cast Iron976 
     Other Collectible Cookware975 
    Egg Cups14898 
    Mixing Bowls13925 
     Vintage (Pre-1970)38149 
     Modern (1970-Now)14899 
    Napkin Holders13927 
    Pie Birds14900 
   -Salt & Pepper Shakers4049 
      Animation Characters29806 
      Fruit, Vegetables29808 
      Other Figural Salt Shakers13928 
     Range Sets13929 
     Other Salt & Pepper Shakers84 
    Serving Trays14901 
   -Small Appliances11650 
     Coffee Grinders, Mills13930 
     Coffee Makers11652 
     Popcorn Poppers13931 
     Waffle Irons11655 
     Other Vintage Small Appliances982 
    Spice Racks, Jars13932 
    Spoon Rests14902 
    Tea Kettles13933 
     Vintage (Pre-1970)13935 
    -Contemporary (1970-Now)29811 
      Baking Forms63784 
      Cake Takers63785 
      Keychains, Magnets29813 
      Measuring Sets63787 
      Modular Mates63788 
      Pitchers, Cups & Glasses29814 
      Sandwich Keepers63789 
      Other Collectible Tupperware11657 
     Colanders, Strainers11659 
     Egg Beaters11661 
     Ice Cream Scoops11663 
     Measuring Cups, Spoons13936 
     Potato Mashers, Ricers11665 
     Rolling Pins11666 
     Spoons, Forks, Ladles29816 
     Other Collectible Utensils983 
    Other Collectible Kitchenware82 
   Large Appliances165567 
    Flatware & Silverware38150 
   -Melamine, Melmac13938 
     Texas Ware13940 
     Other Collectible Melamine13941 
    Napkin Rings14288 
    Open Salts580 
    Table Accessories13943 
    Tea Sets38156 
    Toothpick Holders156370 
    Other Collectible Tableware979 
 -Knives, Swords & Blades1401 
   Armor & Shields43217Moved from [Accessories-43216]
  -Blade Parts, Supplies & Accs182970New Category
    Blade Maintenance & Care182971New Category
    Blade Parts & Supplies182972New Category
    Blade Sharpeners & Stones43220Moved from [Accessories-43216] Renamed from [Sharpeners]
    Boxes, Cases & Pouches73521Moved from [Accessories-43216] Renamed from [Boxes & Cases]
    Sheaths43221Moved from [Accessories-43216]
    Stands, Hangers & Plaques43219Moved from [Accessories-43216] Renamed from [Displays & Plaques]
    Other Collectible Blade Accs41181Moved from [Accessories-43216]
  -Collectible Fixed Blade Knives182973New Category
   -Vintage Fixed Blade Knives43320Moved from [Fixed Blade Knives-43222] Renamed from [Vintage (Pre-1970)]
     Custom & Handmade43321Renamed from [Custom Manufactured]
     Factory Manufactured43322 
     Other Vint. Fixed-Blade Knives43323Combined into [Factory Manufactured-43322]
   -Modern Fixed Blade43324Moved from [Fixed Blade Knives-43222] Renamed from [Modern (1970-Now)]
     Custom & Handmade43325Renamed from [Custom Manufactured]
     Factory Manufactured73522 
     Other Mod. Fixed-Blade Knives20271Combined into [Factory Manufactured-73522]
  -Collectible Folding Knives182981New Category
   -Vintage Folding Knives43329Moved from [Folding Knives-43328] Renamed from [Vintage (Pre-1970)]
     Custom & Handmade43330Renamed from [Custom Manufactured]
    -Factory Manufactured48815 
      Camillus88912Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Case48816Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Colonial99963Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Imperial165578Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Ka-Bar88913Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Keen Kutter165579Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Schrade48817Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Unbranded88914Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
      Other Vint. Fold. Knife Brands43331Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
     Other Vintage Folding Knives43332Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48815]
   -Modern Folding Knives43333Moved from [Folding Knives-43328] Renamed from [Modern (1970-Now)]
     Custom & Handmade43334Renamed from [Custom Manufactured]
     Factory Manufactured48818 
     Other Modern Folding Knives1403Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48818]
    Mixed Lots165580Moved from [Factory Manufactured-48815]
  -Accessories43216Combined into [Blade Parts, Supplies & Accs-182970]
    Books43218Combined into [Price Guides & Publications-171202]
   Daggers88903Relocated within Parent
   Machetes182974New Category
   Fixed Blade Knives43222Combined into [Collectible Fixed Blade Knives-182973]
   Folding Knives43328Combined into [Factory Manufactured-48818]
   Spears & Spear Heads165583Renamed from [Spears]
  -Swords & Sabers43336Renamed from [Swords]
   -Asian182979New Category
     Chinese88922Moved from [Swords & Sabers-43336]
    -Japanese95131Moved from [Swords & Sabers-43336]
      Antique (Pre 1900)95132Combined into [Swords-66841]
      Modern (1900-Now)43338Combined into [Japanese-95131]
     Other Asian Swords182980New Category
   -European & Mediterranean182975New Category
     Ancient History182976New Category
     Medieval43339Moved from [Swords & Sabers-43336]
     Modern182978New Category
     Renaissance182977New Category
    Middle Eastern165584Relocated within Parent
    Fantasy, Film, TV43337Combined into [TV, Film & Game Replica Blades-157009]
    Military165585Combined into [Other Collectible Swords-20272]
