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We're making listings from you—our Top Rated Sellers—accessible to even more buyers. Starting in mid-November, select items from eBay Top Rated Sellers will be made available to fashion-savvy online shoppers in China via eBay Style—ebay.xiu.com. You'll get this extra exposure and traffic from buyers in China automatically—no additional work on your end required—creating an easy way for you to grow your business.

Eligible listings will automatically be translated with a product search and browsing experience suited to Chinese customers, and surfaced in search results to buyers in China both onsite and through Mobile apps. All transactions by Xiu will have the same look and view as any domestic transaction. When a Chinese buyer purchases your item, Xiu buys the item and pays you via PayPal. Once you ship your sold item to Xiu's US fulfillment center as a local shipment, Xiu takes it from there and your work as the seller is complete. Xiu will provide feedback and detailed seller ratings based on their experience with the US seller. Xiu handles all sales, logistics and customer service for the buyer in China.

As a Top Rated Seller, your items are eligible if they meet the following criteria:

  • New
  • Located in the US
  • Include a Buy It Now price
  • Are 30-day listings in the Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Health & Beauty, or Jewelry & Accessories categories

How this works for US eTRS sellers:

It's never been easier for US eTRS sellers to sell to online buyers in China. This is a great opportunity to get your branded inventory in front of a whole new audience of shoppers with no extra work required by you. Our partnership with Xiu.com expands your reach—giving you an easy way to increase your customer base and grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eBay Style page?

This is a new localized online shopping experience called eBay Style that brings the very best of eBay—from proven Top Rated Sellers—to Chinese consumers, particularly in fashion. The eBay Style page represents a new relationship in China with Xiu.com, a leading Chinese online fashion and luxury retailer. The eBay Style page connects Chinese online consumers to global products and brands currently being sold on eBay.com.

Why is eBay doing this?

Our goal is to tap into a new market, attracting more buyers to listings from our proven sellers to help them grow their businesses. Currently, China is the world's #1 market for Internet users. We know Chinese consumers are increasingly coming to eBay more and more despite having to navigate eBay.com in English. By creating the eBay Style page, we are driving additional buyer traffic and distribution to another market. High demand inventory will be presented into a localized experience with no extra effort needed by our sellers.

Are all sellers eligible?

No. At this time, only eBay Top Rated Sellers are eligible to take advantage of this opportunity.

I'm a Top Rated Seller. Are all my listings eligible? How do they qualify?

Your listings must be new, located in the USA, offer a Buy-It-Now option, have a 30-day listing duration Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Health & Beauty, or Jewelry & Accessories categories, and must offer PayPal.

How does it benefit me as a seller?

There is no extra work required by you to get this additional exposure and traffic from buyers in China for eligible items in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Health & Beauty and Jewelry & Accessories.

Will the purchase process differ from any other domestic transaction?

Purchases made by Xiu will appear and work just like any domestic transaction. Sellers should see no difference in transactions.

How does the process work?

  • eBay Top Rated Sellers who have listings on eBay.com in CSA, Health & Beauty, Jewelry & Watches that qualify (see #4) are eligible to be purchased by Xiu
  • Listings are translated into Chinese by Xiu.com
  • When the item is purchased by a Chinese buyer, Xiu buys the item and pays the US seller through PayPal.
  • eBay seller ships to Xiu US fulfillment center as a local shipment – US seller's work is done.
  • Xiu manages international shipment and is the importer of record for customs clearance
  • Xiu takes care of all buyer interfaces – pre post transaction requests, shipping and returns
  • Xiu also takes care of all seller interfaces – answering questions and handling any disputes

How does my inventory qualify to be purchased by Xiu.com?

Your items in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Health & Beauty and Jewelry & Accessories that are new, located in the USA, offer a Buy-It-Now option, offer PayPal as a payment and have a 30-day listing duration are eligible to have items purchased by Xiu.com.

How do I opt out?

Today all US eTRS sellers who sell in the specified categories and who meet the listing requirements are eligible to have items purchased by Xiu. Should you want to be removed from this experience, you need to contact eBay Customer Support by clicking "Customer Support" in the top right hand corner of all eBay.com pages. Removal from this experience will take approximately 48 business hours.

Could this affect my DSR's?

Xiu transactions are treated as domestic transactions and thus can affect domestic DSR's. Xiu will provide feedback and DSR's on the transaction as the buyer of record as it relates to the purchase and delivery from the seller to Xiu's US facility. The buyer in China will not be able to provide feedback or DSR's for the seller or the transaction.

Could transactions with Xiu affect my Seller Standard score?

Xiu transactions and purchases will appear like any other domestic transaction. These transactions can count towards domestic seller standards.Can Xiu file eBay

Buyer Protection (eBP) claims against sellers?

Xiu will only use eBP claims as a last resort and only after exhausting all seller communication efforts.

How will SNAD cases be handled since the listing is translated and I'm not in control of the translation?

The basis for significantly not as described claims by Xiu will be based on the listing details from eBay.com. The US seller will be held to the same selling standards as any domestic transaction.

How will Returns be handled?

US sellers will view and treat Returns from Xiu like any other domestic transaction. Xiu will be responsible for the international portion of the return shipping. The domestic portion of the return shipping will be determined by the details of the sellers Return Policy.

Will the buying ID be shown as Xiu.com?

Not necessarily. Remember, you should not see any difference between a purchase by Xiu vs. any domestic buyer.

Is Xiu able to send payment other than by PayPal payment?

At this time, all payments will be made to the seller through PayPal.

Do I need to have a PayPal account?

Yes, a PayPal account is required in order to take part in this experience.

Do I have to be an eTRS seller and display the Top Rated Plus Seal on my listings?

You need only be an eTRS seller to have your eligible items displayed for purchase by Xiu. Please check your seller dashboard to ensure you meet this requirement. Having the Top Rated Plus Seal on your listings adds an extra layer of confidence for all buyers including Xiu.

How will eBay Style ensure that items are authentic?

As part of the shipping process, Xiu.com will be responsible for quality control inspections, which may include ensuring items are authentic. This is important because one of the attractions of eBay to Chinese buyers is the reassurance that products and brands on eBay Style are authentic.


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