Category Changes: Baby

June 2017

Change TypeExplanation
New category added
CombineTwo categories merged into one
RenameCategory renamed
MoveCategory moved within structure
Move & RenameCategory moved & renamed

Cat NameCat IDComment
 -Baby Gear100223
  Activity Centers20413
  Baby Gyms & Play Mats19069
  Baby Jumping Exercisers117032
  Baby Swings2990
  Bouncers & Vibrating Chairs117034
  Playpens & Play Yards2988Renamed from [Play Pens & Play Yards]
  Play Shades & Tents117033
  Other Baby Gear100224
 -Baby Safety & Health20433
  Baby Monitors20435Relocated within Parent (i)
  -Baby Proofing184339New Category
   Baby Locks & Latches117027Moved from [Baby Safety & Health-20433]
   Corner & Edge Cushions162184Moved from [Baby Safety & Health-20433]
   Outlet Covers134764Moved from [Baby Safety & Health-20433]
   Stove Guards106803New Category
   Other Baby Proofing20434New Category
  Baby Thermometers117026
  Bed Rails162183
  Car Window Signs & Decals134762
  Hearing Protection Earmuffs184343New Category
  Safety Gates117029Relocated within Parent (i)
  Shopping Cart Covers73470Relocated within Parent (i)
  Sleep Positioners162025Combined into [Bed Pillows-180907]
  Toddler Safety Harnesses134761Relocated within Parent (i)
  Other Baby Safety & Health20436Relocated within Parent (i)
 -Bathing & Grooming20394
  Baby Scales117016
  Bath Tubs113814
  Bath Tub Seats & Rings162024
  Bathing Accessories100221
  Gift Sets134756
  Health & Grooming45452
  Shampoos & Soaps82563
  Skin Care20398
  Towels & Washcloths45453
  Other Baby Bathing & Grooming45454
 -Car Safety Seats66692
  Booster to 80lbs66694
  Car Seat Accessories66693
  Convertible Car Seat 5-40lbs66695
  Infant Car Seat 5-20 lbs66696
  Infant Head Support117030
  Other Car Safety Seats2987
 Carriers, Slings & Backpacks100982
  Baby Wipe Warmers117017
  Baby Wipes45456
  Changing Pads & Covers66674
  Cloth Diapers146531
  Diaper Bags146530
  Diaper Cakes117018
  Diaper Coupons162036
  Diaper Covers26267
  Diaper Disposal20397
  Diaper Stackers134758
  Disposable Diapers15559
  Swim Diapers100222
  Other Diapering20399
  Baby Bibs & Burp Cloths20408Renamed from [Bibs]
  Baby Food162034Renamed from [Food]
  Booster Chairs134276
  -Bottle Feeding184344New Category
   Baby Bottles20402Moved from [Feeding-20400]
   Bottle Bags106777New Category
   Bottle Brushes184345New Category
   Bottle Drying Racks184346New Category
   Bottle Nipples162035Moved from [Feeding-20400]
   Bottle Sterilizers106789New Category
   Formula20403Moved from [Feeding-20400]
   Formula Coupons82228Moved from [Feeding-20400]
   Formula Dispensers184347New Category
   Sterilizing/Cleaning Supplies184348New Category
   Other Bottle Feeding184349New Category
  Bottle & Food Warmers20404
  Breastfeeding Supplies20406Combined into [Other Breastfeeding Supplies-19732]
  Breastpumps66676Combined into [Electric Breast Pumps-23591]
  Burp Cloths32867Combined into [Baby Bibs & Burp Cloths-20408]
  -Cups, Dishes & Utensils117382Combined into [Cups, Dishes & Utensils-157325]
   Bowls117383Combined into [Bowls & Plates-184341]
   Plates117384Combined into [Bowls & Plates-184341]
   Other Baby Dishes20409Combined into [Other Baby Dishes-106776]
  Feeding, Boppy Pillows66675Combined into [Feeding Pillows & Covers-160065]
  Feeding, Boppy Pillow Covers162033Combined into [Feeding Pillows & Covers-160065]
  -Breastfeeding/Nursing23590New Category
   Electric Breast Pumps23591New Category
   Manual Breast Pumps157253New Category
   Breast Pump Parts184350New Category
   Breast Milk Storage168751New Category
   Feeding Pillows & Covers160065New Category
   Nipple Shields/Protectors168752New Category
   Nursing Covers/Blankets184340New Category
   Nursing Pads106766New Category
   Other Breastfeeding Supplies19732New Category
  -Cups, Dishes & Utensils157325New Category
   Bowls & Plates184341New Category
   Sippy Cups & Mugs117387Moved from [Cups, Dishes & Utensils-117382]
   Utensils117385Moved from [Cups, Dishes & Utensils-117382]
   Feeding Sets117386Moved from [Cups, Dishes & Utensils-117382]
   Other Baby Dishes106776New Category
  Food Grinders & Blenders32866Renamed from [Food Grinders & Mills]
  High Chairs2986Relocated within Parent (i)
  Pacifiers & Soothers32872Renamed from [Pacifiers]
  Pacifier Clips & Cases162032Renamed from [Pacifier Holders & Clips]
  Teethers121627Relocated within Parent (i)
  Other Baby Feeding20405Relocated within Parent (i)
 -Keepsakes & Baby Announcements117388
  Baby Books & Albums117389
  Baby Boxes117390
  Baby Picture Frames117392
  Birth Announcements & Cards117391
  Handprint Kits162037
  Tooth Fairy Pillows162038
  Other Baby Keepsakes146532
 -Nursery Bedding20416
  Nursery Bedding Sets162040
  Bed Pillows180907
  Blankets & Throws3081
  Canopies & Netting180905
  Cribskirts & Dust Ruffles52345
  Decorative Nursery Pillows180906
  Duvet Covers & Sets134278
  Duvet Inserts18646
  Mattress Pads & Covers162041
  Pillowcases & Shams124327
  Quilts & Coverlets180908
  Sheets & Sets180909
  Sleeping Bags & Sleepsacks100989
  Other Nursery Bedding20421
 -Nursery Décor66697
  Boxes & Storage117398
  Lamps & Shades20428
  Mats & Rugs37632
  Night Lights121153
  Picture Frames33235
  -Wall Décor37633
   Art & Prints37634
   Wall Decals & Vinyl Art180505
   Wall Hangings37635
   Wallpaper Borders37636
   Other Nursery Wall Décor20430
  Wall Letters146534
  Window Treatments20431
  Other Nursery Décor98473
 -Nursery Furniture20422
  Baby Co-Sleepers121152
  Baby Dressers134279
  Bassinets & Cradles20423
  Changing Tables20424
  Crib Mattresses117035
  Moses Baskets94931
  Nursery Furniture Sets20425
  Rockers, Gliders66690
  Other Nursery Furniture20426
 Potty Training37631
 -Strollers & Accessories66698
  -Stroller Accessories180911
   Covers, Canopies & Umbrellas116554
   Cup Holders & Snack Trays180913
   Organizers & Nets180915
   Seat Liners180916
   Stroller Boards112378
   Other Stroller Accessories180917
  Stroller Parts121634
  Other Strollers2989
 -Toys for Baby19068
  Blocks & Sorters100225
  Crib Toys100226
  Developmental Baby Toys100227
  Plush Baby Toys131084
  Other Toys for Baby179013
 Other Baby1261
 Wholesale Lots48757


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