    Rapier43340Combined into [Renaissance-182977]
    Religious165586Combined into [Other Collectible Swords-20272]
    Roman43341Combined into [Ancient History-182976]
    Other Collectible Swords20272 
   Tactical Axes & Hatchets41182Renamed from [Axes & Hatchets]
   TV, Film & Game Replica Blades157009Renamed from [Movie & Video Game Weapons]
   Price Guides & Publications171202 
   Other Collectible Blades475 
 -Lamps, Lighting1404 
   Candle Holders4062 
   Ceiling Fixtures13862 
  -Lamps: Electric4053 
    Floor Lamps35878 
    Lava Lamps4052 
    Motion Lamps4054 
    Table Lamps4056 
    TV Lamps13864 
    Other Collectible Elec. Lamps1405 
  -Lamps: Non-Electric4057 
    Other Vintage Non-Elec. Lamps1406 
  -Lamp Repair, Refurbishing13865 
    Other Collectible Lamp Repair13867 
   Night Lights157010 
   Other Collectible Lighting371 
 -Linens & Textiles (1930-Now)940 
  -Bed & Bath Linens13944 
    Other Vintage Bed & Bath Linen946 
   Curtains & Drapes942 
    Upholstery, Drapery29821 
    Other Vintage Fabric 1930-Now943 
   Feed & Flour Sacks13948 
  -Kitchen Textiles13949 
    Appliance Covers13950 
    Potholders & Oven Mitts13952 
    Other Vintage Kitchen Textiles944 
   Lace, Crochet & Doilies945 
  -Table Linens13954 
    Other Vintage Table Linens165588 
   Price Guides & Publications171190 
   Other Collectible Textiles33 
   Cast Iron3631 
   Sterling Silver1435 
   Price Guides & Publications171191 
   Other Collectible Metalware28 
    Original Period Items1552 
    Reenactment & Reproductions156374 
    Original Period Items13957 
    Reenactment & Reproductions156376 
  -Revolutionary War (1775-83)156377 
    Original Period Items10951 
    Reenactment & Reproductions156378 
    Original Period Items4070 
    Reenactment & Reproductions156380 
  -Civil War (1861-65)13958 
   -Original Period Items36033 
     Artillery Gear, Equipment103994 
     Belts & Belt Buckles103995 
     Correspondence, Mail36036 
     Edged Weapons36037 
     Maps & Atlases156381 
     Medals, Pins & Ribbons36038 
     Posters & Prints156382 
     Other Civil War Original Items136 
    Civil War Veterans' Items156948 
   -Reenactment & Reproductions36040 
     Belts & Belt Buckles103998 
     Edged Weapons36042 
     Women's Apparel165590 
     Other Civil War Reproductions13961 
    Other Civil War-Related Items158427 
  -Indian Wars (1866-97)156383 
    Original Period Items7271 
  -Spanish-Amer War (1898-1902)156385 
    Original Period Items10952 
    Original Period Items583 
  -WW I (1914-18)13962 
   -Original Period Items156389 
     Australia, ANZAC4374 
      Documents & Maps156393 
      Edged Weapons156394 
      Hats & Helmets156395 
      Medals, Pins & Ribbons156396 
      Personal, Field Gear156397 
      Posters & Prints156399 
      Other German WWI Orig. Items13965 
    -Great Britain156400 
      Documents & Maps64821 
      Edged Weapons156402 
      Hats & Helmets156403 
      Medals, Pins & Ribbons156404 
      Personal, Field Gear156405 
      Posters & Prints101152 
      Other British WWI Orig. Items13966 
    -United States134 
      Documents & Maps13973 
      Edged Weapons13970 
      Hats & Helmets13971 
      Medals, Pins & Ribbons13972 
      Personal, Field Gear13974 
      Posters & Prints156416 
      Other US WWI Original Items584 
     Other WWI Original Items13975 
     Australia, ANZAC156407 
     Great Britain156410 
     United States156413 
     Other WWI Reproductions156414 
    Original Period Items13976 
  -WW II (1939-45)13977 
   -Original Period Items156417 
      Edged Weapons36045 
      Hats & Helmets36046 
      Medals, Pins & Ribbons36047 
      Paper Items, Newspapers36048 
      Personal, Field Gear36049 
      Posters & Prints156439 
      Other German WWII Orig. Items4078 
    -Great Britain156418 
      Edged Weapons156420 
      Hats & Helmets156421 
      Medals, Pins & Ribbons156422 
      Paper Items, Newspapers156423 
      Personal, Field Gear156424 
      Posters & Prints156426 
      Other British WWII Orig. Items4074 
      Edged Weapons165599 
      Flags & Banners165600 
      Hats & Helmets165601 
      Medals, Pins & Ribbons165602 
      Paper Items, Newspapers165603 
      Other Japanese WWII Orig Items4080 
      Hats & Helmets165607 
      Medals, Pins & Ribbons165608 
      Paper Items, Newspapers165609 
      Other Russian WWII Orig. Items10954 
    -United States4716 
      Correspondence, Mail13978 
      Documents & Maps4718 
      Edged Weapons4719 
      Field Gear, Equipment4721 
      Flags & Banners104008 
      Hats & Helmets4722 
      Home Front4723 
      Machine Parts & Accessories165611 
      Medals & Ribbons4724 
      Personal Gear4726 
      Posters & Prints4728 
      Tools & Hardware165613 
      Other US WWII Original Items585 
     Other WWII Original Items13980 
     Great Britain156433 
     United States156437 
     Other WWII Reproductions156438 
    Original Period Items13981 
  -Korea (1950-53)156440 
    Original Period Items586 
    Original Period Items13982 
  -Vietnam (1961-75)36060 
   -Original Period Items156444 
     Edged Weapons36061 
     Flags & Banners165614 
     Hats & Helmets36062 
     Medals, Pins & Ribbons36063 
     Personal, Field Gear36065 
