Category Changes: Cell Phones & Accessories

October 2016 : Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
-Clothing, Shoes & Accessories11450 
 -Baby & Toddler Clothing3082 
  -Baby Accessories163222 
    Gloves & Mittens163225 
    Hair Accessories18786 
    Other Baby Accessories163226 
   Baby Shoes147285 
  -Boys' Clothing (Newborn-5T)147317 
    Outfits & Sets147333 
    Tops & T-Shirts147340 
    Mixed Items & Lots147342 
    Other Newborn-5T Boys Clothes147343 
  -Girls' Clothing (Newborn-5T)147192 
    Outfits & Sets147211 
    Socks & Tights147284 
    Tops & T-Shirts147218 
    Mixed Items & Lots147220 
    Other Newborn-5T Girls Clothes147221 
  -Unisex Clothing (Newborn-5T)163397 
    Outfits & Sets163427 
    Tops & T-Shirts163401 
    Mixed Items & Lots163402 
    Other Newborn-5T Unisex57875 
   Other Baby & Toddler Clothing1070 
 -Kids' Clothing, Shoes & Accs171146 
  -Boys' Clothing (Sizes 4 & Up)11452 
    Outfits & Sets156790 
    Sweatshirts & Hoodies57916 
    Tops, Shirts & T-Shirts175521 
    Mixed Items & Lots15620 
    Other Boys' Clothes Sizes 4+1067 
   Boys' Shoes57929 
  -Boys' Accessories57881 
    Backpacks & Bags57882 
    Belts & Belt Buckles57883 
    Gloves & Mittens57885 
    Key Chains175524 
    Mixed Items & Lots156789 
    Other Boys' Accessories3075 
  -Girls' Clothing (Sizes 4 & Up)11462 
    Jumpsuits & Rompers175528 
    Outfits & Sets156801 
    Socks & Tights153797 
    Sweatshirts & Hoodies152554 
    Tops, Shirts & T-Shirts175529 
    Mixed Items & Lots15652 
    Other Girls' Clothes Sizes 4+51587 
   Girls' Shoes57974 
  -Girls' Accessories15628 
    Belts & Belt Buckles57918 
    Gloves & Mittens57919 
    Hair Accessories57920 
    Key Chains175527 
    Purses & Wallets15629 
    Scarves & Wraps57927 
    Shoe Charms150956 
    Mixed Items & Lots15633 
    Other Girls' Accessories11467 
  -Unisex Clothing155198 
    Sweatshirts & Hoodies155200 
    Tops & T-Shirts155199 
    Other Unisex Clothing155203 
   Unisex Shoes155202 
   Other Kids' Clothing & Accs175640 
 -Costumes, Reenactment, Theater163147 
    Infants & Toddlers90635 
    Mixed Items & Lots175649 
    Other Costumes19255 
  -Reenactment & Theater175650 
    18th Century, Colonial163129 
    Civil War125474 
    Medieval & Renaissance125473 
    Victorian & Edwardian125475 
    Other Reenactment & Theater163132 
    Bags & Pouches175641 
    Belts & Sashes175642 
    Boas, Scarves & Leis175643 
    Capes, Coats & Cloaks155345 
    Crowns & Tiaras155346 
    Face Paint & Stage Makeup175644 
    Fans & Parasols175645 
    Handhelds & Props163148 
    Hats & Headgear155349 
    Masks & Eye Masks116724 
    Shoes & Footwear155347 
    Wigs & Facial Hair155350 
    Wings, Tails, Ears & Noses155351 
    Other Costume Accessories82161 
   Other Theatrical Clothing163149 
 -Cultural & Ethnic Clothing155240 
  -Asia & Pacific Islands155242 
    Other Asian & Pacific Clothing155245 
    Kilts & Sporrans112424 
    Other European Clothing163145 
  -India & Pakistan155246 
    Salwar Kameez155249 
    Sari, Saree155250 
    Other Ind-Pak Clothes & Accs155251 
   Latin America155252 
   Middle East155253 
   Native American163146 
   Other Cultural Clothing155254 
  -Adult Dancewear175638 
    Belly Dancing152362 
    Square Dancing152363 
    Leg Warmers163139 
    Leggings & Tights152364 
    Leotards & Unitards152365 
    Pants & Shorts163140 
    Tops, Shirts152367 
    Totes, Duffel Bags152368 
    Dance Accessories152369 
    Other Adult Dancewear112428 
   Baby & Toddler Dancewear172007 
  -Kids' Dancewear152345 
    Dresses & Tutus152352 
    Leg Warmers163137 
    Leggings & Tights152353 
    Leotards & Unitards152354 
    Pants & Shorts163138 
    Tops, Shirts152356 
    Totes, Duffel Bags152357 
    Dance Accessories152358 
    Other Kids' Dancewear112426 
  -Dance Shoes175639 