     Posters & Prints104016 
     Other Vietnam War Orig. Items587 
    Original Period Items13983 
  -Desert Storm (1990-91)156448 
    Original Period Items10953 
    Original Period Items156451 
  -Current Militaria (2001-Now)36066 
   -Original Items156453 
     Challenge Coins74710 
     Correspondence, Mail156455 
     Cuff Links74711 
     Edged Weapons156457 
     Flags & Banners36067 
     Hats & Helmets36068 
     Medals & Ribbons36069 
     Mugs, Cups & Steins104019 
      Air Force48823 
      Mixed Lots48827 
      Other Current Military Patches36070 
    -Personal, Field Gear156458 
      Bags & Packs156459 
      Belts & Belt Buckles156460 
      Dog Tags156462 
      Gas Masks156463 
      First Aid, Medic Gear156464 
      Mess Kits156466 
      Rings, Pendants & Jewelry156468 
      Other Current Field Gear36071 
     Posters & Prints36073 
     Signs & Plaques104021 
     Stickers & Decals104022 
     Other Current Militaria36074 
  -Militaria (Date Unknown)66527 
    Air Force66528 
    Coast Guard66530 
    Marine Corps66531 
    National Guard66532 
    Other Militaria (Date Unknown)66534 
    Boxes & Chests165616 
    Hats & Helmets36076 
    Machine Parts & Accessories165617 
    Medals, Pins & Ribbons104024 
    Paper Items, Manuals104025 
   -Personal, Field Gear70986 
     Bags & Packs74712 
     Belts & Belt Buckles104026 
     Dog Tags158439 
     Gas Masks158440 
     First Aid, Medic Gear158441 
     Mess Kits158443 
     Rings, Pendants & Jewelry158445 
     Other Surplus Military Gear36077 
    Uniforms & BDUs70988 
    Other Military Surplus588 
   Price Guides & Publications171192 
   Other Militaria135 
 -Non-Sport Trading Cards182982New Category
  -Batman Trading Cards182983New Category
    Trading Card Singles37893Moved from [Comic-37892] Renamed from [Batman]
    Trading Card Lots182984New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets182985New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards182986New Category
  -Benchwarmer182987New Category
    Trading Card Singles99978Moved from [Action, Adventure-60223] Renamed from [Benchwarmer]
    Trading Card Lots182988New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets182989New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards182990New Category
    Benchwarmer Merchandise182991New Category
  -Doctor Who Trading Cards182992New Category
    Trading Card Singles60801New Category
    Trading Card Lots182993New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets182994New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards182995New Category
  -Game of Thrones Trading Cards182996New Category
    Trading Card Singles182997New Category
    Trading Card Lots182998New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets182999New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183000New Category
  -Garbage Pail Kids183001New Category
    Trading Card Singles60235Moved from [Animation-60224] Renamed from [Garbage Pail Kids]
    Trading Card Lots183002New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183003New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183004New Category
    Garbage Pail Kids Merchandise183005New Category
  -Harry Potter Movie Cards183006New Category
    Trading Card Singles73570Moved from [Sci-Fi, Fantasy-37897] Renamed from [Harry Potter]
    Trading Card Lots183007New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183008New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183009New Category
  -James Bond Trading Cards183010New Category
    Trading Card Singles60232Moved from [Action, Adventure-60223] Renamed from [James Bond]
    Trading Card Lots183011New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183012New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183013New Category
  -Lord of the Rings Movie Cards60225Moved from [Sci-Fi, Fantasy-37897] Renamed from [Lord of the Rings]
    Return of the King60243Combined into [Trading Card Singles-60798]
    The Two Towers60244Combined into [Trading Card Singles-60798]
    Fellowship of the Ring60245Combined into [Trading Card Singles-60798]
    Other LOTR Trading Cards60246Combined into [Trading Card Singles-60798]
    Trading Card Singles60798New Category
    Trading Card Lots183032New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183033New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183034New Category
  -Mars Attacks!183014New Category
    Trading Card Singles60226Moved from [Sci-Fi, Fantasy-37897] Renamed from [Mars Attacks]
    Trading Card Lots183015New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183016New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183017New Category
    Mars Attacks! Merchandise183018New Category
  -Marvel Movie Trading Cards183019New Category
    Trading Card Singles183020New Category
    Trading Card Lots183021New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183022New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183023New Category
  -Spider-Man Trading Cards183024New Category
    Trading Card Singles37894Moved from [Comic-37892] Renamed from [Spider-Man]
    Trading Card Lots183025New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183026New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183027New Category
  -Star Trek Trading Cards183028New Category
    Trading Card Singles60808New Category
    Trading Card Lots183029New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183030New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183031New Category
  -Star Wars Trading Cards100899Moved from [Sci-Fi, Fantasy-37897] Renamed from [Star Wars]
    Trading Card Singles672New Category
    Trading Card Lots183035New Category
   -Complete Trading Card Sets99980Renamed from [Sets]
     1977-7999981Combined into [Complete Trading Card Sets-99980]
     1980-8999982Combined into [Complete Trading Card Sets-99980]
     1990-9999983Combined into [Complete Trading Card Sets-99980]
     2000-Now99984Combined into [Complete Trading Card Sets-99980]
     Other Star Wars Card Sets99985Combined into [Complete Trading Card Sets-99980]
   -Singles99986Combined into [Trading Card Singles-672]
     1977-7999987Combined into [Trading Card Singles-672]
     1980-8999988Combined into [Trading Card Singles-672]
     1990-9999989Combined into [Trading Card Singles-672]
     2000-Now99990Combined into [Trading Card Singles-672]
     Other Star Wars Card Singles99991Combined into [Trading Card Singles-672]
    Sealed Trading Cards183061New Category
  -Wacky Packages183036New Category
    Trading Card Singles60240Moved from [Animation-60224] Renamed from [Wacky Packages]
    Trading Card Lots183037New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183038New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183039New Category
    Wacky Packages Merchandise183040New Category
  -Walking Dead Trading Cards183041New Category
    Trading Card Singles183042New Category
    Trading Card Lots183043New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183044New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183045New Category
  -X-Men Trading Cards183046New Category
    Trading Card Singles48829Moved from [Comic-37892] Renamed from [X-Men]
    Trading Card Lots183047New Category
    Complete Trading Card Sets183048New Category
    Sealed Trading Cards183049New Category
   Trading Card Singles183050New Category
   Trading Card Lots183051New Category
   Complete Trading Card Sets183052New Category
   Sealed Trading Cards183053New Category
   Wrappers & Empty Card Boxes183054New Category
   Vintage Non-Sport Cards156521Moved from [Trading Cards-868] Renamed from [Vintage (Pre-1980)]
   Sticker Albums, Packs & Spares183490New Category
  -Non-Sport Card Supplies & Accs183056New Category
    Card Sleeves & Bags183057New Category
    Card Toploaders & Holders183058New Category
    Card Albums & Pages183059New Category
    Card Storage Boxes183060New Category
   Price Guides & Publications171198Moved from [Trading Cards-868]
   Other Non-Sport Card Merch219Moved from [Trading Cards-868] Renamed from [Other Trading Cards]
   Bank Checks & Drafts168047 
    Unspecified, Unknown Date165656 
    Unspecified, Unknown Date165657 
    1980-Last Year156485 
    Current Year, Next Year156486 
    Perpetual Calendars156487 
    Unspecified, Unknown Date41394 
    Unspecified, Unknown Date165661 
    Unspecified, Unknown Date165658 
    Unspecified, Unknown Date41191 
   Gift Wrap165659 
    Hotels, Motels156498 
    Lounges, Bars156499 
    Vehicles, Transportation156501 
    International Locations156502 
    US Locations156503 
    Other Collectible Matchbooks477 
   Matchbox Labels165660 
    Unspecified, Unknown Date165663 
  -Pin Up13685 
    Vintage (Pre-1970)3899 
    Contemporary (1970-Now)4948 
   Playing Cards1438 
  -Vintage Greeting Cards35889 
    Valentine's Day35892 
    Unused Vintage156506 
    Mixed Lots156507 
    Other Vintage Greeting Cards3633 
   Other Paper Collectibles125 
 -Pens & Writing Instruments966 
   Calligraphy Tools4377 
  -Desktop Items28019 
    Clips & Holders38015 
    Letter Openers28020 
    Pencil Sharpeners28021 
    Stamps & Seals165618 
    Other Desktop Collectibles969 
   -Ballpoint Pens29826 
     Handmade Pens165638 
     Caran d'Ache165640 
     Faber Castell165641 
     S.T. Dupont165646 
     Other Collectible Ballpoint7279 
    Floaty Pens7280 
   -Fountain Pens13999 
     Handmade Pens165619 
     Caran d'Ache165621 
     Conway Stewart60819 
     Faber Castell165622 
     S.T. Dupont165624 
     Wahl, Eversharp20268 
     Other Fountain Pens7281 
   -Rollerball Pens165630 
     Other Rollerball Pens165637 
    Other Collectible Pens967 
  -Pen Accessories165650 
    Ink Refills & Cartridges165652 
    Other Collectible Pen Accs165653 
    Other Collectible Pencils968 
   Price Guides & Publications171193 
   Other Writing Collectibles158 
 -Pez, Keychains, Promo Glasses14005 
    Modern (1970-Now)3628 
    Vintage (Pre-1970)38017 
    -Cartoon Characters73540 
      Warner Brothers73542 
      Other Cartoon Character Pez38024 
     Holiday, Seasonal38025 
     Star Wars73543 
     Other Current Pez Collectibles4098 
    Vintage (no feet)4099 
   Promo Glasses1443 
  Phone Cards1463Moved from [Trading Cards-868]
 -Photographic Images14277 
  -Vintage & Antique (Pre-1940)407 
    Cabinet Photos13705 
    Magic Lantern Glass Slides14278 
    Photo Albums26265 
    Other Antique Photographs14279 