    Jazz, Hip Hop150664 
    Other Dance Shoes153004 
 -Men's Accessories4250 
   Backpacks, Bags & Briefcases52357 
   Belt Buckles86647 
   Canes & Walking Sticks152537 
   Collar Tips177649 
   Gloves & Mittens2994 
  -ID & Document Holders169271 
    Business & Credit Card Cases105860 
    Checkbook Holders105408 
    ID & Badge Holders163582 
    Passport Holders163584 
    Other Men's ID & Doc Holders169272 
   Key Chains, Rings & Cases52373 
   Money Clips163583 
   Organizers & Day Planners15665 
  -Sunglasses & Fashion Eyewear179239 
    Sunglass Lens Replacements179194 
    Fashion Eyewear/Clear Glasses179240 
    Eyewear Accessories179241 
    Other Men's Eyewear179242 
   Suspenders, Braces105387 
   Mixed Items & Lots175627 
   Other Men's Accessories1060 
 -Men's Clothing1059 
   Casual Shirts57990 
   Dress Shirts57991 
   Athletic Apparel137084 
   Blazers & Sport Coats3002 
   Coats & Jackets57988 
   Sleepwear & Robes11510 
   Sweats & Hoodies155183 
   Mixed Items & Lots84434 
   Other Men's Clothing313 
 -Men's Shoes93427 
   Sandals & Flip Flops11504 
   Mixed Items & Lots63850 
 -Uniforms & Work Clothing28015 
   Coveralls & Jumpsuits178962 
   Jackets & Vests175629 
   Lab Coats105417 
   Pants & Shorts163525 
   Scouting Uniforms105418 
    Mixed Lots105444 
    Other Scrubs16119 
   Other Uniforms & Work Clothing163528 
 -Unisex Clothing, Shoes & Accs155184 
  -Unisex Accessories155185 
    Bags & Backpacks163537 
    Belt Buckles163542 
    Collar Tips177650 
    Earmuffs, Earwarmers169277 
    Gloves & Mittens169278 
    ID & Document Holders169279 
    Key Chains169280 
    Scarves & Bandanas169281 
    Shoe Care & Repair178963 
    Shoe Charms163549 
    Shoe Insoles169284 
   -Sunglasses & Fashion Eyewear179243 
     Sunglass Lens Replacements179195 
     Fashion Eyewear/Clear Glasses179244 
     Eyewear Accessories179245 
     Other Unisex Eyewear179246 
    Other Unisex Accessories155191 
  -Unisex Adult Clothing155192 
    Jeans, Pants & Shorts166696 
    Sleepwear & Robes166697 
    Sweatshirts, Hoodies155194 
    Other Unisex Adult Clothing155197 
   Unisex Adult Shoes155196 
   Other Unisex Clothing & Accs167905 
 -Wedding & Formal Occasion3259 
   Wedding Dresses15720 
   Bridal Shoes105471 
  -Bridal Accessories106127 
    Belts & Sashes180249 
    Bridal Jewelry163552 
    Fans & Parasols163553 
    Hair Accessories163560 
    Handbags & Bags163551 
    Slips, Petticoats & Hoops98745 
    Storage Bags & Preservation175631 
    Tiaras & Headbands105516 
    Wraps & Jackets105472 
    Other Bridal Accessories106128 
   Bridesmaids' & Formal Dresses175633 
   Mother of the Bride131474 
   Women's Formal Hats131476 
  -Men's Formal Occasion105508 
    Ties, Cravats & Cummerbunds105509 
    Tuxedo & Formal Jackets105511 
    Tuxedo & Formal Shirts105512 
    Tuxedo & Formal Vests105514 
    Tuxedos & Formal Suits105515 
    Other Men's Formal Occasion114293 
   Boys' Formal Occasion105520 
   Girls' Formal Occasion3263 
   Novelty Attire175632 
   Other Wedding & Formal Wear1265 
 -Women's Accessories4251 
   Belt Buckles163573 
   Collar Tips177651 
   Fascinators & Headpieces168998 
   Gloves & Mittens105559 
   Hair Accessories45220 
  -ID & Document Holders169285 
    Business & Credit Card Cases105544 
    Checkbook Covers169286 
    ID & Badge Holders169287 
    Passport Holders169288 
    Other Women's ID & Doc Holders169289 
   Key Chains, Rings & Finders45237 
   Organizers & Day Planners15735 
   Scarves & Wraps45238 
   Shoe Charms150955 
  -Sunglasses & Fashion Eyewear179247 
    Sunglass Lens Replacements179196 
    Fashion Eyewear/Clear Glasses179248 
    Eyewear Accessories179249 
    Other Women's Eyewear179250 
   Mixed Items & Lots15738 
   Other Women's Accessories1063 
 -Women's Clothing15724 
   Athletic Apparel137085 
   Coats & Jackets63862 