  -Contemporary (1940-Now)14281 
     Other Celebrity Photographs14280 
    Other Contemporary Photographs48 
    Vintage & Antique (Pre-1940)1507 
    Contemporary (1940-Now)156484 
 -Pinbacks, Bobbles, Lunchboxes39507 
  -Lunchboxes, Thermoses1409 
   -Metal Lunchboxes156473 
   -Metal Thermoses156477 
   -Plastic Lunchboxes156480 
   -Plastic Thermoses156481 
    Other Collectible Lunchboxes150 
  -Bobbleheads, Nodders19287 
    Vintage (Pre-1970)19288 
   -Modern (1970-Now)38018 
     Bosley Bobbers91113 
     Cartoon Characters38019 
     Movie, Television Characters149371 
     Promotional, Advertising149373 
     Other Bobbleheads (1970-Now)4083 
    Campaigns, Elections, Politics50790 
    Carnivals, Fairs149382 
    Clubs, Memberships149384 
    Comic Books, Cartoons50788 
    Media, Press73545 
    Movies, Television149380 
    Music, Musicians149381 
    Red Cross63803 
     Hard Rock63805 
     Outback Steakhouse63806 
     Other Restaurant Pinbacks50791 
    Souvenirs, Travel149390 
    U.S. States73546 
    Mixed Lots73547 
    Other Collectible Pinbacks2036 
   Amusement Parks13996 
   Artist Signed916 
   Buildings, Architecture156356 
   Cowboy, Western Motifs927 
  -Cultures & Ethnicities36079 
    Black Americana36081 
    Native Americana36082 
    Other Cultural Postcards917 
   National Parks4095 
   Real Photo29480 
  -Roadside America156337 
    Gas Stations156338 
    Hotels, Motels & Hostels13997 
    Restaurants & Diners156339 
    Roads & Highways165514 
    Roadside Attractions165515 
    Other US Roadside Postcards156340 
    Boats, Ships29488 
    Motorcycles, Scooters69742 
    Trains, Railroad29489 
    Other Transportation Postcards926 
  -US States, Cities & Towns20193 
    District of Columbia20202 
    New Hampshire20223 
    New Jersey20224 
    New Mexico20225 
    New York35910 
    North Carolina20227 
    North Dakota20228 
    Rhode Island20233 
    South Carolina20234 
    South Dakota20235 
    West Virginia20242 
    US Territories165530 
    Scenic, Unspecified State21530 
    Mixed Lots924 
  -International Cities & Towns20245 
    Australia, NZ, South Pacific20247 
    Austria, Switzerland20248 
    Benelux Countries20249 
    Caribbean Islands20251 
    Central America20252 
    Eastern Europe156354 
    Greece, Turkey, Balkan States20256 
    Middle East156355 
    South America20263 
    Southeast Asia20264 
    Spain, Portugal20265 
    Mixed Lots20266 
    Other Int'l Cities & Towns4096 
   Uncirculated Postcards156357 
   Supplies & Reference167981 
   Other Collectible Postcards127 
 -Radio, Phonograph, TV, Phone29832 
  -Phonographs, Accessories38026 
    Accessories, Parts38027 
    Columbia Phonographs38028 
    Edison Phonographs38029 
    Victor Phonographs38030 
    Other Phonographs1442 
    Crystal Radios165665 
    Parts & Tubes7275 
    QSL Cards38031 
    Transistor Radios932 
   -Tube Radios38032 
    Other Collectible Radios132 
   Television Sets3638 
   Price Guides & Publications171194 
   Other Vintage Radio, TV, Phone29833 
 -Religion & Spirituality1446 
    Amulets & Pendants165667 
    Incense & Incense Holders165669 
    Jewelry & Watches165670 
    Prayer Beads165671 
    Prayer Flags165672 
    Prayer Wheels165673 
    Prints, Posters & Paintings165674 
    Statues & Figures165675 
    Other Buddhism Collectibles13766 
    Bears & Dolls35808 
    Crucifixes & Crosses11669 
    Holy Cards13767 
    Holy Water Fonts165681 
    Plates & Plaques35817 
    Posters, Prints & Pictures35818 
    Statues & Figures13771 
    Other Christian Collectibles1447 
    Amulets & Pendants165684 
    Prayer Beads165685 
    Prints, Posters & Paintings165686 
    Statues & Figures165687 
    Other Hinduism Collectibles13772 
    Amulets & Pendants165689 
    Prayer Beads165690 
    Prayer Rugs165691 
    Scarves & Headwear165692 
    Other Islam Collectibles4280 
    Cups & Plates35829 
    Jewelry & Watches165695 
    Kippahs, Yarmulkes165696 
    Mezuzahs, Scrolls165697 
    Pendants & Pins35830 
    Tallis, Prayer Shawls168048 
    Other Judaism Collectibles1449 
  -Wicca & Paganism35831 
    Altar Cloths165700 
    Amulets, Pendants & Charms35832 
    Ceremonial Knives & Daggers35838 
    Figures & Statues165704 
    Incense, Herbs & Oils35834 
    Jewelry & Watches165703 
    Runes & Stones35836 
    Tarot Cards & Bags35837 
    Other Wicca & Paganism13776 
   Other Spiritual Collectibles366 
 -Rocks, Fossils & Minerals3213 
  -Crystals & Mineral Specimens3221 
    Decorator Pieces3227 
    Display Specimens3225 
    Fluorescent Minerals3223 
    Precious Metals3229 
    Rare Specimens3224 
    Other Mineral Specimens3220 
     Insects, Hexapods3218 
     Other Arthropod Fossils165708 
     Other Echinoderm Fossils165718 
     Other Mollusk Fossils165714 
     Petrified Wood3219 
     Other Vegetation Fossils165721 
     Amphibian, Reptile & Dinosaur15915 
     Bony Fish15916 
     Shark Teeth15917 
     Other Vertebrate Fossils165724 
    Tools & Supplies165726 
    Other Collectible Fossils3214 
  -Lapidary Materials4839 
    Rough for Cabbing4841 
    Rough for Faceting4842 
    Tools & Supplies4843 
    Other Lapidary Materials3237 
   Meteorites & Tektites3239 
    Sand Dollar157016 
    Sea Urchin157018 
    Other Collectible Shells4838 
   Stone Carvings12525 
   Merchandise & Memorabilia165727 
   Other Rocks, Fossils, Minerals415 
 -Science Fiction & Horror152 
   Aliens, AVP73548 
   Babylon 5785 
   Battlestar Galactica37880 
   Buffy the Vampire Slayer14905 
   Dr. Who1450 
   Firefly, Serenity157023 
   Lost in Space73550 
   Planet of the Apes14015 
   Resident Evil165730 
   Space 199999965 
  -Star Trek29493 
    Original Series37881 
    Next Generation37882 
    Deep Space Nine37883 
    Animated Adventures37886 
     Captain Kirk74714 
     Other Star Trek Characters74717 
    Other Star Trek Collectibles155 
  -Star Wars29495 
    I:The Phantom Menace37890 
    II:Attack of the Clones37891 
    III:Revenge of the Sith98027 
    IV:Star Wars37887 
    V:Empire Strikes Back37888 
    VI:Return of the Jedi37889 
    VII:The Force Awakens182078 
   -Products, Non-Film Specific99966 
     Apparel, T-Shirts99967 
     Collector Plates99969 
     Costumes, Masks99970 
     Lightsabers, Weapons99971 
     Posters, Prints99973 
    -Statues, Busts, Characters73552 
      Anakin Skywalker98028 
      Boba Fett73553 
      Darth Maul98030 
      Darth Vader73554 
      Han Solo98032 
      Kylo Ren182081 
      Luke Skywalker73555 
      Maz Kanata182082 
      Poe Dameron182083 
      Princess Leia73557 
      Mixed Characters98034 
      Other Star Wars Characters73559 
     Watches, Jewelry99976 
     Other Star Wars Collectibles154 
   Stargate SG-198035 
   UFOs, Area 51, Roswell99977 
   Other Sci-Fi Collectibles153 
 -Science & Medicine (1930-Now)412 
    Drafting Tools14017 
    Slide Rules14018 
    Surveying Equipment4087 
    Other Engineering Collectibles14019 
  -Medicine, Dentistry4065 
    Medical Devices4067 
    Medical Paper4068 
    Other Medical Collectibles4064 
    Paper Items15914 
    Stickers, Decals156520 
    Other Mining Collectibles3632 
    Other Optical Collectibles4084 
  -Scientific Instruments14020 
    Microscopes, Lab Equipment14023 
    Other Vintage Science Equip414 
   Price Guides & Publications171196 
   Other Sci & Med Collectibles413 
 -Sewing (1930-Now)113 
   Baskets & Boxes38058 
    Pearl, Shell41196 
    Vegetable Ivory165798 
    Mixed Lots41198 
    Other Vintage Sewing Buttons115 
   Foot Pedals38054 
   Manuals & Books38055 
   Needles & Cases38056 
    Dolls, Toys, Animals38057 
    Other Vintage Sewing Patterns606 
   Pin Cushions1465 
   Sewing Kits38059 
   Spools & Thread14083 
    Silver, Sterling38065 
    Mixed Material156536 
    Thimble Holders156537 
    Thimble Displays156538 
    Other Vintage Thimbles116 
   Tools, Scissors & Measures38067 
   Price Guides & Publications171200 
   Other Sewing Collectibles114 
 -Souvenirs & Travel Memorabilia165800 
  -United States165801 
    District of Columbia165810 
    New Hampshire165831 
    New Jersey165832 
    New Mexico165833 
    New York165834 
    North Carolina165835 
    North Dakota165836 
    Rhode Island165841 
    South Carolina165842 
    South Dakota165843 
    West Virginia165850 
    US Territories165853 
    Mixed Lots165854 
    Australia, NZ & South Pacific165857 
    Benelux Countries168053 
    Caribbean Islands168054 
    Eastern Europe168055 
    Greece, Turkey & Balkan States165862 
    Middle East165867 
    South America165870 
    Southeast Asia165871 
    Spain & Portugal165872 
    Mixed Lots165874 
    Other Int'l Travel Memorabilia165875 
   Other Travel Memorabilia165876 
    Ads & Posters38040 
    Cigar Boxes11673 
    Cigar Cases & Holders156508 
    Cutters & Scissors11674 
     Antique & Vintage156516 
    Accessory Kits156517 
    Other Cigar Collectibles986 
   Felts & Silks38041 
     Flags, Patriotic104029 
     Nautical, Ships104030 
     Playboy, Pinups70996 
     Police, Firefighting104031 
     Skulls, Gothic104032 
     Other Zippo Lighters952 
   -Non-Branded Lighters70997 
     Cigar Lighters73561 
     Glass Lighters104034 
     Other Non-Branded Lighters71002 
    Other Collectible Lighters595 
   Match Holders4117 
    Other Collectible Pipes596 
   Rollers & Makers73564 
   Snuff Boxes75512 
   Tobacco Cards4120 
   Price Guides & Publications171195 
   Other Tobacciana133 
 -Tools, Hardware & Locks13849 
   Locks, Keys3557 
    Blowtorches, Soldering39728 
   -Carpentry, Woodworking13870 
     Axes, Hatchets39729 
     Levels, Plumb Bobs13873 
     Rules, Tapes104038 
     Vises, Clamps104041 
     Other Collectible Carpentry4123 
    Guides, Catalogs40130 
    Plumbing, Steam Fitting104042 
    Pulleys, Block & Tackle104043 
    Tool Boxes, Chests39731 
    Other Collectible Tools1461 
   Price Guides & Publications171197 
 -Trading Cards868Combined into [Non-Sport Trading Cards-182982]
  -Action, Adventure60223Combined into [Non-Sport Trading Cards-182982]
    Alias98036Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    CSI98037Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Indiana Jones163747Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    The Terminator73566Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Tomb Raider60233Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Other Action Trading Cards60234Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