  -Hosiery & Socks11524 
    Leg Warmers163587 
    Pantyhose & Tights11525 
    Stockings & Thigh-Highs11527 
    Other Women's Hosiery & Socks11523 
  -Intimates & Sleep11514 
    Bras & Bra Sets63853 
    Breast Forms, Enhancers163593 
    Camisoles & Camisole Sets11521 
    Corsets & Bustiers11522 
    Garter Belts163586 
    Sleepwear & Robes63855 
    Mixed Intimate Items15746 
    Other Women's Intimates4844 
   Jumpsuits & Rompers3009 
    Coats & Jackets63856 
    Jumpsuits & Rompers53447 
    Outfits & Sets167903 
    Pantyhose & Tights179840 
    Suits & Blazers108898 
    Sweats & Hoodies155206 
    Tops & Blouses63858 
    Mixed Maternity Items15754 
    Other Maternity Clothing1264 
   Suits & Blazers63865 
   Sweats & Hoodies155226 
   Tops & Blouses53159 
   Mixed Items & Lots84275 
   Other Women's Clothing314 
 -Women's Handbags & Bags169291 
   Handbags & Purses63852 
   Backpacks & Bookbags169292 
   Briefcases & Laptop Bags169293 
   Diaper Bags169295 
  -Travel & Shopping Bags80600 
    Duffel & Gym Bags169296 
    Fanny, Waist Packs169298 
    Reusable Eco Bags169302 
    Other Travel & Shopping Bags42526 
   Handbag Accessories163570 
   Mixed Items & Lots169303 
 -Women's Shoes3034 
   Flats & Oxfords45333 
   Sandals & Flip Flops62107 
   Mixed Items & Lots63889 
  -Vintage Accessories182059 
    Bags, Handbags & Cases74962 
    Belt Buckles163600 
    Canes & Walking Sticks182060 
    Children's Hats182028Moved from [Children's Vintage Clothing-182025] Renamed from [Hats]
    Clothes Hangers163606 
    Hair Accessories175819 
    Hand Fans182061 
    Hat Boxes14062 
    Men's Hats163619 
    Scarves & Wraps175807 
    Shoe Accessories163627 
    Ties, Bow Ties & Cravats14070 
    Umbrellas & Parasols182063 
    Wallets & Coin Purses175769 
    Women's Hats74969 
    Other Vintage Accessories957 
  -Children's Vintage Clothing182025 
    Bibs182964New Category
    Christening Outfits182026 
    Jumpsuits & Rompers182030 
    Outerwear Coats & Jackets182031 
    Outfit Sets182032 
    Shirts & Tops182043Relocated within Parent
    Slips & Petticoats182965New Category
    Socks & Tights182038 
    Suit Jackets & Blazers182039 
    Sweats & Tracksuits182042 
    Swimwear182966New Category
    Vests182967New Category
    Other Kids' Vintage Clothing20291 
   Children's Vintage Shoes182034Moved from [Children's Vintage Clothing-182025] Renamed from [Shoes]
  -Men's Vintage Clothing182044 
    Casual Shirts175770 
    Dress Shirts175772 
    Outerwear Coats & Jackets175771 
    Sleepwear & Robes175775 
    Suit Jackets & Blazers182046 
    Sweats & Tracksuits175778 
    Other Men's Vintage Clothing48861 
   Men's Vintage Shoes163628 
  -Women's Vintage Clothing182047 
    Jumpsuits & Playsuits175787 
     Corsets & Girdles182051 
     Garter Belts182052 
     Pantyhose & Stockings182053 
     Slips & Petticoats182055 
     Other Vintage Lingerie182056 
    Outerwear Coats & Jackets175783 
    Sleepwear & Robes175789 
    Suit Jackets & Blazers182058 
    Suits & Coordinated Sets175792 
    Sweats & Tracksuits175793 
    Tops & Blouses175795 
    Wedding Dresses & Veils175799 
    Other Women's Vintage Clothing965 
   Women's Vintage Shoes74976Relocated within Parent
   Other Vintage Clothing91247 
 -Wholesale, Large & Small Lots41964 
   Men's Accessories45053 
  -Men's Clothing50975 
    Pants & Shorts50977 
    Socks & Underwear52535 
    Mixed Items163631 
    Other Wholesale Men's Clothing41966 
   Men's Shoes45054 
  -Women's Accessories, Handbags50980 
    Handbags, Bags45055 
    Hair Accessories50981 
    Scarves, Wraps50982 
    Other Wholesale Women's Accs50983 
  -Women's Clothing50985 
    Shirts, Tops50990 
    Other Whlsl Women's Clothing41967 
   Women's Shoes45056 
   Mixed Lots45057 
   Other Wholesale Lots14879 


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