  -Animation60224Combined into [Non-Sport Trading Cards-182982]
    Looney Tunes60236Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Magic the Gathering60237Combined into [MTG Individual Cards-38292]
   -Pokémon104044Combined into [Pokémon Trading Card Game-183466]
     Boxes, Packages104045Combined into [Pokémon Sealed Booster Packs-4301]
     Individual Cards104047Combined into [Pokémon Individual Cards-2611]
     Promotional104048Combined into [Pokémon Individual Cards-2611]
     Other Pokémon Trading Cards60238Combined into [Pokémon Mixed Card Lots-104049]
    Scooby Doo73567Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    The Simpsons60239Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
   -Yu-Gi-Oh!104050Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game-31393]
     Accessories104051Combined into [Other Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Items-31397]
     Boxes104052Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Sealed Booster Packs-31396]
     Full Sets104053Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Complete Sets-49203]
     Individual Cards104054Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Individual Cards-31395]
     Packs104055Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Sealed Booster Packs-31396]
     Promotional104056Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Individual Cards-31395]
     Mixed Lots104057Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Mixed Card Lots-49209]
     Other Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Cards60241Combined into [Yu-Gi-Oh! Mixed Card Lots-49209]
    Other Animation Trading Cards60242Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
  -Comic37892Combined into [Non-Sport Trading Cards-182982]
    Hellboy73568Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Incredible Hulk48828Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Iron Man163748Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Superman37895Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    VS System98337Combined into [CCG Individual Cards-183454]
    Other Comic Book Trading Cards668Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
   Historical, Military37896Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
  -Sci-Fi, Fantasy37897Combined into [Non-Sport Trading Cards-182982]
    Aliens, AVP98038Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Angel37898Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Babylon 5670Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Battlestar Galactica74718Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer29836Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Charmed73569Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Farscape98039Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Lexx98040Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Lost in Space99979Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Outer Limits98041Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Planet of the Apes60227Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Smallville60228Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Stargate60229Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Star Trek671Combined into [Trading Card Singles-60808]
    Twilight168050Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Twilight Zone37899Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Xena60230Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    X-Files673Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Witchblade37900Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Other SF-Fantasy Trading Cards37901Combined into [Trading Card Singles-183050]
    Antenna Toppers63816 
   -Books & Manuals35929 
     American Vehicles35930 
     Asian Vehicles95133 
     British Vehicles35931 
     European Vehicles35932 
     Other Vintage Auto Books14026 
   -Brochures & Catalogs35933 
    -American Vehicles86943 
      American Motors165733 
      General Motors165735 
      Other American Auto Catalogs35934 
     Asian Vehicles35935 
     British Vehicles35936 
     European Vehicles35937 
     Other Vintage Auto Brochures14027 
    Clothing & Hats14028 
    Decals & Stickers14029 
    Dishes, Cups & Mugs35938 
    Floormats & Seat Covers165739 
    Gas Pumps & Fueling Systems95134 
    Hitch Covers74720 
    Hood Ornaments & Emblems33757 
    Horns & Bells95135 
    Hubcaps & Hub Nuts95136 
    License Plate Frames33758 
   -License Plates14030 
     US: Alabama20273 
     US: Alaska35940 
     US: Arizona32770 
     US: Arkansas35994 
     US: California14032 
     US: Colorado14033 
     US: Connecticut35941 
     US: Delaware35942 
     US: District of Columbia35943 
     US: Florida14034 
     US: Georgia35944 
     US: Hawaii35945 
     US: Idaho35946 
     US: Illinois14035 
     US: Indiana20274 
     US: Iowa20275 
     US: Kansas14036 
     US: Kentucky32771 
     US: Louisiana35947 
     US: Maine20276 
     US: Maryland35948 
     US: Massachusetts20277 
     US: Michigan20278 
     US: Minnesota25428 
     US: Mississippi35949 
     US: Missouri25429 
     US: Montana20279 
     US: Nebraska25430 
     US: Nevada35995 
     US: New Hampshire20280 
     US: New Jersey25431 
     US: New Mexico35950 
     US: New York14037 
     US: North Carolina25432 
     US: North Dakota35951 
     US: Ohio14038 
     US: Oklahoma35952 
     US: Oregon20281 
     US: Pennsylvania14039 
     US: Rhode Island35953 
     US: South Carolina35996 
     US: South Dakota35997 
     US: Tennessee20282 
     US: Texas14040 
     US: Utah35954 
     US: Vermont35955 
     US: Virginia20979 
     US: Washington35956 
     US: West Virginia35957 
     US: Wisconsin20283 
     US: Wyoming35958 
     US: Mixed State Lots32772 
     US: Territories165740 
     Non-Country Specific95137 
     Other US License Plates421 
    Model Cars & Trucks165741 
    Original Photos14042 
     American Vehicles95143 
     Asian Vehicles95144 
     British Vehicles95145 
     European Vehicles95146 
     Other Vintage Auto Posters14045 
    Press Kits14046 
    Signs & Plaques14048 
    Spark Plugs74722 
    Steering Wheels & Knobs74723 
    Traffic Lights & Signals95147 
    Other Automobilia418 
     Aer Lingus165742 
     Air Canada/TCA7170 
     Air France3861 
     Alaska Airlines95148 
     British Airways3862 
     Cathay Pacific95149 
     Hawaiian Airlines168051 
     Japan Airlines95150 
     National Airlines3865 
     Pan Am811 
     SAS, Scandinavian Airlines95151 
     Singapore Airlines95152 
     US Airways165747 
     Virgin Atlantic96836 
     Freight Carriers25434 
     Merchandise & Memorabilia165748 
     Other Airline Collectibles806 
    Historic Aviators165750 
    Hot-Air Balloons40050 
   -Military Aircraft86953 
     Desk & Shelf Models86954 
    -Photos & Prints104058 
      Jet-Powered Aircraft104060 
      Prop Driven Aircraft104061 
      Other Military Aircraft Photos86955 
     Pins & Wings86956 
     Other Military Aircraft Items14050 
    Private Aircraft14051 
    Other Aviation Collectibles419 
    Bicycle Accessories156522 
    Bicycle Parts156523 
    Complete Bicycles156524 
    Printed Material156525 
    Other Bicycle Collectibles420 
  -Boats & Ships14052 
    Commercial Ships & Tugs95156 
   -Cruise Ships & Ocean Liners35962 
     Holland America35964 
     Princess Cruise Line165751 
     Royal Caribbean165752 
     SS Normandie165753 
     SS Norway165754 
     SS United States165755 
     White Star & Titanic35965 
     Other Cruise Ship Collectibles14053 
     Posters & Prints95159 
     Other Naval Collectibles14054 
    Other Boat & Ship Collectibles423 
   Buses & Taxi Cabs4151 
  -Maps & Atlases1412 
    Celestial & Planetary165757 
     Australia & Oceania165760 
     Central & South America165761 
     Mixed Lots14057 
     Other Collectible Maps582 
      Badges & Patches35967 
      Bandanas & Scarves95160 
      Belt Buckles60219 
      Dishes, Cups & Mugs35968 
      Manuals, Handbooks & Catalogs95161 
      Pins & Buttons35970 
      Playing Cards165763 
      Posters & Prints35971 
      Stickers & Decals35973 
      Other Harley Collectibles10960 
     Orange County Choppers95162 
     Other US Motorcycle Items14059 
   -British, European165764 
     Other Euro Motorcycle Items10959 
     Other JPN Motorcycle Items10961 
   -Motorcycle Memorabilia165776 
     Diecast & Models165777 
     License Plates165778 
     Motorcycle Gear165780 
     Pins & Buttons165784 
     Stickers & Decals165786 
     Other Motorcycle Memorabilia165787 
    Other Motorcycle Collectibles10957 
  -Railroadiana & Trains1444 
    Canadian Railroadiana & Trains7195 
    Dinnerware & Utensils4127 
     Badges & Emblems4126 
     Lanterns & Lamps4128 
     Spikes & Nails95163 
     Whistles, Bells & Horns95164 
     Other Railroadiana Hardware4124 
    Hats & Caps165790 
    Mugs & Cups165795 
     Annual Reports36010 
     Documents & Letters165791 
     Employee Timetables4134 
     Manuals & Guides165792 
     Passes & Tickets4135 
     Playing Cards35974 
     Public Timetables4136 
     Rule Books4137 
     Stock Certificates & Bonds95167 
     Other Railroadiana Paper Items1445 
    Patches, Pins & Buttons165796 
     Other Collectible Train Photos74725 
    Prints, Posters & Paintings67759 
    Signs & Plaques165797 
    Watches & Pocket Watches95168 
    Other Railroadiana130 
   Traction & Trolleys152541 
    Brochures & Pamphlets35978 
    Other Truck Collectibles10963 
   Other Transport. Collectibles4150 
 -Vanity, Perfume & Shaving597 
   Combs, Brushes18790 
   Hand Mirrors14081 
   Lipstick Tubes, Holders156530 
    Commercial Bottles/Tins35983 
    Commercial Miniatures35984 
    Decorative Glass/Crystal35985 
    Other Perfume Collectibles602 
   Pill Boxes14082 
   Powder Boxes156531 
   Powder Jars4154 
    Electric Shavers35987 
    Mugs, Brushes35988 
    Safety Razors35989 
    Straight Razors35990 
    Shaving Sets35991 
    Strops, Sharpeners35992 
    Other Shaving Collectibles887 
   Trinket Boxes18791 
   Vanity Accessories599 
   Price Guides & Publications171199 
   Other Vanity Collectibles598 
 -Vintage, Retro, Mid-Century69851 
 -Wholesale Lots45058 
   Knives & Swords45061 
   Pins, Buttons45062 
   Postcards & Paper45063 
   Trading Cards45064Combined into [Trading Card Lots-183051]
   Other Collectible Lots26425 


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